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Saturday, April 18, 2009

[OR] REPORT: Canby Police Chief Kroeplin covered-up Officer Deason's "mood swings, outbursts and repeated domestic disturbances"


...[Canby Police Chief Greg] Kroeplin also was aware of [Officer Jason] Deason's history of mental health issues... Investigators found that no action was taken to determine whether Deason was fit for duty or whether steroids were the cause of his mood swings, outbursts and repeated domestic disturbances...

Previous post - November 2008:
...The FBI said [Officer Deason] immediately tried to track down his alleged [steroid] supplier and left threats on his ex-wife's voice mail using his police cell phone, thanking her for ruining his career and telling her to watch her back because "I'm coming for you"... Deason's two former wives also filed multiple domestic violence complaints against Deason with Canby police or the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office between 2001 and 2005. He was not charged...

by Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian
Thursday April 16, 2009, 8:30 PM
Greg Kroeplin withheld key documents from an FBI subpoena as Canby's police chief, lied about why he didn't investigate Officer Jason Deason's alleged steroid abuse and put the public at risk by allowing Deason to remain on duty during an FBI criminal inquiry, an investigative report has found. The Canby City Council sent Kroeplin a notice last month that it was moving to fire the 29-year police veteran, but Kroeplin, 48, resigned this week, enabling him to collect his full pension when he's eligible at age 50. An investigation by two retired Oregon law enforcement officers revealed a department where officers trying to conduct any meaningful inquiry of Deason's steroid abuse were thwarted by two chiefs, and the city administrator [Mark Adcock] overseeing the department took the chiefs' word without strong oversight... The investigative report, released by Canby on Thursday, details Kroeplin's unprofessional conduct, serious lapses in judgment, basic police missteps that jeopardized any serious investigation by Canby police into Deason, and a child abuse inquiry Kroeplin was the subject of in 2003. (He gave a child a bloody lip and admitted to striking a child in the face more than once. The Department of Human Services spoke with Kroeplin, but no formal investigation was done, the report found.) Deason resigned in July as the FBI was investigating and has been indicted on official misconduct and drug charges. Through his rise to chief, Kroeplin was aware of complaints about Deason's aggressive harassment of his two ex-wives and unwarranted traffic stops of their co-workers, Deason's volatile and erratic behavior, suicidal tendencies, and detailed allegations of his steroid abuse... Kroeplin also was aware of Deason's history of mental health issues. In 2001, Deason was experiencing mental health problems... Investigators found that no action was taken to determine whether Deason was fit for duty or whether steroids were the cause of his mood swings, outbursts and repeated domestic disturbances. By August 2006, while Deason was living with Kroeplin, Oregon City's police chief alerted Kroeplin that one of his officers had information that Deason was seen buying steroids from an Oregon City man, while on duty and in uniform... When the FBI first got involved last year, Kroeplin failed to turn over the Oregon City memo, as well as citizen complaints against Deason, in response to an FBI subpoena... [Full article here]

TO: Greg Kroeplin
CC: Victor Calzarettaq
From: John Kelley, City Attorney
Re: Due Process Notice
As you know the City of Canby has conducted an investigation, through a team of outside investigators, of your conduct in connection with the alleged long-term use of steroids by a subordinate police officer. Based on a review of the investiagative findings, the City bellieves that they support the following preliminary conclusions... [Full document here]

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