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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

[CT] Cop Orbegozo, charged with armed kidnap & pistol whipping a 20yo female officer, is ALLOWED to "resign"

...City Police Officer Andre Orbegozo, charged with pistol-whipping a female rookie officer in an alleged domestic dispute, has resigned...

So Orbegozo was ALLOWED to quit before he was fired, and before any finding was made by the department - so he can still be a cop somewhere?

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Cop quits after domestic violence arrest
Connecticut Post, CT
By Aaron Leo
12/30/2008 01:35:04 AM EST

BRIDGEPORT - City Police Officer Andre Orbegozo, charged with pistol-whipping a female rookie officer in an alleged domestic dispute, has resigned.

Orbegozo, 32, of Naugatuck, was arrested in June and charged with second-degree assault with a firearm and second-degree kidnapping with a firearm, both felonies.

Orbegozo could have faced termination if he was disciplined by the city's Board of Police Commissioners.

Acting Police Chief Joseph Gaudett Jr. said he couldn't say much because it was a personnel issue.

"We're glad that this chapter is over," he said. "We wish him well."

Ansonia police say Orbegozo took the woman, who is in her 20s, into the woods behind Ansonia High School, where he struck her with a gun, causing a serious laceration. At her request, he drove her to Griffin Hospital in Derby for treatment, where he was arrested.

In August, a member of the police commission said fraternization among officers should be addressed, citing problems if relationships go sour. Dating between superiors and their charges is forbidden in Bridgeport's department.

The department makes policy while the board reviews and approves it, said David Hall, panel president, but Gaudett said there isn't a new policy yet.

"It wouldn't hurt to have a policy on fraternization," Gaudett said. "I'm not aware of an effort currently under way."

Orbegozo is free on $500,000 bond for a Jan. 13 appearance in Bridgeport Superior Court.



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