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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Others Bloggers are noticing the Deputy-related email threats


Domestic Violence Bloggers Risk Their Lives
BLOG: Randi James
December 23, 2008

[Excerpts] In creating a domestic violence/sexual assault blogs, we women bloggers are reclaiming some of the power we lost when we were assaulted and/or are reclaiming our power as an oppressed group. However, this journey out of silence does not come without risks. In exposing the corruption of the family court system and the criminal "justice" system, we are risking our lives so that others may benefit from our courage... I want to take this opportunity to point out that a fellow blogger has had her life threatened as of last week. Go on over to Behind the Blue Wall and lend some support. There are a lot of angry people that want us to STFU. We refuse. This will be a public affair.
Police Officer Threatens Woman Who Blogs About Officer-Involved Domestic Violence
December 23rd, 2008

[Excerpts] Harassing and sending threatening messages to police accountability activists and people who report on police misconduct is a favorite pastime for police officers. Often unpunished and ignored by mainstream media, officers often feel as though it is their right to silence any critics... Sadly, just last week another advocate against police misconduct has been added to the list of citizen reporters who have suffered such abuse and has learned that police departments always refuse to investigate threats issued by their own officers made against citizen reporters... Fearing the officer would make good on his threats, and seeming to have good reason to do so as other officers who claimed to be threatened by him had resorted to filing restraining orders against him, went public...Fellow bloggers, many of whom have also faced threats from police officers in response to their reporting, have offered their support and reposted information about the threats...We too stand with the author of Behind The Blue Wall and offer what support we can in the hope that it might be enough to disuade further abusive retaliation against her for simply advocating for the victims of officer-related domestic violence.

Cop Threatens To Kill Anti-Domestic-Violence BloggerBLOG: Alas, A Blog
December 23rd, 2008
[Excerpts] ...What's also frightening is that neither of the police forces involved here — not the one employing the cop, nor the one where the threatened blogger lives — are willing to lift a finger to enforce the law against a cop who threatens a citizen.
Another blogger harassed BLOG: Five Before Midnight
Monday, December 22, 2008
[Excerpts] Threatening emails have been sent to a woman who blogs on law enforcement-related domestic violence. She's one of the top if not the top blogger in the country who tackles this issue and unfortunately, like some people who write on law enforcement issues, she probably hears from people who are unhappy with her activism. Now she's been getting emailed threats... So I know better than most what lies ahead for this woman if she insists that she live in a world where she can blog about the issues that matter to her and keep herself and her family safe... But it's hard reading about it when it happens to someone else. Because an attack against one blogger is really an attack against all of us who address these issues...
Officer Ira Peskowitz
Blog: Fathers Rights Movement Naked
Wednesday, December 24, 2008
[An illustration


...Transmitting threatening messages via e-mail is a federal crime in the United States and carries a penalty of imprisonment of up to five years or a fine, or both...


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