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Saturday, September 27, 2008

[MI] It's really hard for me to believe Sgt. Cobb's hanging was suicide

Most of the articles from today and yesterday are saying that Detroit Police Sgt. David Cobb "was found dead near a bike path in Dodge Park in Sterling Heights"

The Detroit News
September 27, 2008
...The Wayne County Prosecutor's office had no comment Saturday following the suicide of a Detroit police sergeant who had previously been arrested and later released in connection with his wife's death. Maria Miller, spokeswoman for Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, said her office would not issue a statement... Cobb told The Detroit News in May, "I can't say anything except that there's a side to this that no one in the media has asked me about at all." He declined to say more... [Full article here]

ABC30.com, CA
September 27, 2008
...Police tell the Detroit Free Press that 38-year-old Sgt. David Cobb was found dead Friday night in Sterling Heights, a city 15 miles north of downtown Detroit. Cobb's 47-year-old wife, Rose, was fatally shot Dec. 26 in a parking lot on Detroit's east side. In April, police arrested 27-year-old Vincent Smothers, who told police Cobb hired him to kill his wife... [Full article here]

I'm not in Michigan so don't suppose I can even make an educated guess of what happened in the park yesterday that left Detroit Police Sgt. David Cobb hanged, but news of his death came to me feeling so shaded over. I wondered - What does that mean? Who killed him? Did he kill himself? Did he know too much? Had he had enough? Which is it? Two weeks ago I had almost posted something here on the blog that I was going to title, "In Detroit politics it's almost the end of the world." I had just found this:

The Detroit News
September 4, 2008
On the same day Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick pleaded guilty to two felonies and agreed to leave office, the city's top cop [Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings ] announced her retirement... Bully-Cummings said Kilpatrick told all of his department heads they needed to stay focused on their jobs as the saga unfolded... [Full article here]

The mayor had put the chief in her position. What perfect positioning. So when a woman named Tamara Greene ended up dead from what looked like a hit, not too long after an "alleged" Mayor's party (where she was rumored to have been jumped by the Mayor's wife), it seemed police couldn't figure out even the simplest things - like whether there had ever been a party at all. (See how it works?) Coincidentally the Mayor's top dog lost his gun, and when it's found something's amiss.

Detroit Free Press
September 19, 2008
A handgun lost by a former bodyguard of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and found in possession of a convicted felon came up clean when tested for outstanding crimes... [Police Officer Loronzo "Greg"] Jones, former commanding officer of Kilpatrick's security team told police he accidentally left his handgun on a metal tissue holder in a restaurant... The testing also quells rumblings that the gun was somehow connected to the unsolved April 30, 2003 slaying of stripper Tamara Greene... But sources said the weapon's firing pin is different than the one on departmentally-issued Glocks and did not match up with casings found at the scene. Jones, a Detroit police officer, and Kilpatrick are longtime friends... [Full article here]

Detroit News
March 14, 2008
...former Detroit Police Lt. Alvin Bowman, claimed that police brass squelched his inquiry into the supposed party at the Manoogian Mansion in late fall 2002 and Greene's murder in April 2003 because he got too close to making a connection... "I suspect that the shooter was a law enforcement officer, and more specifically, a Detroit Police Department officer," Bowman said in an affidavit... "She wanted money to stay quiet and they wouldn't give it to her"... [Full article here]

And imagining David Cobb hanging, I remember what was told to Detroit Investigator Ira Todd who stumbled too close to Detroit's forbidden knowledge while looking into hit men associated with the department;

"This thing is bigger than you. Trust me."

..."From a cop's perspective, if someone tries to keep you from looking at something, that means there may be something they're trying to hide," said Todd, a veteran detective who claims he was demoted to desk duty for investigating alleged ties between Kilpatrick and a reputed cocaine dealer and associate of a hit man... Todd claimed his supervisors pressured him to turn over a written report documenting his investigation into hit man Vincent Smothers, who told police he was responsible for 10 murders, including the 2007 fatal shooting of Rose Cobb, the wife of Detroit Police Sgt. David Cobb... Todd said he reported to his supervisors what investigators in Kentucky told him about the mayor. "Then things got really weird"... Todd said he was ordered by his immediate supervisor, Lt. Harold Rochon, to take his vacation a week early. "He kept saying, 'This thing is bigger than you. Trust me, take your vacation.'" When Todd returned, he was transferred to the Northwest District...
[Source: Cop: Bosses skittish over mayor probe, The Detroit News, George Hunter, August 15, 2008]

My second thought after my friend Renee called to tell me the news is that Black people don't kill themselves. I looked it up and that's not quite true, but we do it much less. (I'm shaking my head trying to imagine an African American man hanging himself from a tree. My brain can't stretch itself far enough. It's possible - he was on the spot... but with the dirt flying Cobb's hanging' will never be certain to me. No matter how true any investigation results are, they will be hard to believe.

Even if it was murder I'd always think it must just be half the story.

Rose, you know more now than we do about how things divine are webbed together. I pray that your soul is alit with joy from what you see where you are, and that where you are is bright and beautiful. God full. Beyond our troubles here.

David Cobb, now we'll probably never know what you meant when you said,

"I can't say anything except that there's a side to this that no one in the media has asked me about at all."


[MI] SGT COBB'S WIFE SHOT DEAD IN PARKING LOT - Her husband just feet away from her inside a pharmacy on Detroit's east side, 47-year-old Rose Cobb - the wife of a city police sergeant - was shot dead Wednesday

[MI] Sgt. Cobb not at vigil for his murdered wife, Rose - Day after Christmas ROSE COBB was shot to death in what looks like a HIT - multiple shots to the head - while waiting in the car for her husband to come out of the CVS pharmacy.

[MI] Sgt Cobb & hired hitman arrested for murder of Rose Cobb - ...They described Rose Cobb as a sweet, kind person full of grace and dignity. She was always willing to listen to other people and help with their troubles.. [Vincent Smothers] told officers of the multijurisdictional Violent Crimes Task Force that Sgt. David Cobb hired him to kill Rose Cobb, 47, on Dec. 26 while she was sitting in a vehicle in a CVS parking lot... Smothers confessed to killing Rose Cobb and nine other people...

[MI] Sgt Cobb - arrested in plot that killed his wife Rose, has been released - ..."We don't like it, but we understand the process. The only thing, at this point, that is going to make us happy is for Sgt. Cobb to be charged and put away for a very long time"...

[MI] Hit man tells how he killed Detroit cop's wife, Rose Cobb - ...Cobb was shot four times in the face at close range...

[MI] Justice For Rose Cobb, Wife of Detroit Police Sgt. David Cobb -

[MI] Investigator of Sgt.'s wife - Rose Cobb's - murder warned: "This thing is bigger than you. Trust me." - [Investigator] Todd, 50, claimed his supervisors pressured him to turn over a written report documenting his investigation into hit man Vincent Smothers, who told police he was responsible for 10 murders, including the 2007 fatal shooting of Rose Cobb, the wife of Detroit Police Sgt. David Cobb...

[MI] Update on hit-murder of Rose Cobb, wife of Detroit Police Sgt. David Cobb - Self-professed hit man Vincent Smothers is charged with three additional homicides in Detroit, including one that had not surfaced in a previous confession.


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  1. Posted on Saturday, September 27, 2008 - 6:44 pm:
    I wonder why the Freep won't open this news story up to comments? It's been there all day, with no comment section....


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