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Friday, April 10, 2009

[AL] Kathy Morgan Lowe arrested for murdering her dv-charged husband, former Sheriff's Investigator David Lowe

The Huntsville Times
April 09, 2009
The Alabama Bureau of Investigation has charged Kathy Morgan Lowe with murder in the November shooting death of her husband, former Marshall County Sheriff's investigator David Lowe. Authorities said Lowe was arrested about 30 minutes ago at her job at the Marshall County RSVP, where she is a reading buddies coordinator. She's now in the County Jail here in lieu of a $50,000 bond. On Nov. 12, officers found Lowe's body in the back yard of his home in the Horton community near Albertville while answering a 911 call of a domestic dispute. He had been shot several times [Full article here]

Previous post:
[AL] Slain at home, Investigator Lowe had a pending domestic violence charge - ...WAFF 48 News has uncovered nine pages of court documents, including this arrest report dated for March 28, 2008 in which David Lowe was charged with domestic violence... Marshall County Sheriff Scott Walls said the Alabama Bureau of Investigations was brought in to handle the case due to the fact Lowe was a retired law enforcement official and that there was a "close relationship between local investigators and Mr. Lowe"... Local judges and the staffers from the Marshall County district attorney’s office had recused themselves from the case...
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  1. Damn, she couldn't wait for justice...I guess many don't...

  2. GotOutJustInTimeApril 11, 2009

    To Rj: Are you kidding? There is no justice and she obviously didn't want to wait for her own death. Extra problem with law enforcement abusers, but no excuse for that. Did you know "The Burning Bed" is based on actual events and those actual events take place every day. * snap * A woman was just raped. * snap * A women was just beaten ... sometimes to death. * snap * A man just got away with murder.

  3. If you knew me or read my blog, or did any type of digging, you'd understand my comment instead of trying to prove something to someone that doesn't need any probing, whatsoever..

  4. Yep.
    I was going to respond to that one for you Rj, but decided you could handle it. :)

    At least it's more of a misunderstanding than a difference of opinion.

    Same team. Much is lost in communicating without eye or voice contact.

    It's all good. :)

  5. LOL. You're right. It really wasn't worth my response, as I could tell that they weren't really trying to be argumentative. I just woke up and wanted to be a butthole...

  6. OH GURRRRRL, I remember the DAYZ... I can't even write it here.

  7. From Topix

    Albertville, AL
    May 22, 2009
    I know the woman personally and her story has been changed in front of me several times or at least it seems a little detail has changed and she said that she acted out of panic and discharged the firearm once but come to find out she shot several times so i think it was cold blooded murder.

    Arab, AL
    May 24, 2009
    So what has happened since the arrest? Has she appeared in court and, if so, what happened? When and where do appearances for such cases take place?

    Birmingham, AL
    May 25, 2009
    Guntersville courthouse.

    Birmingham, AL
    May 30, 2009
    From what I understand the man abused her for several years, he was a cop and no one believed
    her. I guess she just said enough.
    im praying 4 u kathy

    Hartselle, AL
    Thursday Jul 23
    I was married to a so called friend of his. and I cant think of a nice thing to say about the man . He wasn't a person i could have ever respected . He had NO RESPECT for women in genral im sure he had very little for his wife. he was an ugly person with a badge to stand behind . im sorry , but what go's round comes round does seem to fit in this case

  8. You folks are not being fair, saying horrible things about someone that is not here to defend himself. I knew David Personally since I was 16,I am now 40, I am a female and he had nothing but respect for me. NEVER one time did I know of him being mean, he was harsh, because he had a job to do. Are you telling me that all cops that do their jobs are assholes? For GOD sake...he was murdered...let him rest in peace! She will have one person to answer to one day....if she is innocent...then she will provale...if not....GOD be with her

  9. Let's see she had a boyfriend, she took out an insurance policy on him approximately 2 months prior. Why did it take so long to arrest the woman? It's going to the jury now. She could have left him. She chose to shoot him. In the back.

  10. Thank you for alerting me to the jury happening.

  11. David was my cousin. Living in different states all of our lives, I only saw him on our yearly visits and our grandmother's birthday which, in her later years, turned into a family reunion. David was one to catch up with relatives he had not seen in awhile, always had a grin on his face, laughing at every joke, and a bit of a small-time prankster himself. As one of his many female relatives, I never felt any of the above mentioned disrepect of females. He was someone that I would want with me in a dark alley, he was the protective type. He was the one trained in firearms and as I understand, he was often if not always armed - he could have shot first or shot back, but he did not. His weapon had not been fired. Kethy had the willpower to pull the trigger not just once, but 4 times.... she surely had the willpower to pack her bags and leave. I really wish she had.

    [AL] Jury hung in murder trial - Investigator's wife Kathy Lowe will be retried

  13. To the person who tried to post, I can't post your comment because he's deceased and can't argue back with you. I'm not saying that your comments aren't true.

  14. To the person who sent me the question. Thank you. I fixed it.

  15. [AL] Kathy Lowe will be tried 3rd time in shooting death of her Sheriff's Investigator husband, David Lowe - http://behindthebluewall.blogspot.com/2012/01/al-kathy-lowe-will-be-tried-3rd-time-in.html

  16. Waste of State of Alabama taxpayer's money. Hung jury twice, dismiss the charges. Surely, the State money that would be used for another legal aid attorney, paying the proescutor again for a third time, can be used for other needy sources in the State of Alabama. Wake up taxpayers, stop tossing taxpayer hard earned dollars out the window.


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