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Friday, December 5, 2008

[MD] Slain Dawn Marie Williams-Stewart

...She warned police that Stewart was armed and was "an ex-police officer," the documents say... Dawn Stewart worked for the National Rifle Association and was the mother of five children. Family members said she had grown to fear for her safety because of problems with her husband and had intended to move out of the couple's home on Monday...

Antonio Stewart was sentenced to 50 years in prison - 30 years for the murder and a consecutive 20-year term for using a gun to commit a crime of violence.

Baltimore Sun, MD
By Justin Fenton | justin.fenton@baltsun.com
December 5, 2008

A woman killed Sunday night in Northeast Baltimore was planning to leave her husband - with her belongings and divorce papers ready to go, according to charging documents in the case.

The documents detail a gruesome scene after members of the city police SWAT team rushed the home: Antonio Girard Stewart, 29, was found unconscious on the back porch of a neighboring home and dangling from his neck by a belt, still clutching a handgun in his left hand. Lying at the bottom of the basement stairwell was Dawn Williams-Stewart, shot in the stomach.

Police would also find several suitcases and overnight bags, packed with women's and infants' clothing.

The incident began about 8:35 p.m., when police received a call for a domestic dispute at Bel Air Road and Parkside Drive. The first officer on the scene was met by Williams-Stewart's daughter, Litia Land, who said her mother was attempting to move out of their home in the 4000 block of Parkside Drive.

She warned police that Stewart was armed and was "an ex-police officer," the documents say. Officers heard numerous gunshots coming from the home's basement as they made entry and quickly withdrew from the scene. The city's SWAT team assumed command of the situation and entered the home at 11:15 p.m.

Williams-Stewart was pronounced dead a half-hour later; Stewart was treated at the scene and taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital. He was charged with first-degree murder Monday and ordered held without bond.

Police could not confirm whether Stewart had a background in law enforcement, but court records indicate he has worked as a security guard and has a criminal record in Baltimore City and Baltimore County dating to 2003. [LINK]

December 1, 2008
[Excerpt] ...[Detective Donny] Moses said the couple had two "very young children" together. The kids had been sent out of the house before police entered. Antonio Stewart was taken to an area hospital. His condition was unknown early Monday morning.Dawn Stewart worked for the National Rifle Association and was the mother of five children. Family members said she had grown to fear for her safety because of problems with her husband and had intended to move out of the couple's home on Monday. [Full article here]

City Paper
By Anna Ditkoff |
Posted 12/3/2008
Murders This Week: 8
...Dawn Marie Williams-Stewart
Sunday, Nov. 30, 2008: [Excerpt] ...8:30 p.m. A police officer went to the home of Dawn Williams-Stewart and her husband in the 4000 block of Parkside Drive near Herring Run Park for an assault call. The officer heard arguing inside the house. He kicked in the door to get inside, but heard gunshots and had to retreat. The arguing inside continued and the husband barricaded himself in the house, holding Williams-Stewart, a 41-year-old African-American woman, hostage. At 11:50 p.m. a SWAT team entered the house and found Williams-Stewart shot to death. They also discovered her husband on the back porch hanging from a belt. According to police, there was a gun in his hand, and he was unconscious but still alive. He was taken to a hospital and will be charged with his wife's murder once he is released. At least 20 people have been murdered as a result of child abuse or domestic violence this year... [Original]


  1. This is such a tragedy. I knew Tony when he was a teenager and a member in my church.He was a little off back then, but not to this degree. Just thinking about how sweet and how much potential he had is so sad. My heart goes out to Dawn Williams family, especially her children who are left to grieve a traumatic loss of both parents.

  2. I never met Dawn but, knew Tony personally. I often wonder if he realized how selfish his actions were? It is so sad that the kids have this burden and great lost. I pray for the family of Dawn. She did not deserve this at all. Unfortunately she was taken away and never got to tell her kids and other family members good bye! I actually have shed tears because life is too short and this lady was obviously trying to right the wrong by moving out,divorcing him and setting up a better life for her and the kids. So freaking sad, peace be with you in heaven Dawn.

  3. This was indeed a tragedy. Nothing can ever excuse what happened in that house that night. We as outsiders always comment on what was morally right and wrong in situations we know nothing about. We have second hand information and no matter how hard we try to piece together what happened that night no one will ever know what really happened except God, Dawn and Antonio. The point is we don't know what state his mind was in when this terrible act happened. Does it make the act right? NO, BY NO MEANS. Consider prayer before we pass judgement. Let God be God and allow him to send judgement while we continue to pray for the ones left behind (Antonio and Dawn's children and parents). If Dawn was saved she would have wanted us to be praying for the falling soul here in the land of the living. Just food for thought.

  4. First and fore most my prayers go out to Dawn's kids and to her mother, father and siblings and the family and friends whose life she had touched. I meet Dawn several years ago before her and Stewart got married, she and I had several conversations about marriage, life, God, her children and even at the time her fiance. Dawn loved Stewart alot and regardless of what state of mind he was or wasn't in doesn't give him or any man the right to place his hands on you or to threaten your life. I knew Stewart was off when there was in domestic situation with my ex-husband and I and he never tried to stop the situation he just stood and laughed at was going on, to me that is a sick individual. I talk to Dawn about it and in her sweet voice she said, "What, I can't believe he did that." I love her as if she was my big sister, she had given me alot of advice. I lost contact with her behind Stewart not liking our relationship and because my ex and I were over. But through this whole situation I feel for Stewart. Why? Because he doesn't even relaize the woman he had in Dawn and that his kids will never have anything to do with him for taking their mother away from them. To Dawn's children, Remember the love your mother had for you, remember her smile, her touch, keep all the memories that you share with her alive and she forever lives through and in you, I pray that God will strength you and guide through out life.

  5. First of all let me say that my heart truly goes out to Dawn's children and her family. Bottom line to this whole situation is that NO ONE can pass judgement on a situation they knew nothing about. I knew Antonio personally and the person I knew was not this kind of animal yall are trying to make him out to be. So that leads me to believe that he had to have truly snapped. There marriage like everyone elses had issues but there is so much more to this story people do not know. And at this point it does not even matter. Dawn lost her life and that is something that can not be changed. This was a traumatic loss for both her children and family and that is what's so sad. As far as Antonio I pray for his soul but those of you who did not know him need not to pass judgement for it is not your call. He has to answer to GOD for what he he has done. What you need to be doing is praying for her family and asking GOD to help them through this difficult time in there life.

  6. Hello -

    I am the prosecutor assigned to the case against Antonio Stewart for the murder of Dawn Williams-Stewart.

    It appears from the comments here that some of you knew Dawn and/or Antonio. If you have information about them, their relationship, and/or what happened that night and are willing to share, please contact me.

    My email address is:
    HomicideASA AT gmail.com
    (Use the "@" symbol rather than spelling out "at".) You can also call me at the State's Attorney's Office at 410-361-9820.

    Thank you.

    Robin Wherley
    Assistant State's Attorney
    Homicide Division
    Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

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  8. I knew Dawn personally and worked with her for a few years before moving out of state. This is trully a tragedy. My heart is broken over the news of her passing. She was a good mother & friend. I pray that Antonio gets the punishment he deserves. There were several signs that she should have gotten out of this relationship a long time ago, but Dawn being Dawn wanted to what was best for her children. I don't see how people can honestly defend this sicko Antonio. For as long as Dawn was with him and the stuff she told me, he had problems from the beginning.
    She will always be remembered, missed & loved.

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  11. I love the way everyone can say how much they know a person and knew about a situation but the reality is as far as this situation is concerned, you only know and saw what they wanted you to know and see. Yes there were serious problems in their relationship. I've known Antonio for over 6 years and in those years he has gone from a police officer, a minister, etc and none of this was true. I also know that he had a hard time keeping a job which would cause problems in any relationship especially when children are in the picture. As far as th prayers go, their family and closest friends have spent years praying for their relationship mainly for the children's sake. But my main question is how can a man who claims to be a man of God allow satan to use him this way. No matter what happened or what anyone may think she did to so call provoke him, there are 5 children who are now without a mother and a grieving mother who is now trying to raie babies. So that's who my heart goes out to. Those who are personally affected and lives have been turned upside down by this tragedy. However he is still in my prayers because he obviously is very troubled and only God can give him the help he needs.

  12. My heart and prayers go out to Dawn's entire family..I knew Dawn and Stewart personally.She was a very caring and sweet person and did not deserve what happened to her. She loved that man and her children with her WHOLE heart!
    To who ever says that Stewart was not a sick person... you must have been the thing on the side that was contributing to some of their problems. Anyone who truly knew him( had regular contact) would know that he was sick and lived in his on sick world! So you need not comment. Nothing positive, or as an excuse for his behavior should be commented here because if it weren't for his actions we would not even be here leaving comments. We could be enjoying our beloved friend Dawm...

  13. AnonymousMay 02, 2010

    Dawn was my cousin I loved her so much. The lasttime I saw her was that Friday night. I am still upset now but her kids give me joy.

  14. Dawn was my mother and if anyone knew us they would know how close we were....I hate him sooooo much... I dont care about who these other people say they are that knew him.... I lived with my mother and him and I told my mom before they started dating that I DID NOT like him!!!!! He is a sick man to take the life of a wonderful woman and mother... She was my best friend, mt mother, my world and now my world is shattered and will never be the same!!!! thanks to him!!! Some one said no one will ever know what went on in there but my mother and him, but that is NOT true.... I knew everything. She told me everything... I cry all the time thinking about how she didnt deserve this at all... Now I have 4 younger brothers and sisters that I have to be strong for, because they are not fully aware of whats going on. I dont think they really get that mommys not coming back, but I tell them that she will always live in our hearts!!!

  15. AnonymousMay 20, 2010

    Tia I totally understand and sympathize with you. Just make sure you pour all the love into your siblings that your mom poured into you and remember she still lives in you. As for Stewart he will have to answer to GOD for what he has done. You just stay prayed up and let GOD be GOD. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

  16. AnonymousMay 24, 2010

    For those of you preaching forgiveness and prayer; you can keep your new testament approach. I'll remain decidely old testament. FACT-He murdered my cousin. that's all I need to know. The only praying I'll be doing is for him to become someone's girlfriend as he rots in jail. I'm standing firm and strong with my family and we want justice now, not in the afterlife.

  17. AnonymousMay 25, 2010

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  18. AnonymousMay 26, 2010

    To those advocating waiting for God, the Lord, or whatever deity to take vengeance - do you suggest Stewart should be walking free on the streets until that day arrives?

    Praying is fine and good if that's what you want to do... but for the rest of us, we would like to be protected from people who are willing and able to kill.

    Stewart and others like him commit murder - they render judgment and exact vengeance every day. And that should go unpunished in the mortal realm?? Explain.

  19. AnonymousMay 27, 2010

    The writer of May 25, 2010 began with the statement "vengence is mine saith the Lord" and in a matter of seconds condemns Dawn's cousin for expressing the pain felt by this loss. So without knowing anything about this person, you assume there is something wrong with them and you put her/him down. Is this how you as a Christian lift others up when they are hurting? Are you feeling real good about yourself because you got another lick in. Obviously you didn't ask yourself the question, "What would Jesus do?" before being so totally insensitive and cruel. It seems to me you're the one that needs prayer for your unforgiving spirit. Judge not least you be judged!

  20. TIA( Dawn's Oldest Daughter)May 29, 2010

    For these assholes that keep writing this bull crap on my mothers page STAY OFF IF U HAVE NOTHING POSITIVE TO SAY!!!!!!You dont even put your name with the crap you say!!! If u notice u enter her name and this page comes up so if u have something to say about his sorry ass find somewhere else to do it!!!!! And if u think he was not wrong and should not be punished For taking my Mother away from her 5 children and her family then you need to be in prison with him u sick crazy bastards!!! And for whom ever wrote this... "Regardless what the outcome is bottom line is it will not bring your cousin back. As for you downtalking prayer that is merely a sign that you need some yourself."... You need some serious help... First and for most what kind of Christian says "Regardless what the out come is bottom line it wont bring your cousin back". Second you need to go back and reread what was posted!!!! They NEVER Down talked prayer STUPID!!!! And how could you tell them to "direct that energy in some other areas of your life where it's evident you definitley need it. GOD be with you my ignorent child now stand on that." ..... You Dont even know them to say that!!! What it sounds like to me is... you are upset that someone got on here and shared how they really felt with no covering it up!!!! Well guess what We all Feel like that if you have sooo much sympathy for that sick son of a bitch.... A so called man that could TAKE an unarmed WOMANS life then how about you go Share a cell with him!!!! If you have anymore NEGATIVE crap to say put it in a letter and send it to his sorry ass!!!! Thank you!!!

  21. Tia, Email me and let me know what you want removed.

    Much love to you.


  22. TIA( Dawn's Oldest Daughter)June 01, 2010

    To Nae that wrote a post on Jan,9,09 I don't care how much of a great person you thought he was I was living with the sicko and you said he never thought it was rite for a man to put his hands on a woman... Then he must not have been a man because... I saw him slap his sister when she was pregnant... He put his hands on my mother... Now here is something funny... He never put his hands on a MAN!!!! I will not be doing any type of praying for him... The crazy people that still soo adore him can do that!!!! I am praying that my brothers and Baby sister will be okay... We have never been through ANYTHING like this and We were all soo close to my mother an my baby sister never got a chance to really bond with my mother because she was only one when this happened!!!! And you also said he took really good care of his babies... What a joke!!! My mother took great care of us all!!!! he didnt do S*it... He couldnt even keep a JOB!!! My mother my grandmother an myself took care of Aj and Rachael!!!! He was a good for NOTHING Father,and husband... And I will say it again I LIVED WITH THEM SO I KNOW EVERYTHING!!! You would only know what you were told!!!!

  23. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    I said it and call me what you will, that guilt doesn't fly with me. I know where I'm going. And I guess I won't be seeing you or the sick coward in question. Sounds like you are from the same seed. Ashame! A PITTY to have a family member that you aren't so proud of. Cowards cry "snapped or insane" when they can't man up to their wrong doing. This is a hipocrite. He spoke the word and did what the hell he wanted to do to whom he wanted. His actions spoke LOUDER than YOUR words.

  24. Well how about that. Something resembling justice in Baltimore City. 50 years for that scumbag. Not nearly long enough, but it will have to do. Happy Birthday Dawn Marie! Love you!

    To the "enlightened" response to my earlier post...ignorant is spelled with an "a", ironic huh?

  25. AnonymousJuly 27, 2010

    Fifty years for domestic killing
    July 26, 2010

    A 29-year-old Baltimore man received 50 years in prison today for the murder of his wife, prosecutors announced.

    Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Timothy J. Doory sentenced Antonio Stewart, 29, for the November 30, 2008 killing of wife Dawn Stewart-Williams, 41. Stewart was convicted by a jury in May.

    Here's the account of the killing from prosecutors:

    On November 30, 2008 at approximately 8:30PM Williams-Stewart’s daughter called her mother but Antonio Stewart, her husband, answered the phone and she heard Williams-Stewart yelling in the background to call the police as Antonio Stewart had hit her. A neighbor was called and went to the house to check on Ms Williams-Stewart’s welfare. Antonio Stewart answered the door holding a gun while Williams-Stewart was seen standing behind Antonio Stewart near the basement stairs screaming, “He’s going to kill me! Help me!” Antonio Stewart pushed the couple’s four-year old son out the door, who said “Daddy said he’s going to kill Mommy now.”

    Police responded to 4021 Parkside Drive and, fearing for Williams-Stewart’s safety, immediately broke in the front door. Shots were fired and police retreated. The SWAT team then responded and unsuccessfully attempted to make contact with Antonio Stewart. At 11:16PM SWAT made entry into the home and found Williams-Stewart lying on the basement floor, shot once to the abdomen/chest area. Antonio Stewart was found on the deck of a neighboring house unconscious with a belt around his throat and gun in his hand.

    Medics transported Stewart to a local hospital but he had no permanent injuries. On December 1, 2008 he gave a statement to police, claiming that he tried to shoot himself but the gun jammed, so he tried to clear it and it went off. He said his wife was shot by accident. Stewart claimed he tried to shoot himself again, and the gun jammed again. Evidence showed, however, there were five cartridge cases recovered in the basement and there was no evidence the handgun was defective.


  26. AnonymousJuly 28, 2010

    So sad what a terrible loss. I pray that Dawn's Family will continue to stay strong for each other and especially the children. MY God - My God...I am shocked that it took so long to convict him with a sentence. I am sure the Family applauded after hearing the sentencing.

  27. AnonymousJuly 28, 2010

    He should have gotten the death penalty without the possibility of parole. I hope he will stick to the words he spoke as they took him away. Now that will be justice!


  28. AnonymousJuly 29, 2010


  29. Justice has been served!! Rest in Peace Dawn gone but never forgotten

  30. Tia & family
    I think of you nearly everyday. Your Mom was my best friend, my co-worker, my confindant. I like you Tia knew the hell your Mom was going through. We had some many conversations about our kids,our husbands and just life in general.
    Dawn did not deserve to be taking away from her kids, her Mom, her brother, her dad ,her friends,her coworker,and everyone that knew and loved her. He should have gotten life. But you know what Tia-He is doing life right now whether he wants to admit it or not. Everyday he is behind bars should be his hell here on earth. Stay strong for your younger brothers and sister.

  31. Never knew this page or website existed until now. I had googled this tragedy in the hopes of helping one of my students who is currently in a abusive relationship. Dawn was a beautiful person-she was my only sister-in-law and was a part of my family. Dawn, you did not die in vain! I will use this horrible tragedy to help save others. I think about you often..Love you and Miss you so much!!

  32. R.I.P Ms.Dawn ily

  33. Tonys BrotherApril 08, 2012

    This is a very upsetting situation for me. Stewart is my my brother and i remember the day he introduced me to MY SISTER! From the very first moment i met her i knew she was special. I stayed at their house in white marsh alot and Dawn treated me as though she had known me forever. Im not sure if they remember me but i spent time with Tia and the boys too. I remember when she was pregnant with AJ (fumpy yumps) and babysitting him while my brother was "working". Tony and i had a disagreement that caused him to disappear for a while so i only met rachel once but she was adorable. I am an avid believer but im also human and choosing a side comes naturally for me. Though he is my brother and ill love him forever,i hate him just the same for taking my sister niece and nephew from me! He was wrong and should be punished for his actions!!!!! Dawn DID NOT DESERVE ANY OF THIS! Tony searched for years to find a woman who was willing to be his wife and give him children and couldnt have chosen a more loving,supportive,submissive and humble partner. Im so sad because HES MY BROTHER and my brother took my sister. I knew they had problems but i did not know he was beating her and never expected this.

  34. AnonymousJuly 28, 2012


  35. Hello Litia, I wanted to bring you these two messages.

    Naomi says: "I am so sorry for your Mother death. She looks like a very precious person. GOD Bless you and the family. I hope that justice was served."
    Naomi's facebook is here if you want to message her back:

    And from Mary:
    Her Facebook is here.

  36. To Tony's brother - you have a beautiful heart and I am so sad it's broken. What a beautiful message you left. You honor Dawn.

  37. This is "Betty"----Dawn I just want you to know ---I love you and miss you so much. I will always think of you with a smile. We had so many good times together. No one will ever feel your shoes in the friend dept.

  38. Wow I did not know this site was up but I found it while remembering the tragedy. I remember Tony as I was his boss at one of his jobs where I later fired him for being unreliable, tarty and irresponsible (these are facts people). I attempted to mentor Tony teaching him "Man creates his own conditions." This is before I met Dawn. I told him the issues of failed relationships when a man is not the high priest of his home, when he is not the provider for his home and when he is not the protector its his fault! Women need love, affection, space, adoration and security. Women don't marry because of just love but they want to be safe. Daily I preached and lived the example of MAN UP. I told him no Dawn may not be perfect but no one is and she deserved to be loved and cared for. I later counseled both he and Dawn and told them after they both shared their issues they need to separate and that verbal, mental or physical abuse did not fly right by me. I also remember telling them a story about a family member of mine losing her life to an insecure selfish boyfriend. I told them that I would bury any man who would treat any woman so cruel. I am sorry but s a minister we have to apply the whole word of GOD! Tony wanted to force Dawn to stay and she had the right to go. No man has a right to take a life and yes we all have issues but no one minister...cop...priest or other has the right to beat, threaten, bully or control another. The kids were small when I last saw them, The sad part is so many "ministers" who Tony played for knew what was going on but they blindly employed him for his music gift. I told him he could never act the way he does and be a minister or play anything in any church I attended and pastored. I am from the old school and some folk need to be sat down and stripped of power. Look at Timothy & Titus...both books speak of the characteristics and qualities a man of God should have before they are even considered a minister. I don't hate Tony but he reaped what he sowed..for daily I talked with him and told him what he was saying, doing and how he acted was improper. I am so so sorry Dawn had to lose her life but I hope this sets clear to all those who just sat back and just prayed. Prayer is the key..faith unlocks the door but we have to act and tell the truth. Nobody is judging something that happened. No no one can say what happened that night but it don't matter what we think...Tony MURDERED Dawn and tried to resolve it the cowards way by trying to kill himself. Accountability is key..GOD left laws for us to govern ourselves with. The facts in this case were clear... a sentence was issued..but still nothing we do can give us Dawn back. Tony needs repentance and needs accountability. He needs all the mental help he can get and those beautiful children need all our love prayers and support. I would love to see them and help anyway I can. I am tired of losing our beautiful brothers and sisters to this senseless violence. Everyone has the right to be happy with or without others! Love you guys...and I know I will get hate mail but you can talk to me directly...the church needs to be the Church and say and do the right thing! I am praying for all parties involved but people need forgiveness so they can move on and deliverance so we can break the hate! Family & anyone who needs me..I am available.

  39. Litia, This is Bishop Ron Hobson. As I was sitting here in my room, your mom crossed my mind. What a wonderful,caring,beautiful and jubilant woman. Remembering the times she would invite us to come over for dinner, and Lord knows she was a great cook! Whatever she had she shared with a smile. On many occasions I tried to get stewart to seek professional help, but to no avail. He had his own answer and did not allow anyone to correct him. Just know I am in constant prayer for you and your brothers and sister. If you read this email me bishophobson@aol.com..much love and prayers! I lost contact with your grandmother I misplaced her number.

  40. Um wow as I came across this page my eyes filled with tears because I once was in a relationship with tony yes he was mentally verbally abusive and physical abusive he had threaten to kill me and my unborn child because we wasnt stable enough but god didnt see it fit for me and tony to be together he was a liar a munipulator and very controlling he needs to be punished to the full extent 50 yrs is not enough may you RIP DAWN!!!!

  41. Remembering you always!

  42. AnonymousJuly 28, 2022

    Today would be Dawn’s 55th birthday. I would like to thank each of you for the kind words and memories that you have of her. I have been able to accept what has happened with God’s grace and mercy. He has protected us through this journey and Rachael and AJ are doing well. RIP by beloved daughter.

    1. Tony’s BrotherAugust 22, 2022

      Happy Belated Big Sis

  43. Dawn, you have been DEEPLY missed over the years. After having learned of this tragic situation from your brother I found this page. Periodically I come back to it to re-read the comments. Each time I see someone mention “…we’ll never know what went on in that house…”, I get upset. As a retired Army Veteran I have sacrificed my values to protect others. Maybe this so-called man should have thought about doing the same. Controlling his emotions for the sake of keeping the mother of those precise children safe… and alive to raise her children. Dawn had a special place in my heart; as does her family. I’ve been around this family since my time at Baltimore City College. So yeah… I’m more partial to her family’s loss than to the selfish idiot that took her away. To the other’s that come to this page, upsetting her daughter, maybe go somewhere else to make your supportive comments about your woman slaying friend… they are definitely not welcomed here. I am pretty sure of it. Tia, I wish I could’ve known you as well as I had known your mom. The Army took me away from Baltimore too long. For that I apologize. My heart STILL goes out to you and your siblings. You all should’ve never had to experience this tragic situation. God Bless!!!


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