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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

[NC] Officer Tony Paylor charged with domestic assault & kidnapping

Durham officer arrested
WRAL.com, NC
Durham, N.C. — A Durham police officer has been charged with kidnapping and assault in a domestic incident, police said. Officer T.A. Paylor was arrested Sunday on charges of second-degree kidnapping and assault on a female, police said. He has been placed on administrative duty, pending a review by the Durham Police Department's Professional Standards Division, police said. Paylor joined the department in February 1996 and is assigned to District 3 Crime Prevention.


  1. Why is it this black officer was arrested put on blast on the news and in the papers, while a white officer, a sergeant was not? The Durham Police Department has been known for arresting black officers in the news and hiding what white officers are investigated. White officers are charged on a criminal summons and black officers are charges on arrest warrants.

  2. Maybe because the black officer assaulted and kidnapped his female friend and this is his second such offense. The white officer flicked a personal check over his shoulder while walking out the door and it caused a paper cut. Sounds pretty black and white to me. If people would quit playing the race game and just focus on the facts you wouldn't try to blame race for your problems. Sounds like this officer needs some help. Bad officers give good officers a bad name. This officer is guilty where as the so called white officer was not.

  3. The white officer he is speaking of only flicked a check at his girlfriend. he didn't hit her in the mouth, choke her and kidnap her and this was the white officers first offense not his second go around. Quit blaming race on everything and see this for what it is, one good cop and one person who shpould have never been a cop.

  4. I thought the law of the land was innocent until proven guilty? Why judge someone when you don't know either of the parties involved? When he's proven, "Not Guilty",then where does the blame fall? You're all, quick to jump to assumptions and don't know the details. This officer is a person, just like you and I! Human and as human actions and responses! I applaude him for the job that he has done all these years in Durham! Lord knows, somebody needs to help Durham! Race should not be an issue! But the question still remains, why was one reported to the news and the other one wasn't! They both carry the same weight as far as the law is concerned! You guys really need to check yourselves!! It's people like you and the opinions that you throw around, is why we can't exist as black, white, hispanic and other, in this country today! I hope that you read this and it makes you think the next time before you shoot your mouth off before knowing the facts!!!

  5. Now that the officer has overcome his obsticle, found NOT GUILTY on all charges! What comments do you have now! Not to mention it has cost him money, humiliation, and a family! You people should grow up! If it was your child, friend, or co-worker, would you feel the same? Quick to jump to conclusion and accuse!! What's gonna happen to the officer's who falsely accused and charged this officer? What kind of recourse does he have now!! I hope YOU have grown up and learned something from this BS!!!

  6. Durham police officer charged

    By Ray Gronberg : The Herald-Sun

    Sep 6, 2008

    DURHAM -- A Durham police officer is facing charges of second-degree kidnapping and assault on a female in connection with an alleged domestic incident.

    Durham Police Department officials restricted Officer Tony Alexander Paylor, 42, to administrative duties with pay after the charges surfaced last weekend.

    A warrant on file with the county court clerk's office allege that Paylor struck a woman in the face on Sunday, causing her nose to bleed and splitting her lip.

    He is also accused of unlawfully confining the woman for the purpose of terrorizing her. Police Officer Judy Rodriguez reported making the arrest.

    Paylor went free Sunday after posting a $30,000 secured bond with the help of a bondsman from the Seneca Insurance Co. His attorney, Pat Evans, didn't return a phone call seeking comment.

    Police spokeswoman Kammie Michael said Paylor was off-duty when the alleged incident happened and that the department's Professional Standards Division is reviewing the case.

    Court records show that Paylor was arrested in August 2001 and charged with making threatening phone calls to a woman. That charge was dismissed the following April, court clerks said.

    Paylor has worked for the DPD since February 1996, Michael said. He now works a crime-prevention job in District 3, the patrol district that covers southwest Durham.

    Sunday's arrest came as the department continues to struggle with personnel turnover, some of it related to discipline issues.

    Deputy Police Chief Ron Hodge recently told the City Council that as of Aug. 28, 43 officers had left the department this year. The department's authorized strength is 512 sworn officers.

    Thirteen of those who left were veteran officers who took jobs with other law enforcement agencies. Ten were rookies who never made it out of training. Retirements, career changes and other personal factors accounted for many of the others.

    But Hodge said four of the officers who left were "facing disciplinary action" when they did. Two more got fired.

    Hodge didn't name any names, but former Sgt. Mark Gottlieb, former Sgt. Keith Cheeks and former Officer Demond Gooch are all known to have left the department under pressure this year.

    Cheeks and Gooch resigned in January after getting caught up in an internal-affairs investigation. Gottlieb -- the detective who supervised the since-discredited Duke lacrosse case -- retired after a female officer lodged a sexual-harassment allegation against him.

    The department lost 54 officers last year. In January, Police Chief Jose Lopez predicted the turnover count might be higher in 2008, especially if "discipline continues the way it does."

  7. It's said that there are 3 sides to every story... his side, her side and the TRUTH. Therefore, its safe to say no one really knows what happened, other than the few people that were in the house. Lets not be so quick to judge!!! We all know race has and will always be an issue therefore we need to stop using it as a crutch and be responsible for our actions. If he is guilty allow his conscious to take care of him. He will wear "that's the officer...." forever, not to mention the losses he's suffered RESPECT, DIGNITY, FRIENDS, HIS BROTHERS KEEPER,FAMILY. A guilty sentence will never replace that. I'm not suggesting that officers should be let off the hook, but what do you do when you are unable to prove guilt.

  8. It's been since January 16th that the Officer was found NOT GUILTY in court, by a judge. He has yet to be cleared by the Dept. and allowed to resume his normal duties! What's the hold up?? The other Officer that was spoken about, resumed his duties shortly after his case was cleared!! What gives?? I guess, there goes that "CRUTCH" again, huh??

  9. "Not to mention it has cost him money, humiliation, and a family!"

    What really cost him his family? Was it his actions (assault and kidnapping)that night or being charged with it? The judge found him not guilty. He did not find him innocent of the charges. Read the court transcript.

  10. Regardless of Not Guilty, Innocent or whatever! He's probably suffered more than "you" will, ever in your life time! I applaude him for his disicipline and professionalism that he displayed during this ordeal! Maybe he can get his life back together and move on. If I were him, I'd be afraid of the very people that I work with every day! Something needs to happen to right these wrongs! These Officers are ordinary people too! They lead or attempt to lead ordinary lives, just as we do! If the media would stay out of things, maybe all the negative opinions wouldn't be formed so early! Since this has ended, the media has yet to post, print or mention anything about it! When it was BAD news, it was on every channel, paper and all over the internet! The media shares the blame also!!

  11. Wonder what's being said now? Still no comment from the news media! Prime example why Durham has such a bad name! When it's bad, or they think it's bad, the media is all over it! Anything good or not actually the way the fed it to the public, you never hear about it again! Glad to know that this Officer is back to work and doing well!! Wonder who will be the next VICTIM in DPD that will get drug through the gutter by the media and his collegues????


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