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Saturday, September 27, 2008

[OH] How many domestic allegedly's can Detective Corey Earl get and still be a cop?

Police Officer Corey Earl is under investigation again, this time for allegedly sending his on-again-off-again girlfriend harassing text messages...

Previous entries:
  • [OH] There's hate in that suicide threat Laura - Suicidal, sadistic, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 president, ex-SWAT, ex-Strike Team member, once-U.S. Marshal, current Lorain Police Detective Corey Earl is on paid "medical" leave and is not supposed to carry a gun after his wife Laura filed for a protection order.
  • [OH] Dangerous Detective Earl - Protection order lifted & GPS off his ankle? - Police Chief Cel Rivera said "My biggest concern is that he gets the help he needs so that he can be OK and be a part of this police department"- as long as he can come up with a doctor's note.
  • [OH] Chief's goal for domestic-terror Detective Earl - She told police he was armed with a handgun and threatened to kill himself [while holing her up in the bathroom and insisting that she WATCH HIM DO IT...
  • [OH] Detective Earl's wife now says she lied? (I'm not buying it.) - ...it appears that Laura Earl has chosen to live in the eye of the storm, hoping - with no police protection - that it may be the safest place to try to survive...
  • [OH] The list circulating on Lorain Police Detective Corey Earl - ..."I've been married to Corey for 23 years. He's aggressive, controlling, extremely jealous. He has rage. He has been abusive... Corey has said many, many times to me that nobody will ever have me except him"...
  • [OH] Detective Earl - no charge or order seems to stick - ...A civil stalking protection order filed against Lorain police Officer Corey Earl has been dropped... In his initial complaint, Pruitt wrote that Earl had made threats against him to his captain and others, including a police officer. Pruitt wrote that Earl had told the captain that “he should take a baseball bat to me and end his problem”...
  • [OH] Regardless of everything, cop Earl returns to his job - Lorain patrolman Corey Earl is being returned to full active duty status, about two weeks after being placed on paid leave after being accused of making threats against a county corrections officer...
  • [OH] Passive Chief Rivera says demoted Detective Earl could have court credibility problems? - ...[Lorain Police Chief Cel] Rivera said [former police union president, demoted detective, jailbird, psychiatric inpatient, multiply-suspended, sometimes-suicidal, burglarizing, repeatedly threatening, timebomb Lorain Police Officer Corey] Earl's recent problems, both legally and with adhering to departmental policy, could create problems for him, especially when he has to take the stand in a criminal case and defense attorneys bring them up...
  • [OH] STILL-PRESIDENT of the FOP - Det. Earl reportedly collapses - ..."We haven't gotten any confirmation yet that it was a stroke," [Lorain Police Chief Cel] Rivera said, adding that initial reports point to a stroke... Rivera said he's not even sure what caused Earl to collapse. Earl's medical problem comes on the heels of professional and personal issues...
Girlfriend complains Corey Earl threatened her in text messages
The Chronicle-Telegram
Brad Dicken bdicken@chroniclet.com
LORAIN - Police Officer Corey Earl is under investigation again, this time for allegedly sending his on-again-off-again girlfriend harassing text messages. Lorain police Lt. Jim Rohner said the woman filed a complaint against Earl - who has been off the job since he had a stroke while walking to a Kenny Chesney concert in Cleveland in May - on Tuesday. "I don't know what the text messages say, except that they're unwanted," Rohner said. The messages could constitute telephone harassment, Rohner said, but the investigation is still ongoing. Complicating the matter, he said, is that the woman also has placed calls to Earl. The woman also complained that Earl, 46, had somehow obtained her new phone number, even though she hadn't given it to him, Rohner said. Earl, who was president of the police union before his stroke, has had several disciplinary problems in recent years, including being charged with violating a protection order taken out by his now ex-wife after he allegedly threatened to kill himself with a gun in their home. That charge was later thrown out and the protection order dropped. Also, a Lorain County Jail corrections officer requested a protection order against Earl, but that request later was dropped, too. Earl was reprimanded in that incident for reportedly telling three sheriff's captains that he might deal with the corrections officer, Thomas Pruitt, with a baseball bat. He was also punished for entering a bar without an official reason while on duty. Earl also has been in trouble for leaving a joke traffic ticket and pulling over the ex-husband of a woman he was dating. Rohner said Earl is still recovering from his stroke and doesn't know when, or if, Earl will return to the force. Contact Brad Dicken at 329-7147 or bdicken@chroniclet.com.


  1. "Oh please", you mean to tell me this is just another smear case against this police officer. All of this cannot be made up and the allegations should not be pushed under a rug. Everyone that works in that police department knows what this man is like and how he operates, that includes especailly Chief Rivera and Lt. Rohner. When or if something happens, all of this will come out, and these men who are there to protect will have a heavy burden to carry. There is a story behind every article that is listed against this police officer and Rivera and Rohner know it. Please don't dismiss this as just a "pick on Corey Earl case". This is not about protecting him, this is about protecting the people who actually come forth and complain.

  2. CW, I don't know who you are or how you are connected to this long running charges against Corey Earl. But if you have any
    knowledge of his wrong doing and
    help in anyway to cover up or smooth over issues, "yes" this is to you also. But the public is being misled in thinking this man is a helpless individual and can cause no harm. He is threat as the department knows it. So CW, I am not sure what exactly your comment meant. But there is so much to be told about this man, other then he had a stroke and is not yet back to work. We will hear more about him in the near future, I am almost sure of that.

  3. Are you typing in your sleep? No one has tried to OUT this guy more than I have. He's a walking time bomb and I think he's twisted to the point that I hold the Chief responsible. Earl couldn't stop if he wanted to now. He's off the hook. The Chief has done nothing but try to keep Earl's job for him.

    Chief Rivera, here in Tacoma our city and police department were sued for $75M - for wrongful death when after our police chief's domestic crimes were ignored - until, still as an officer, he killed.

    The clock is ticking on Lorain. THERE CANNOT BE A GOOD ENDING.

    I say that after archiving the stories of thousands of officers.

  4. CW, I did misunderstand your comment and I am sorry. You are correct in all you say. This is really bad that a person From Tocoma and myself have anything to say. Did you notice there were no other comments on this officer. The brunt of this is at the feet of the Rivera and Rohner. Plus for people who still remain quiet and watch and listen and do nothing. DOJ needs to investigate, or just replacements should be made. Believe me, this is not the first police officer protected by the department. Blame is put on the exwife and now ex-girlfriend, so I ask. "who really owns the blame here"? I will continue to make my remarks and I am really surprised about the general public and their,"no comment", attitude. Thank you CW for your comments and someone is at least listening. But this is a small town with big cover-ups for many years now.
    You are correct to say this man is a walking time bomb, and all that work with him know it. "ALL"! We will see what happens next, but please keep up the good work at your end.

  5. You are so welcome. Corey Earl's case is past stupid now. You can help me by making sure I get any news - cloudwriter at gmail dot com.

    It is Lorain PD's fault that Earl has a sense of ENTITLEMENT to do these things. Most men I would say are responsible for their behaviors, but now Corey Earl is more of a creation of the pd than a man capable of self discipline.


    I'm shaking my head.

    They think they are doing him a FAVOR by not holding him responsible. They aren't. They are letting him down.

    Here in Tacoma they covered for our chief until he committed murder-suicide.

    Who did THAT help?

    The city of Lorain should study Tacoma's tragedy - how we got there.

  6. As you notice, still no general public in-put on this. " Nothing", no one has nothing to say! "Why", I asked? But believe me CW, the city, police department and other powers that be, are on "alert" staus. Isn't it amazing how one or two small comments maybe from this site got someones attention. But this has been going on for quite awhile, and now "people", are saying that they had no idea Corey Earl was this troubled. I do not believe that at all, "they", knew but "they", didn't want to get involved or have trouble on the job given to them by other police officers. You know the "Blue Code Rule", applies here. "No snithching", "no reporting", "no complaining"! We will see how far this case will go. Like I said this is not a case of "picking on Corey Earl a stroke patient", this is about "PROTECTING". Got it Chief Rivera and Lt. Rodner???

  7. I'm in Tacoma - Our city and pd were sued for $75M after the cop they KNEW was dangerous


    It's called wrongful death.

    At this point even his suicide could end in a lawsuit because the city and pd have empowered him by covering for him so long.

    Since the City of Lorain and the pd don't care about Earl's victims, I keep hoping they will care at least about liability...

    How much deeper do they want to dig themselves into this? They are already liable. The chief is in print repeatedly, eager to get Earl back to work every time Earl has a meltdown.


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