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Friday, April 24, 2009

[NV] Sgt. Jeff Reagan who's in trouble NOW for dui, had a domestic battery charge in 2005 - but his wife recanted

...She said in her report that Reagan pushed her off the couple's deck, but testified Monday it was her fault. "I was so mad. I threw up my arms, whirled around and went off the deck," she said. She said Reagan was trying to calm her down...

Police sergeant arrested
Tahoe Daily Tribune
Adam Jensen
Friday, April 24, 2009
[Excerpts] A veteran South Lake Tahoe police officer has been placed on administrative leave after being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence last week. A Nevada Highway Patrol officer stopped Sgt. Jeff Reagan in Carson City at about 4:10 a.m. on April 16... driving 54 mph in a 35 mph zone... During the stop, the officer noticed an “obvious” odor of alcohol coming Reagan and administered three field sobriety tests... Reagan failed all three and was booked into Carson City Detention Facility... Reagan —a sergeant in the police department’s detective division — told Nevada Highway Patrol officers he was returning from a relative’s house east of Carson City at the time of the traffic stop... Police Chief Terry Daniels placed Reagan on administrative leave following his arrest. Daniels has also launched an internal affairs investigation into the matter... Reagan’s arrest was not his first involving alcohol. Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies said they smelled alcohol on Reagan when they responded to an August 2005 incident at the South Lake Tahoe police officer’s Minden home, according to newspaper articles published at the time. Deputies responded to the home on Aug. 9 after Reagan’s wife and son accused him of pushing her out the back door with such force that she landed on the lawn 10 feet away, according to the articles. Reagan was charged with domestic battery following the incident, but the charges were dropped in November 2005. East Fork Justice Jim EnEarl dismissed the charge after Reagan’s wife said she was partially responsible for the incident and felt pressured by sheriff’s deputies to make her initial statements. At the time, EnEarl said the charge was dropped because the state was unable to prove the allegations. EnEarl had initially ordered Reagan to abstain from the use or possession alcohol following his August 2005 arrest, but the order was lifted when the charge was dismissed...

BACK IN 2005:

Domestic battery charge dismissed against Tahoe officer
Tahoe Daily Tribune
Sheila Gardner
Tuesday, November 22, 2005
MINDEN - A domestic battery charge was dismissed Monday against a South Lake Tahoe sergeant who was given a reprimand from the judge that police officers need to be above reproach. "You're sitting in the defendant's chair perhaps not guilty as charged but certainly not innocent," Judge Jim EnEarl told defendant Jeffrey Reagan. EnEarl heard four hours of testimony from Reagan's wife - the alleged victim - and a Douglas County sheriff's officer who responded to the couple's Johnson Lane home Aug. 9. Reagan was charged with domestic battery, a gross misdemeanor and demanded a trial. The woman, with immunity from prosecution from the district attorney's office, testified Monday that parts of her statement to deputies were false and that she felt rushed to complete it. She also testified she was angry with her husband and was afraid she would get in trouble because of damage she caused to the house. She testified Monday she also kicked open a locked bedroom door and knocked the slats out of a staircase. She said in her report that Reagan pushed her off the couple's deck, but testified Monday it was her fault. "I was so mad. I threw up my arms, whirled around and went off the deck," she said. She said Reagan was trying to calm her down. Lawyer William Cole asked for the dismissal on behalf of his client. "The person injured said she was not injured by the defendant. She testified she wasn't pushed off the deck, she fell off the deck," Cole said. "The only application of force by Mr. Reagan after she kicked in a door and attacked him was to restrain her. It was a reasonable thing to do, probably, as a police officer." EnEarl, who had an extensive law enforcement career prior to being elected justice of the peace, said he had seen a 100 careers destroyed by behavior similar to that described Monday. "You see this crap every day," EnEarl said. "Your life is headed into the toilet if you don't truly turn it around now." Reagan said his family was addressing the issues that came up in testimony. EnEarl said police officers and court officials needed to lead exemplary lives. "The public doesn't trust us," he said. "They think this is all covered up. The public believes there is collusion going on and now you've given them cause to think this." EnEarl said he dismissed the charge because the state was unable to prove the domestic battery charge. "The state didn't prosecute you because you are a police officer," Reagan said. "The state prosecuted you because they believed there was probable cause that this occurred."
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