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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[OR] Former Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Claggett faces kidnapping, menacing, unlawful use of a weapon, and assault charges

...A woman had run away from the home and called police from the nearby Haggen grocery store... She told police that she had been injured and that the suspect, Brandon Claggett, was suicidal...

[Thank you to twitterer @Injust_Seattle for bringing this news to my attention]

By Melanie Wingo, KATU News
Apr 21, 2009
A man who formerly worked to enforce the law is now accused of breaking it. Former Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Claggett has been jailed on several charges. Claggett faces kidnapping, menacing, unlawful use of a weapon, and assault charges. Claggett spent 14 years with the sheriff's office, primarily serving as the deputy for the Sandy and Mount Hood areas, but he resigned back in October of 2008. The charges stem from an incident Monday evening near Claggett's home. A woman reportedly called 9-1-1 to report a domestic violence incident. She told police Claggett may be suicidal... The District Attorney’s office never did end up prosecuting Claggett, but he resigned and the sheriff's office internal investigation on him closed... Claggett's bail is set at $280,000. [Full article here]

By Teresa Yuan & Teresa Blackman
April 21, 2009
A former Clackamas County Sheriff's deputy was behind bars Monday night, accused of kidnapping, menacing and assault. Officials told KGW deputies swarmed Brandon Claggett's home around 7:30 p.m., Monday after his wife called 9-1-1 and said they were arguing. Deputies surrounded the house for nearly five hours, only to find out that Claggett had actually left before they got there and drove to his mother's house to pick up his children. Claggett eventually called police and made arrangements to turn himself in... Claggett had worked for the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office for 14 years before he resigned. [Full article here]

Suspect Booked Into Clackamas County Jail
April 21, 2009
...Officers were called to a home near the intersection of South Meyers and Deer Meadows roads at about 7:30 p.m. after a report of a domestic situation. A woman had run away from the home and called police from the nearby Haggen grocery store... She told police that she had been injured and that the suspect, Brandon Claggett, was suicidal... A standoff ensued at the home, but police said they later reached Claggett on his cell phone and learned he was in Salem to pick up his children. Officers said they convinced Claggett to meet them at the Haggen's grocery store, where he was arrested... Claggett, who was a 14-year deputy with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, resigned in October 2008 after being accused of inappropriately touching a 20-year-old woman who was participating in a ride-along with him... Police officers were awaiting a search warrant Tuesday morning before entering the Deer Meadows Road home. Claggett and the woman who called police are romantically involved in some way, according to officers. [Full article here]



Posted: October 7, 2008 2:27 p.m.
Brandon Claggett has concluded his 14-year career with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office... On July 8, 2008, Deputy Brandon Claggett was placed on administrative leave by the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office. Administrative leave is used when it is deemed necessary to remove an employee from active duty while conducting an investigation into allegations of misconduct. In the case of Deputy Claggett, the Sheriff’s Office was notified of alleged misconduct by the Oregon Department of Justice... [Full article here]

Explicit text messages and photos, links to escort service, late-night encounter all emerge in internal investigation
The Clackamas Review
Portland Tribune
By Matthew Graham
Oct 21, 2008
Brandon Claggett’s 14-year career as a Clackamas County sheriff’s deputy is over partly because of an inappropriate relationship he had with a woman 17 years his junior. Claggett, 37, resigned his position Oct. 7 after sheriff’s investigators turned a spotlight on the relationship that, according to documents released by the sheriff’s office, included sending sexually explicit photos of his genitals to the woman... An examination of the woman’s cell phone showed that between June 18 and July 7 of this year Claggett sent her at least 18 text messages, most of them sexually explicit. At least 12 of those were sent while he was on duty. Two of the woman’s friends attested to being with her when she received some of the messages... Records indicated that he took at least one of the sexually explicit photos in his patrol car while on duty... In Claggett’s patrol vehicle detectives found a police notebook with phone numbers in it. When investigators researched the numbers, they led to three different escorts named Mahea, Angie and Scarlet and to the MySpace Web page of “Platinum Pleasures,” which the sheriff’s office said “appears to be for an escort prostitution service for the Eugene/Bend area.”... Another Sandy-area woman who came forward said Claggett had sent her text messages asking to see her “boobs.”... Another woman said she also received inappropriate text messages from Claggett. One former Sandy-area woman said that at least three times when she was in high school between 2003 and 2005, Claggett called her friends to find out where underage drinking parties were being held. She said he would show up and harass the boys, but leave the girls alone... [Full article here]


  1. omg what a piece of shit scumbag, both this loser and deputy verbos worked at my high school and both were known to go after the teachers and the female students alike. sick. glad they're in prison. ccso is a despicable organization.

  2. I first want to say that Brandon is in my prayers. I just today decided to google brandon to find out what his crimes were.
    He stopped me and arrested me in 2003 for DUII while headed home after an evening at Mt. Festival.....I blew a .08. I cooperated 100% and was 100% truethful during the intire incident.....The problem was that in the police report officer Brandon told no less than 6 "huge" lies!
    If I'm over the limit then I'm over the limit and I'll take my lumps like a man!, But there is never any excuse why a Law Inforcement Officer should be Untruthful!

  3. I know Brandon personally. I know what he went through. He had a marriage that was falling apart before all that crazy stuff started. He acted crazy like so many other people do when the world they build for themselves starts to fall apart. It was all so sad and I really feel for his wife and kids. He; UNFORTUNATELY, was in a job where having access to guns, and the ever present "power trip" of authority figures gets people injured or even worse killed. His supervisors were made aware of the situation before it all got as bad as it did. He should have been removed from public service and MADE TO go to psych treatment ASAP, as soon as the reports were made to CCSO. They knew that he was a loose trigger!


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