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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sisters found through Crystal

a good day
is still
being alive

a blessing is
another arrives

live each day
the best you can
fulfill your dream
stop fearing

say whats on your heart
walk tall
into the

here i am
gonna shoot me?
im so SICK of being afraid

me and my sisters
get stupid
real brave

But we can talk to each other
and don't have to explain
what being married to lawmen MEANS
and our
awareness of the grave.

It can make us live more fully
when we aren't
crouching down sick
with fear

it comes and goes
the good days
like the switch from
smiles to tears.

Nothing may ever happen
- thats the strangest

we may be hiding
closed curtained
he's frolicking in a park

but we do it
we make it
we see it through

we're here
not gone
we're planning things new

I love my sisters
i found
through Crystal's death
they came

so you just bet
we won't forget


Crystal's name.

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