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Saturday, April 11, 2009

[MD] Deputy Arnold charged with cop-on-cop domestic violence charges

Wicomico County Sheriff's deputy Joel Arnold was arrested last Monday for allegedly choking his police officer girlfriend, keeping her from leaving the house they share, and threatening to kill her. One article says he's on paid leave and elsewhere a blogger wrote that Deputy Arnold has actually been terminated already. Arnold is charged with felony false imprisonment, 2nd-degree assault, reckless endangerment,and malicious destruction of property.

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  1. Accused sheriff's deputy resigns
    By Sharahn D. Boykin
    April 15, 2009

    SALISBURY -- A Wicomico County Sheriff's Office deputy arrested after allegedly choking and threatening to kill his live-in girlfriend submitted his resignation Tuesday.

    Joel Arnold, a 32-year-old deputy assigned to the road patrol unit, was charged with second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, false imprisonment and malicious destruction of property on April 5.

    "It surprises me anytime a police officer is involved in a situation like this because we are held to a higher standard, as we should be," said Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis.

    He was suspended from his job, with pay, the following day.

    Arnold's resignation marks the end of a seven-year career with county law enforcement, according to Lewis.

    "He was an outstanding deputy while he worked at the Sheriff's Office," Lewis said. "He will be sorely missed."

    As a very aggressive deputy who consistently performed his duties and exceeded the expectations of many people, Arnold was a valued member of the Sheriff's Office, Lewis said.

    The charges stem from a series of arguments between Arnold and his live-in girlfriend that allegedly escalated into a physical altercation, according to court documents.

    The day before police were called, the couple argued about a text message on his cell phone. When the victim asked Arnold about the message, he told her he wanted to move out and end the relationship.

    After he left for work, the couple continued the argument through text messages. Early the following morning, around 1:30 a.m., the couple agreed to work out their differences, according to police interviews.

    The victim went to bed, but Arnold said he wanted to stay up and have a couple of drinks before joining her.

    Around 4 a.m., the victim woke up to Arnold yelling at someone over the phone, according to court documents. She asked who he was talking to. Eventually, he admitted he was on the phone with his "estranged" wife, the documents state.

    The couple began to argue and Arnold became visibly upset, so the victim picked up her cell phone and told him she was calling the police.

    With two hands, Arnold grabbed her by the neck and started choking her, the victim told police.

    She was able to break his hold, but he is alleged to have grabbed her by the neck a second time.

    "I'm going to kill you," Arnold said, according to police interviews with the victim.

    The victim was able to break away a second time, and at some point headed for the door, but he allegedly blocked her path and locked the door.

    Eventually, the victim was able to escape from the home and call police from a neighbor's house.

    Salisbury police officers arrived around 6:52 a.m. in response to a report about a domestic disturbance. Arnold told one of the officers he needed to speak with him and got inside a patrol vehicle, according to police.

    While inside, Arnold became "extremely irate" and damaged the passenger side visor of a city police car, police said.

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