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Friday, September 5, 2008

Then-NYPD Chaparro's defense blames the interrogators for his inconsistencies?

..."He told me a story that didn't make sense," [Detective James] Faughnan testified. "He's lying"...

People who knew Sonia said that then-NYPD Alexis Garcia was jealous and isolating, aggressive, and had a "bad character to him". The police that came to the house after Chaparro's 911 call found him naked "leading investigators to speculate that he had showered to remove any forensic evidence that could be used against him." The police coming OUT of Sonia and Chaparro's home said that it was a HOMICIDE, not a suicide. That evident.

Yesterday's post is here: Is Chaparro saying he killed NYPD Sonia Garcia in a dream?

Defense eyes questioning of cop in fiancee's killing
Newsday (Article here)
BY ERIK GERMAN erik.german@newsday.com
September 5, 2008

The New York City police academy instructor accused of shooting his fiancee to death was in no condition to make coherent statements to Suffolk police when they questioned him that day, his attorney said yesterday.

"They put handcuffs on him, they take him out of the house - shirtless, shoeless, sockless," said the lawyer, William Keahon of Islandia, outside court in Riverhead. "And for seven hours they tell him he killed her. And for seven hours - crying, weeping, hysterical - he denied that he shot her."

Alexis Chaparro's early statements to police have been the focus of a pretrial hearing on charges that he murdered Sonia Garcia, 27, who was also a city police officer, in their Bay Shore home. Next month, Suffolk County Court Judge C. Randall Hinrichs will rule whether prosecutors can present the statements and other evidence to a jury.

The Suffolk detective who questioned Chaparro for seven hours that day, James Faughnan, testified that Chaparro's story began to shift after several hours of questioning.

Chaparro, 28, ultimately said he didn't remember firing his service pistol, after previously insisting he didn't fire it at all, Faughnan said. Also, police found only 15 rounds inChaparro's Smith & Wesson service pistol, not the 16 rounds he insisted were there - and Chaparro said he hadn't shot Garcia, while still saying he and Garcia were alone in the house.

"He told me a story that didn't make sense," Faughnan testified. "He's lying."

During cross-examination by Keahon, Faughnan said that Chaparro remained hysterical for much of the early questioning and the detective acknowledged that he called the suspect names and repeatedly accused the suspect of killingGarcia.

Prosecutors say Chaparro and Garcia were alone just before 6 a.m. Sept. 27 when Garcia was shot in the heart. Chaparro turned himself in to authorities when he was indicted in December.

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