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Friday, May 29, 2009

[OH] Deputy Kirk, who assaulted his wife, is fired. It appears to be a commendable, swift decision, but sad too.

Please pray for them both.
Their lives and unrest continue.
This is a fragile time.

...[Clinton County Sheriff Ralph] Fizer said Kirk's case was handled like all other such cases for anyone else. "He was given due process. Our officers are held to higher standards," he said. "They have a Code of Ethics they are held to"...

This sheriff doesn't play. The article of the abuse and arrest was only three days ago, and already the investigation is done enough to know what they wanted to do.

Previous post:
[OH] Deputy Chris Kirk attacks, injures his wife, and was bailed out the next day - She suffered bruises to her arms and back. Kirk was held in jail for one night, and then released on $2500 bond after a court appearance. Kirk is on administrative leave pending the outcome of a report from a disciplinary hearing officer...

Rose Cooper, County Editor
5/29/2009 12:35:00 AM
[Excerpts] A Clinton County sheriff's deputy, who was recently charged with domestic violence for allegedly attacking his wife, was fired Wednesday following an internal investigation and a disciplinary hearing. Chris Kirk was arrested May 13 after his wife, Misty Kirk, filed domestic violence charges with the sheriff's office, said Clinton County Sheriff Ralph D. Fizer Jr. Fizer said Kirk's wife suffered visible injuries during an altercation on May 11. She had bruises to her arms and back... A temporary protection order was also filed. The domestic violence case is still pending in court, Fizer said... Kirk was immediately placed on administrative leave pending the disciplinary hearing and the internal investigation conducted by Lt. Brian Edwards, chief detective with the sheriff's office. Fizer said John Hosler, director of Clinton County Job & Family Services, was appointed disciplinary hearing officer. During the May 20 hearing, Fizer said Kirk could call witnesses on his behalf... "He does have a right to appeal. He has 10 days to file with the State of Ohio Personnel Board of Review in Columbus" Fizer said Kirk's case was handled like all other such cases for anyone else. "He was given due process. Our officers are held to higher standards," he said. "They have a Code of Ethics they are held to"... Kirk received the American Red Cross Hero award in March for rescuing two boys who were trapped in raging creek waters last year. [Full article here]
[police officer involved domestic violence law enforcement terminated shiny sheriff zero tolerance ohio]


  1. now that my cousin has been proven innocent, i hope he sues the crap outta the sherriffs dept along with the channel 12 news station.

  2. Is it in the news? I don't see it yet.

  3. To the person who tried to post allegations against this deputy, even if it's true I can't put that on this website unless you can back it up or use your name. Sorry.

  4. Another rogue cop, what a surprise. I praise the Sheriff for making a swift and seemingly right decision! We need more Departments like this!

  5. I was approached in court in about 2005 by chris's ex sister in law, advising he was very violent with her sister, thus the reason for his first divorce. He was verbally voilent with me on at least one occasion where other deputy's were present (dep. dusseau, dep.Stider, and dep.Cornett). I was screamed at and told to "get the f**k out of his face" he even squared up on me until other Deputy's had finally seen enough. The whole attack was unprovoked and that's why it took us by such great suprise. It's sad to see he got his job back, his temper is beyond reproach.

    Thank you Behind The Blue Wall, I can't tell you what a great job you all are doing! This kind of stuff needs to get out. So many more things happen than will ever be brought to light, I can't tell you how many of these things are swept under the rug for the badges sake. Your making an impact with each post.


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