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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Michigan cop dv victims have a dedicated friend nearby

Renee's blog:
Renee' Harrington is my soul sister. We are equally geek and could stay on the phone for hours researching officer involved domestic violence (oidv) or sharing ways to research more efficiently. We do this while the rest of you sleep. She has gone over the top with collecting information on Michigan batterers with badges, and through supporting the families of slain oidv victims, she has accumulated a golden nugget of co-activists. Sisters and friends of slain victims are formidable and straight at you. They mean what the say with all (all) of their heart. Renee' & friends are working on making statewide changes, reaching any Michigan oidv victims that they can find, establishing communication with whatever politicians will listen, learning who's who among the media folk, and keeping record of both the accused and the accusers for Michigan.
So if you have problems that are officer-related and domestic, and you happen to be in Michigan, you have a place to turn. You don't have to do it alone.
They understand how it works, know who else you can contact, and most importantly, are in it from their hearts. They have zero money - so you know the intent is pure, but if you want to surprise them and bless their efforts / expand their impact capabilities - that would be alright too.
To victims in the other 49 states, you have a few options too, but we're hoping for more state-specific love like Renee gives. 49 more Renee's and we'll be on our way to real change. And the dream is that those bands of state oidv advocates will network together whenever needed.
Renee on Myspace:

I am so blessed to have you in my world Renee'.


  1. I was married to a police officer in Michigan. I was terrorized mentally, and emotionally by him day and night. After a visit to the emergency room, I filed a personal protection order against him. The judge in the next town over was the one to sign it for me. Everyday I thank that judge when I pray-because I was able to escape and move to another city in another state. I opened up a post office box, and use that for my mail. One day I received a card and letter from him (abusive police officer husband) portraying his love and devotion to me. I kept it, along with my personal protection order (which is now outdated) in case I get an unwanted visitor. I made copies of it, and gave it to a few trusted professionals as well. I survived, and am still surviving. His reaches do not go this far, but I do not underestimate what he may do to contact me one day.

  2. Let me know if I can help and I've passed this forward to Renee' in Michigan [OIDV]. When I first read it I panicked because of the kind of personality you describe him having - and as you said you can't underestimate him, but I see too that you are taking the actions to put yourself in as safe a place as possible - and staying watchful.


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