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Thursday, April 23, 2009

[PA] Philadelphia Police Sgt. Seeger and 4 other officers fired

...Sergeant Paul Seeger became involved in a domestic dispute, while off-duty, with members of his family, at his residence... Seeger was alleged to have made verbal threats toward the uniformed officers and supervisor...

The Associated Press
Thu, Apr. 23, 2009
The Philadelphia police commissioner plans to fire an officer accused of making derogatory racial remarks on a ride-along with a student journalist... Commissioner Charles] Ramsey also plans to fire an officer involved in a domestic dispute... [Full article here]

by KYW's John McDevitt
Posted: Thursday, 23 April 2009 5:43PM
Police commissioner Charles Ramsey has suspended five Philadelphia police officers with the intent to dismiss for their alleged actions in four unrelated incidents... In the third incident, 5th District police Sgt. Paul Seeger (pictured above) is accused of disorderly conduct and making terroristic threats. The 14-year department veteran allegedly made verbal threats to uniformed officers who were called to his northeast Philadelphia home for a domestic dispute in September of last year. And also last September, 39th District officer John Safarowicz (right) is accused of a list of offenses including burglary and terrorist threats after he allegedly broke into a home in Manayunk. [Full article here]


Thursday, April 23, 2009 | 11:22 PM
...Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey fired five officers today, including a 14 year veteran of the force. FOP officials tell Action News they are filing grievances with all 5 dismissals. Sergeant Paul Seeger was dismissed after being charged with misdemeanors for allegedly threatening other officers. Officer John Safarowicz is charged with more serious crimes, felonies, for allegedly entering a home and assaulting the person inside. Safarowicz's wife spoke to Action News and says her husband didn't do it. She also says the department acted before giving him or the other officers due process... The Mayor has released this statment: "When allegations of police misconduct are made, we are always cautious not to rush to judgment. Instead, Commissioner Ramsey rightfully conducts full, thorough and timely investigations before making any decisions. Several recent investigations have concluded and today's action to suspend with the intent to dismiss indicates that when wrongdoing has occurred, action is taken swiftly and decisively." Here's the release from the Philadelphia Police Department: "Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey has given five sworn members of the Philadelphia Police Department thirty days suspensions with the intent to dismiss, for their conduct and actions during the following incidents: SERGEANT PAUL SEEGER, ASSIGNED TO THE 25TH DISTRICT, 14 YEAR VETERAN OF THE DEPARTMENT - On September 19, 2008, Sergeant Paul Seeger became involved in a domestic dispute, while off-duty, with members of his family, at his residence... Seeger was alleged to have made verbal threats toward the uniformed officers and supervisor. On 4-23-2009, the District Attorney charged Seeger with terrorist threats (M1) and disorderly conduct (M3)... Police Officer John Safarowicz... Police Officer Anthony Ferriola... Police Officer Donald Swan... Police Officer William Thrasher... [Full article here]
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  1. Bill McKennaDecember 16, 2009

    Sgt Paul Seeger got what was coming to him. He had the audacity to walk into Federal Court and lie under oath. He along with other racist cops could not put away the McKenna Brothers (Bill & Michael) as well as Bill;s Partner Raymond Carnation. On Todays date December 16, 2009 he was found guilty for terrostic threats along with disorderly conduct. There was not 1 witness that walked our federal case and told the truth and thats why we prevailed and was awarded 10 million dollars for speaking up against racist cops like Paul Seeger. The case can be read at Moore vs City of Philadelphia. Sgt Seeger how does it feel to be called Mr Seeger again.

    Bill McKenna 10 Million Dollar Winner

    1. Well said Bro....God Bless the courageous 3 Officer Micharl McKenna and Officer William McKenna and Officer Raymond carnation


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