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Thursday, April 2, 2009

[NJ] Officer Geib to be cleared on domestic violence attack of woman he says has "mental illness"

News Excerpts:

A judge Wednesday [April 1st, 2009] dismissed a domestic violence restraining order against a Jefferson police officer accused of simple assault against a young woman earlier this month... Patrolman Richard Geib, 50, allegedly grabbed the woman around her neck and shoved her to the ground, causing bruising and minor injury... Geib said the woman has a mental illness and he was defending himself in his own home... While his simple assault case will be heard in Kinnelon, he said he's confident the charge will be dropped, and said he wants the woman to heal. "My first concern is (her) well-being... and if anything good comes out of this, that will be addressed," he said following the judge lifting the order. Jefferson Police Chief Kevin Craig said once Geib is cleared by the prosecutor's office, the 18-year veteran can resume work on the force...


Cops: Jefferson officer assaulted woman, causing injury
Patrolman says he was defending himself in own home

Daily Record
By Matt Manochio
March 27, 2009

RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST JEFFERSON POLICE OFFICER LIFTED Woman says she feels safe; cop says he thinks charge will be dropped
Daily Record
By Matt Manochio
April 2, 2009
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  1. She says she's not afraid of him.
    That is the so called justification I guess.

    EVERYthing often revolves on how to not let the dv screw up the officer's career.

    Gee, if he strangled her - think there's any chance he told her to drop the order?

    It makes the courts - the judge and da - co-attackers /perps.

  2. I'm preachin' to the choir. :)

  3. Well, somebody's gotta preach!!! LOL

  4. AnonymousJune 09, 2009

    That article is about me. The 20 year old female is my daughter. She has issues that are being addressed. Yes, all charges were dismissed, as they should have been.
    Thanks for your lack of follow up and placing me on the same list as ex-cops who went bad.

    This is a very good example of negative press and one sided story tellers.

  5. AnonymousJune 09, 2009

    Officer Geib, did YOU provide any updates to the blog owner?

  6. Thanks.
    I'm looking at the updates now.

    Officer Geib, according to the news:

    Your daughter's "bruises and unspecified injuries" were a result of your defending yourself against her. Your daughter - who you portray for the public as someone not on their meds - dropped her protection order against you and asked that the charges be dropped too.

    "...On April 1, Superior Court Judge Stuart Minkowitz lifted the restraining order at the alleged victim's request. The alleged victim also has asked that the complaint be dropped... Geib explained that the incident had involved a close family member who had neglected to take medication she needs to take daily, and that he had restrained her for her own good..."

    That is ALL we hear from or about the alleged victim. All the rest is about you.

    There is no other reason given for dropping the charges other than the (alleged) victim herself asked it of the courts. There is nothing that says evidence found the charges to be unfounded or that your daughter is not credible.

    You want people to know that:

    ..."This was a private family matter that another newspaper wrongly reported... My fellow police officers are aware of the ongoing family situation, and have been nothing but supportive... I would appreciate my family's privacy being respected as any family would..."

    And before you were cleared, you were "100% confident" that your "good name" would be restored.

    These other people on the blog that you feel that you are better than - many of them say the same thing, and the charges are dropped because the injured person asks that the charges are dropped.

    You know what happened, and whoever else was there knows... the rest of us only know what is reported.

    Sometimes there are false reports, one sided reporting, and officers that are innocent and officers who are guilty - but almost always the (alleged) victim is invalidated with allegations of being disturbed, vicious, or a liar.

    Our chief in Tacoma Washington, David Brame, did that too - portrayed his wife Crystal as disturbed - so he of course also had the support of fellow officers so that no one took Crystal's complaints of abuse or threats seriously. After he killed her and himself people started to question themselves... were investigated, and ended up paying millions to Crystal's family.

    Maybe your daughter really is either so disturbed or so strong that you, as a tactically trained officer, HAD to bruise her up and cause other injuries to restrain her.

    Maybe not.

    But you do have your name and job back.

  7. Maybe he should start a blog


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