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Thursday, April 9, 2009

[NY] Police Lt. Mackey resigns after 2 domestic charges

A high-ranking Sag Harbor police officer charged twice this month in connection with complaints filed by his former wife has resigned, the village's mayor said... Mr. Mackey said. “I was sandbagged”...

Sag Harbor Press
Posted on 05 April 2009
[Excerpts] Sag Harbor Village Police Lieutenant Thomas X. Mackey, a 23-year veteran, resigned from the force last week following charges leveled against him Friday for harassment in the second degree, a violation. The charges stem from an alleged domestic dispute with his ex-wife on the afternoon of Thursday, April 2, when the officer went to his ex-wife's house to see his children. His ex-wife is a former Sag Harbor police officer. Sag Harbor Village police responded and filed a report; but, according to village policy, Police Chief Thomas Fabiano turned the investigation over to New York State Police, since the incident involved a village officer, said Mayor Greg Ferraris, who is also the village's police commissioner. According to various sources, both Mackey and his ex-wife agreed not to pursue charges in the Thursday incident. After an interview with state police again on Friday, however, Mackey's ex-wife apparently changed her mind... "There are two sides to every story," said Mackey's attorney, Edward Burke, Jr. of Sag Harbor. "He feels he should be in the role of complaining witness"... Mackey was the second highest in command behind Chief Fabiano. "We're in full support of Tom and his family as they work through this," said Ferraris... [Full article here]


By Carl Macgowan
Wed 08 Apr 2009 02:18
[Excerpts] A high-ranking Sag Harbor police officer charged twice this month in connection with complaints filed by his former wife has resigned, the village's mayor said Wednesday... Mackey was charged with harassment Friday in connection with an incident between him and his ex-wife, Laura Mackey, the day of his resignation, authorities said... Mackey was served with an order of protection Friday barring him from contact with his ex-wife. Authorities said he violated that order Sunday when he crossed paths with her at a Sag Harbor church. On Monday, he turned himself in to state police and was charged with criminal contempt... His attorney, Edward Burke Jr., said Mackey has denied the charges. "He's a well-respected member of the community, both personally and professionally," Burke said, adding that Mackey has had "a long career with the police department." Police Chief Thomas Fabiano is on vacation and was unavailable for comment, a police department employee said Wednesday... Mackey violated the order of protection Sunday by coming within "close proximity" of Laura Mackey at St. Andrew's Catholic Church in Sag Harbor, said Robert Clifford, a spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney's office. Mackey was released without bail Monday after pleading not guilty in Southampton Town Court. He was ordered to return to court May 28. [Full article here]

The East Hampton Press
Michael Wright
Apr 8, 09 12:37 PM
[Excerpts] Veteran Sag Harbor Village Police Lieutenant Thomas X. Mackey quit the force this week after he was charged by State Police in connection with two separate incidents in the last week on charges stemming from a dispute with his ex-wife... "As mayor, I would say that Lt. Mackey has been a tremendous asset to the village and the community, and his leadership will be greatly missed," [Mayor Greg] Ferraris said on Tuesday. "As a friend of Tom's, I wish him the best, and I, like many people in this community, will do what we can to help him and his family get through the situation"... The mayor said the circumstances of Lt. Mackey's resignation will not affect his eligibility for his earned police pension, based on state laws regarding eligibility. [Full article here]

POLICE OFFICER RESIGNS 21-year veteran arrested after dispute with ex-wife
East Hampton Star
By Timothy Small
[Excerpts] ...Both Ms. Mackey, who was a village police officer before retiring on a disability pension, and Lieutenant Mackey filed reports last Thursday following the incident. According to Mr. Mackey, he went to headquarters immediately after a “fight” took place at Ms. Mackey’s house in the village at about 5:20 p.m. There, he called in Chief Thomas Fabiano and a sergeant to take his statement, and he demanded to have his former wife arrested. The chief and sergeant talked him out of it, he said. On Friday, Mr. Mackey was served with a criminal summons for second-degree harassment, a violation, and an order of protection requiring him to stay away from his former wife. Sag Harbor Village Mayor and Police Commissioner Gregory Ferraris and Chief Fabiano called on state police to intervene and have asked the state department to conduct a formal investigation. “The next thing you know, I’ve got the state police at my door,” Mr. Mackey said. “I was sandbagged.” On Sunday, Mr. Mackey said, he went to St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, where he is a longtime member, to celebrate Palm Sunday. He said he saw his son sitting four spots away from his former wife, and his daughter, who was serving on the altar. He said hello to both. “I didn’t even stay for the Mass because I see she’s there,” he said of his wife. Subsequently, at around 11:30 a.m. Sunday, Ms. Mackey told police Mr. Mackey had violated the order of protection. Later that day, he turned himself in to state police in Riverside and was charged with second-degree criminal contempt, a misdemeanor, in that connection. He then handed in his resignation... Before he came to Sag Harbor, Mr. Mackey was a Housing Authority police officer for the New York Police Department. He had been on the Sag Harbor force for 21 years... [Full article here]
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