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Monday, May 18, 2009

[CO] Denver Police kept Officer Perez despite his wife's injuries - and guess what!

"Highly decorated" Denver Police Gang Unit Officer Danny Perez has been arrested and suspended AGAIN for domestic violence against his wife. His charges THIS time are 2nd and 3rd degree assault & "obstruction of a telephone".

In 2001 Perez's charges - domestic violence assault & lying about it - were reduced to a non-dv charge - so he got to keep his weapon and job.

According to a 2001 news article I found in my library's news archive, Perez was accused back then of assaulting his wife three times. According to the article, by the time the responding officers were looking the victim over she had a cut on her face and bruises across her body. During the assaults, Danny Perez reportedly "knocked her down" a couple of times, covered her airways with his hands while pushing her face down into the rug, and then wept his apology.

Covering the airways and pushing any human being's face into a material surface, face-down, sounds to me more like attempted murder. I am thankful that no one has died.

I look to Denver Police Department BRASS and ask, given the wife's injuries in the first case, how did you did determine to keep him as an armed Denver Police Officer

with the powers of arrest over your citizens,

and what have you done to protect and support his wife?

Not enough.


  1. To the person who tried to post, I didn't feel that you were being spiteful but sharing your memories ended up insulting everyone but one member of this officer's birth family. Sorry - I can't post that here.

  2. Fair enough. I will add that this officer has a long history of domestic violence, even before working for DPD, yet he has advanced though the ranks. I would question the pre-employment screening process of the DPD. Too many bad apples in an organization like this should at leas raise an eyebrow.

  3. Now I understand why its so hard to get a job with Denver PD. You have to beat your wife before and then, they might give you a job. Way to go Denver PD!!

  4. AnonymousJuly 29, 2011

    I seriously think this article needs to be removed from this site.... until you know this person and No THE TRUTH!!!! of what really happened you have no right to comment about anything. He was wrongly accused of a crime when in turn he was the victim, Felony menaced and broken finger and chipped tooth. Because he is a cop you people think its ok to spread such lies. Until you know him and his family keep your words to your self. Your site is a site that should be removed because of your lies and NO FACTS OF WHAT HAPPENED. you in turn hurt someone who was the TRUE VICTIM.!!!! And by the way he was aquitted of all charges. So your article is a LIE!!!!!!

    Thank you

    Friend of the Family

  5. JURY: $10,000 FOR BROKEN ARM; [FINAL Edition]
    Rocky Mountain News
    Karen Abbott
    Jan 29, 2005. pg. 17.A
    [Excerpts] A federal jury awarded $10,000 Friday to a 28-year-old woman who claimed an off-duty Denver police officer working at a LoDo club broke her arm... Perez allegedly grabbed Milham's arm as she neared the door. According to Milham, Perez snapped her arm "like a twig," as her lawsuit put it... Milham was charged with resisting arrest and other counts, but all charges against her were dismissed.

    Denver Rocky Mountain News
    Hector Gutierrez
    Jan 10, 2001. pg. 14.A
    [Excerpts] ...Officer Danny Perez, 27, has been stripped of his firearm and placed on desk duty... His wife sustained a cut above her eye, bruises to her arm and thigh and scratches to her back, said officers at the house...

    By Julie Hayden Reporter
    May 15, 2009
    [Excerpts] Fox 31 News has learned a highly decorated Denver Police Officer is under arrest on serious domestic violence accusations. Officer Danny Perez, from the Gang Unit, was arrested for investigation of second and third degree assault and obstruction of a telephone. He was booked into the Jefferson County Jail and out on bond. Perez has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the investigation. The case is being handled by Arvada Police. Sources tell Fox 31 this is not the first time Perez has been arrested for domestic violence. We've learned there was a previous arrest in 2001, but it was dropped to a lower charge that did not include domestic violence. If convicted of any domestic violence charge, Perez would not be able to carry a firearm and would probably lose his job.

  7. DESPITE the obvious assault in 2001 charges were "dropped to a lower charge that did not include domestic violence" because a "domestic violence" conviction means you can't carry a gun anymore. He got away with it, and then came back with more charges for the same. It's a reflection on DPD because the brass and policies allow this.

  8. He's a crooked ass cop him and his colleagues beat my son 16 years old and his friend 16 years old to like they were grown men and then refused to give me his clothes shoes and phone back after the d.a. dismissed the case against my son and his friends his clothes were brand new $150 just the shirt and pants $200 brand new Jordans and a $200 dollar phone he stole then turned it over to another county and they indicated my son and his friends my son was facing 109 counts so fuck detective Perez and the crooked ass Denver police gang unit


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