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Monday, September 29, 2008

[MS] Officer Smith arrested for dv assault (Mikitia arrested for...?)

Officer jailed for domestic violence
Greenwood Commonwealth
By Bob Darden
September 25, 2008
A rookie Greenwood police officer has been charged with domestic violence simple assault stemming from a dispute Wednesday night with his girlfriend, according to the Leflore County Sheriff's Department. Officer Willie Smith Jr., 24, and his girlfriend, Mikitia Whitehead, 34, both of 1323½ Virden Ave., were arrested following the incident, said Leflore County Undersheriff Jimmy Tindall. "Deputies answered a call and saw visible signs of injuries, scratches, on both of them. She had a busted lip," Tindall said. Both Smith and Whitehead were arrested. They were released from Leflore County Jail on their own recognizance Wednesday. Tindall said a witness also told deputies that Smith threw something at Whitehead as she left to use a neighbor's telephone. Greenwood Police Chief Henry Purnell said Smith was hired in May. As a new officer, he was required to go through a one-year probationary period. Smith remains on active duty despite his arrest, the chief said. "He hasn't been convicted of anything. Our personnel director and I are reviewing the situation. We're going to weigh our options," the chief said. Purnell said it would probably be next week before any administrative action would be taken against Smith [Full article here]

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