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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


...The defendant, after being read her rights, admitted that she lied about the rape and gave consent to their relations on the night of the incident”... According to the arrest report, deputies observed several red marks on the woman’s throat. The marks were consistent with the type of assault described...

Kingsport Times News, TN
By Jeff Bobo
Wife of KPD officer charged with falsely reporting rape
December 17th, 2008
The estranged wife of recently exonerated Kingsport police officer Daniel Scott Lane has been arrested in connection with a false rape accusation she allegedly made against Lane last month. Courtney Jo Lane, 30, 203 Hickory Hills Road, Church Hill, was charged Tuesday evening with filing a false report, a Class E felony punishable by one to two years in prison. A domestic assault charge filed Nov. 20 against Daniel Lane, 32, of Kingsport, was dismissed Monday by Hawkins County Sessions Judge David Brand, reportedly at the request of Courtney Lane. Following Monday’s court hearing, Courtney Lane was brought to the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office, where she was questioned about differences in statements she’d made after her initial statement to police Nov. 20. According to Courtney Lane’s arrest warrant filed by HCSO Detective Lt. Randy Collier, after deputies were called to her home the night of Nov. 20, she stated that she had been assaulted and raped by her husband. The two are separated. Collier stated in the warrant that upon making the allegations, Courtney Lane was transported to Hawkins County Memorial Hospital, where a “rape kit” was administered. Daniel Lane was charged with domestic assault, and a rape investigation was initiated by the HCSO. Collier added that he was provided other evidence that Courtney Lane had “made a false statement in reporting that her husband had raped her when she knew it was a false statement and that it resulted in a response from law enforcement. The defendant, after being read her rights, admitted that she lied about the rape and gave consent to their relations on the night of the incident,” Collier stated in the arrest warrant. Daniel Lane had been on administrative leave with pay from the Kingsport Police Department since his arrest Nov. 20 but was reinstated back to active duty Tuesday. [LINK]

Kingsport Times News, TN
By Jeff Bobo
December 15th, 2008
ROGERSVILLE — A domestic assault charge filed against Kingsport Police Department Patrolman Daniel Scott Lane last month in Hawkins County was dismissed Monday at the request of the alleged victim — his wife. Lane, 32, 1513 Pendleton St., Kingsport, was arrested Nov. 20 after Hawkins County deputies were called to 203 Hickory Hill Road, Church Hill, on an assault complaint. Lane’s wife told deputies that Lane had grabbed her by the throat and forced her to the bed. According to the arrest report, deputies observed several red marks on the woman’s throat. The marks were consistent with the type of assault described, according to the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office report, and photos were taken of the woman’s injuries. The charge was dismissed by Hawkins County Sessions Judge David Brand Monday at the alleged victim’s request. Assistant Attorney General Doug Godbee told the Times-News Monday that without the cooperation or testimony of the alleged victim, he had no case against Lane. Lane, who has been a KPD patrolman since being hired March 10, was placed on administrative leave with pay following his arrest. Kingsport spokesman Tim Whaley told the Times-News Monday that Lane will remain on administrative leave pending the results of an internal investigation, which should be concluded within two to three days. Prior to being hired by the KPD, Lane worked several years as a deputy at the HCSO. [LINK]
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  1. I'm new to your blog--What do you think about this recantation?

  2. Collecting news I see what is clearly a disproportionate number of assault cases where the victim goes back and says later that she was the attacker, she hit first, she was medicated and aggressive, that she lied, that she doesn't remember that night, that she was just mad and said those things.

    That's all I know for sure since I am not in people's houses. In cases where the accused could lose their job for having "domestic violence" on his or her record - there is a whole lot of recanting going on.

    I speak cautiously here because is it POSSIBLE that a woman lied? Sure. People do that too.

    Can I tell who is telling the truth and who is lying?


    After posting this entry I started collecting all the alleged officer-involved victims who have recanted, and I'm preparing a post.

    I think it's worthy of a longer look.

    MY QUESTION is why the courts are so eager to ACCEPT the recant of a victim who is so often fearful for her very life. Common sense says many victims are feeling threatened, or being threatened... and they believe there are none who can help them.

    If the court accepts the recant so eagerly - even the prosecutor - that is indication of how unsupported the alleged victim must be feeling... how pressured to say it isn't so.

    Also, a victim often makes a report in order seek safety... but when she looks up she sees that the charge is making everything in her/their life fall down.

    I don't know how many times I've read that a woman is sorry for reporting abuse.

    This is a very deep subject. What is the best way to handle these? How do you find out if the alleged victim is pressured or threatened to recant? How do you help an alleged victim find safety if she doesn't want her alleged abuser to lose his job?

    There is what's right (cops who - for example - hold a gun to a wife's head should not be cops), and then there is the taking care of the victim (if he loses his job she feels like she will be killed for sure). Public vs private dilemmas.

    What to do, what to do.

    How sad would I be if Courtney is sent to jail for something she didn't do? Very. I'll probably never know though - and would never dare to assume. I don't know what she's done or not done. All I can go by is what she says. She has a situation in front of her, and choices. I am trusting her that she is making the ones for herself that are right for her, either way. If she is admitting the truth - good. It would be AWFUL for this officer to get blamed for something he didn't do!!!! On the other hand, if she is deciding to take the blame, I trust that choice for herself as well.

    Either way - in the meantime - I will continue to push for changes in how these cases are handled.

    Nothing's simple. Little is easy.

  3. I think it is the duty of the D.A's office to have this woman psychologically evaluated before she signs or admits to anything on the record. This infuriates me. Did she put those red marks on herself the night she called the police? That is a clear indication that some sort of physical altercation went down. If she is evaluated by an expert and he/she finds that the husband did indeed rape her or inflict bodily harm, they must keep her from recanting. It then becomes the state prosecuting the husband and she as a witness for the state! Shame on them for not doing the right thing and yes, they are way too eager to accept these recantations. A vast majority of cop wives and girlfriends are always quick to recant in order to save their own skin or their families. This is so sad. Someone in that town should step up and step in and help her before she goes down the river for him, IF he DID hurt her. IF he DIDN'T, then I'm glad she recanted. But my gut is saying Hell No!

  4. If you fear for your life, what recourse will you ever have?

  5. she a wonderful mom that is misundersted she unconfident in her self and she feels weak conpared to the man she married he a controllive man who puches wholes in the wall when he gets mad and hes very cheap he want even buy his dauthers school supplies they had to use the littlest colored penciels i ever seen someone that know them very well

  6. NightstalkerJanuary 31, 2010

    Isn't this the second or third time this has happened? I remember something like this a couple of years ago when Daniel worked at Hawkins County, And she accused him of Domestic Assault then.

  7. This mentions he used to work for Hawkins Co.

    KPD officer charged with domestic assault
    Published: 4:36 PM, 11/21/2008 Last updated: 10:25 AM, 11/28/2008
    Source: The Rogersville Review
    ROGERSVILLE - A Kingsport police officer, previously employed as a Hawkins County deputy, has been charged with domestic assault.
    Daniel Lane, 32, 1513 Pendlton Street, Kingsport, was charged with domestic assault late Thursday night.
    According to an arrest report filed by Detective Lt. Randall Collier, and approved by Sheriff Roger Christian, at approximately 10 p.m. deputies were dispatched to a Church Hill address to investigate an assault complaint.
    Courtney Jo Lane told officers she was currently separated from her husband, Daniel Lane, and that he "had assaulted her by grabbing her around the throat and forcing her to the bed."
    The report notes deputies did observe red mark on her neck "consistent with this type of assault."
    Lane was reportedly hired by the KPD in March 2008 and is on administrative leave, with pay.
    He is scheduled to appear in Hawkins County General Sessions Court on December 15.

  8. this goes out to the other anonyomous person i know both parties to i have seen first hand alll the crap Daniel Lane has done to his kids i have haerd the cries the screaming coming from that house i also know that Courtney its the best parent in the wprld but she does what ever she can fo rher kids so back off of her PY and no she did not sleep with daniels co worker stacy tried to get her to and she wouldnt

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. "before he yelled at Courtney for buying her tampons and begining of the year clothes"

    That's a very dangerous mentality.

  11. After having a superior officer tell my husband to go home & make me"shut up & mind", he did. It took 2 more years for me to get away from him.

  12. I remember a case where they gave the officer time off to convince his wife to not press charges ???!!! I'm so glad that you made it out!

  13. Not for a second do I believe Lane is innocent.Because I was personally sent to the hospital because of injuries inflicted on my face after being pulled out of my car from the 2 officers I called for help this particular story got my fiance's attention which further research finding out her maiden name just so happens to be the name of the other officer that was with him that night
    as written on the bottom of my citation Mills and Lane the pictures taken of my face in the hospital are disgusting im also a young mother never been in trouble in my life. How do I get in touch with the writer of the story for I know im not the only one and wont be the last.

  14. AnonymousJune 24, 2013

    i find it funny he got to play the tape after having it for over a month with out saying anythig till trail i think that was unfair and should have not been able to be used i know both of them and i am not at all close with either one i have leard in the past 12 years that cops will stick up for each other not matter what is fair or the truth and i seen the inside of the house they was living in i seen how they never had school supplies or clean clothes cause he was to cheap to buy anything for them and know he buys his 2 daughters clothes shoes makeup and all kinds of stuff and leaves out his step daughter he wont even let his daughters bring there new school clothes to there moms house he gets free rent he is payin for the house his mom is living in now he stands his own kids up on halloween to spend time with his new girlfriend and lies to them about it says he has to work call disbactch he asked for the night off i have known all 3 of the kids for years and i know how they feel his X-step daughter really feels left out when her sisters walk in in the door and saying we get to go to the beach and dollywood and the movies that is stuff he never done with his family before he yelled at Courtney for buying her tampons and begining of the year clothes or food and drinks with her pay check all im sayin is she is not the best in the world but i have seen the holes he punched in the walls the lack of food in the house the piles of trash outside the house and heard how he yells at them for stuff like talking on the phone getting sick and i have seen how they r when he would be home alone with them when she would be at work he would have them scared crying and as soon as she would walk threw that door they would run to her screaming and crying and they would tell her y and he would just say they're lieing they have trashed they house they wont clean and it would be lies of his i feel bad for the kids and what they went threw


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