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Sunday, April 12, 2009

[NC] Deputy's wife Susan King wants her name to be public

A Buncombe County sheriff's deputy charged with assaulting his wife twice had domestic violence orders filed against him. Kevin John King, 38, also had been drinking and had a semi-automatic handgun in his truck at the time of his arrest in Greenville...

I just ran across this article below and was going to quietly slip it into the last post as an "update" - until I saw that Susan King wants her name to be public. I'm sure she's earned the right to be out loud. Maybe she's hoping it will help her. If that's the case, I hope so too.

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[NC] Deputy Kevin King arrested after publicly "smacking around" his wife - A Buncombe County sheriff's deputy was arrested on a domestic violence charge early Saturday after a security guard spotted him allegedly smacking around his wife in downtown Greenville...


Asheville Citizen-Times
Ashley Wilson AWilson@CITIZEN-TIMES.com
April 8, 2009 3:30 pm
[Excerpts] ASHEVILLE – A Buncombe County sheriff's deputy charged with assaulting his wife twice had domestic violence orders filed against him. Kevin John King, 38, also had been drinking and had a semi-automatic handgun in his truck at the time of his arrest in Greenville, S.C, police said. King was suspended without pay while the Sheriff's Office investigates the allegations... According to warrants, King tried to force Susan King, 44, into his truck about 2 a.m. Saturday in a parking garage in downtown Greenville, grabbing her by the wrist and forcing her to the ground following an argument. Susan King sustained scratches on her right wrist and redness on her arm, police said in the warrant. The Mountain Home resident was charged with misdemeanor criminal domestic violence and hit and run. Police said Kevin King hit a security vehicle with his truck while pursuing Susan King... The arresting officer chose not to administer a sobriety test... Susan King filed for a domestic violence protection order against her husband in March 2007, about a year before he was hired by the Sheriff's Office. He filed for an order against her the same day. King filed for a second domestic violence protection order against her husband in February. All the orders were voluntarily dismissed, according to court records. [Lt. Ross] Dillingham said that because the orders were dismissed, they wouldn't come up in background checks during King's hiring... Before working for the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office, King worked in Henderson County... Susan King asked that her name be made public in news reports... [Full article here]
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  1. The article clearly states that Kevin King had been drinking and yet...."The arresting officer chose not to administer a sobriety test."

    Looks to me like the good old boy network is working in Kevin King's favor. Had they done the field test they may have been able to lead to other charges, right?

  2. I wish I was a thousand people because I would launch an effort on almowt every one of these cases.

    Things don't change because...

  3. They wouldnt do a sobriety test because he would have lost his job right then and there...they were protecting him.How do i know because i am married to the man.The badge protects thier own...there is no justice when you are married to the badge. No one wants to come forward because they know they will be fighting the good old boys....well im coming forward because i will not live in fear and no one should.Maybe my voice is small,but it will be heard.In the past i was told by my lawyers to drop all charges or 50bs...my latest lawyer tried to scare me into dropping my current request for the year long 50b...he hasnt even gotten my info on my case yet from greenville!!!! I will not back down this time!!!! So now i wait once again as the court date has been postponed til july....Court has been also postponed til july or oct for the trial by jury in Greenville. Its crazy i have to wait for justice and i cant find an honest lawyer...period. The sherrif dept has helped kevin hidden what he has done until i went to the news....thats sad.They say kevin no longer works for them...then why did he flash a sherrif dept jacket at someone while driving his black truck.....yelling at them....that person was someone i know. his anger is still there and his use of the badge still being missed used...Is there justice when your married to the badge????

  4. Susan,

    Stand your ground. Protect yourself and please don't allow him to find a way back into your life. Kick and scream until they do something about him. It will only get worse until you make it stop. Please be safe. You are not alone. There are many of us out there and we're used to these guys threatening us to back down. God bless you and stay strong!

    Mine just became a convicted felon three weeks ago and it took a long time to get there!

  5. I keep writing and erasing. :)

  6. I wanted to send a second message to you, Susan.

    My first message wasn't intended to tell you what to do. What I read in your message was that you've taken a stand and you want your name out there and you want this guy to be stopped and possibly prosecuted for his crimes against you.

    You are the only person who knows where you are in your life and your situation. As I stated, my message to you was based on the position I "read" into your current status. Whatever you choose to do is something that only you know best. I am one who stood my ground, just like I believe I read in your message. I won, in that my abuser ex-cop is now a twice convicted felon. One day I decided that I would kick and scream until someone paid attention. At that point I realized there was no turning back.

    Whatever choices you make have to be right for you at the moment you make them. Regardless of your choices, please know that you're not alone and you have people who understand and support you.

    I thought I was alone until someone told me they saw my story on "Behind the Blue Wall". I was shocked when I clicked onto the site and realized there are thousands of us out there.

    Cloudwriter has played a phenomenal role in bring awareness to those of us who didn't know there were others just like us being threatened, abused, tortured, etc. Cloudwriter gave me a reason to feel that I could overcome this most challenging time in my life. And all I can say is WOW! She gave me a reason to want to help others.

    Best of luck to you, Susan. Just know you're not alone and never forget that. There are people who care and most of all, understand! Take care and please stay safe! Tracey

  7. Thankyou.Sometimes i feel so alone in this fight.I will not back down i will keep fighting for what is right! I have even called my Governors office and anyone else who would listen...Whats hard is im now on my second lawyer and hes as mean as Kevin and not on my side at all.I dont trust him but im out of money...i keep praying some honest kind lawyer will come and help me...so far nothing. But i wont give up no matter what! I wish i knew how to get my case out there in the public more ....Any ideas???I never realized there were so many cases out there. It makes me sick that the Sherrif and his special relations officers would do all they could to cover up any wrong doings by Kevin or themselves. Even South Carolina...they new he was drunk...my God he hit the the security guards car coming after me!!! They should have done a breath test...They didnt even inform me about his bail...or let me know when he was released..until AFTER he was gone like almost two hours later....Read a victims rights...they messed up.Then the South Carolina officer said to Kevins lawyer he would be willing to drop the charges to a lesser charge...NOWAY!!! Whats wrong with our system? Even my lawyer tried to scare me into dropping the 50b in N.C and he wanted me to sign a paper agreeing to make the S.C charges to be dropped...Whats that??? I will not give up..I WILL BE HEARD.. Asheville needs a new sherrif and new special relations officers...the good old boys have to be exposed...PERIOD!!!!!I need everyones help,bottom line i need all the help i can get to keep this out there and changes must take place. Even the SBI wouldnt help me....There must be someone high up that will.

  8. Tracey...GOD bless you!

  9. AnonymousJune 21, 2009

    Susan, if you ever need to talk, Cloud can give you my contact information. You're not alone and I am here for you if you need anything. Be safe!

  10. How do you make your voice be heard? I have tried everything,called ,written and i feel like im getting no where.Who do you call or write that will actually step up to the plate and help victims be heard!!!! Why is our legal system so corrupt..why is Kevin and other abusive officers protected ....Just because a person wears a badge???

  11. Go to my MySpace page and check out the stats for South Carolina. My perp was a SLED Agent so I know what you're u against.


  12. Susan,

    I posted earlier and forgot to type my name, so I showed up as anonymous. Cloud has my contact information- you an call and/or email me and I can tell you what I did. I am up late and early, so don't worry about waking me up. If you call and don't get me, my Blackberry is on silent because I am sleeping.

  13. Thankyou...I need devine intervention i need a real lawyer i need help getting my voice to be heard..i have six kids to protect...my youngest is Kevins..Thankyou for your support im going to keep praying ....July 9th in Asheville thats the 50b hearing ......I have no idea when the trial by jury is in Greenville...

  14. This looks like a specific project that probably should not be planned or worked on out loud here on the blog. We can talk generally but if we are going to brainstorm on your real-life options let's do that off of the blog.

    You never know who's watching.

  15. you are so right...i didnt think of that.

  16. Susan...........contact me. I'm in Greenville. You can send me a private message through my Myspace page at.......


  17. update, new lawyer new court date tomorrow all witnesses are on stand by. I pray all will go well. So many people in the legal and even advocates in Asheville have really opened my eyes. Trust few and stay strong is what i have learned. My voice will be heard one day. Still have no idea when it will be heard in Greenville. This happened in ApriL and im still waiting....My last lawyer did nothing for me but try to get me to back down NOT THIS TIME! New lawyer and i trust him!

  18. Dear Susan,

    You are in prayers. I have been through such a horrible struggle against a PA State Trooper who is now retired at the age of 48 and the state for the horrible abuse I sustained by his hands. I will keep you in my prayers and you have my 100% support.

    God bless!!!


  19. Hi Susan,

    Please keep up the fight. I fought and my abuser is now a twice convicted felon. My thoughts, prayers and moral support are with you!!! Tracey

  20. Thankyou all for your prayers and thoughts. I stood up told the truth and it took until after 7:oopm but i got my domestic violence protective order! For all the women out there it can be done its hard but it can be done. Kevin put his hand on a bible and lied....I saw him clearly yesterday and am now more afraid of him...Thank goodness the judge could see his lies and i am so grateful the arresting officers came from south carolina and the security gaurd to testify. God bless them!!!! With faith in God all things are possible. With faith in ourselves we can accomplish anything.Never give up!

  21. update kevin is appealing the 50b order.....seems if he cant abuse me in person he will in the court system and emotionally.... when does it end? And why wont the state of N.C take a stand against him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why must i and women like me have to endure this abuse even after we leave them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there noone out there who can help????

  22. There is no one but each other. It's real wall.


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