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Saturday, September 20, 2008

[GA] Officer Brown won't be reassigned during domestic violence investigation

Officer arrested
Albany Herald On-line, GA
Sep 14, 2008
[Excerpts] An Albany police officer was arrested early Saturday, accused of pushing his ex-girlfriend during an argument, police officials said. Officer Matthew Brown, 24, called police after a woman he described as his ex-girlfriend refused to leave his Pinson Road apartment. According to APD Spokesperson Phyllis Banks, Brown and Armanda Jones got into a verbal altercation. During the argument, Jones grabbed Brown’s cell phone and wouldn’t give it back and Jones says that Brown pushed her. “She told officers that during the argument he pushed her,” Banks said. “And officers charged him with simple battery”... Jones, who was not arrested Saturday morning, is being investigated for a possible criminal trespass charge, Banks said. In addition, an internal affairs investigation has been launched to determine if Brown’s conduct may have put him on the wrong side of Chief James Younger and the City of Albany, Banks said. “That investigation will determine whether he violated any of the department’s policies and procedures and will be used by Chief Younger to determine what, if any, disciplinary measures are taken,” Banks said... Banks said that Brown will NOT be reassigned pending the internal affairs investigation. [Link]

Those capital letters in the last sentence are from the reporter - who must want you to realize that Officer Brown still has his gun despite being investigated for domestic violence. I'm making a note of it and adding it to my info on how Albany Georgia handles officers accused of dv.

Maybe it was a push, and maybe not just a push. It's always wait and see.

There's something not lining up here.


  1. You have to understand somethings involving this situation. Yes, he was arrested for a domestic violence situation. AND Yes, there are circumstances that will affect him when and if he is CONVICTED of the crime. Even though he is a police officer, he is still a person/citizen. He was only arrested, not convicted as of yet. You nor I know the events of the incident that happened. There are things as false of a crime and people do lie when reporting crimes. Give OFficer Brown a chance until he is convicted. He deserves the same treatment as you would want if you were in the same circumstance.

  2. You appear to only care about what is right for Officer Brown. The ONLY mention you made of the person who called the police for help is that maybe she's a liar.

    I know that it's best to remove the weapon until it's figured out.

    I know when there is an accusation that an officer has committed a crime that it's best to have him sit it out until he's cleared. Some folks do that at home, some do it at a desk job - but if she's not a liar than you are saying it's okay for the public to wonder if he's a criminal when he pulls up with a badge, gun, and sworn powers of arrest? If charges are false, that is VERY unfortunate, but uniformed officers should be cleared before they are on the streets. It goes with the job that they are NOT just like a regular "person/citizen" but are held to a higher standard.

    I could agree to expedited processing of the charges so he can get back to work or be held accountable.

    What is your safety plan suggestion for the alleged victim? Do you have any idea how difficult it is to be in the position of having accused an officer? It's more pressure and fear than you can imagine, and not often done lightly.

    I CRY when I see people framed or falsely accused - it's my pet peeve. How DEVASTATING, and moreso in a job like this. But there has to be processes to follow.

    You imagine what if she lied.

    You didn't imagine what if she's telling the truth.


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