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Friday, May 1, 2009

[NJ] Police Sgt. Vanaman gets 8 YEARS for KILLING WIFE Barbara!

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From: Officer-involved domestic violence fatalities

Date: May 1, 2009 11:17 AM
Subject: Police Sgt, Vanaman gets 8 YEARS for KILLING WIFE Barbara!


May 01, 2009
New Jersey Millville Police Sgt. Robert Vanaman shot his wife Barbara Elke Getz Vanaman twice, killing her. Today he was sentenced to 8 years for killing her and 1 year for tampering with evidence.

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From: In Kathleen Savio's own words...

Date: May 1, 2009 10:44 AM
Subject: Police Sgt, Vanaman gets 8 YEARS for KILLING WIFE Barbara!

...8 years for manslaughter and 1 year for tampering with evidence...

Excerpts from Judge Martin Herman's sentencing statement
From staff reports • May 1, 2009

Vanaman mum at sentencing
May 1, 2009

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From: NYPD Sonia Garcia, Badge #30486

Date: May 1, 2009 10:20 AM
Subject: Police Sgt, Vanaman gets 8 YEARS for KILLING WIFE!

BRIDGETON: Vanaman sentenced to 9 years
May 1, 2009
...He was given 8 years for manslaughter and 1 year for tampering with evidence. He must serve 85 percent of his sentence. He will serve at least 7 and a half years. He will also serve three years parole after his sentence...

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Crystal Judson

Date: May 1, 2009 9:59 AM
Subject: Police Sgt, Vanaman who killed wife - sentenced to 8 years!

[NJ] The Millville Police Sgt, Robert Vanaman, who shot and killed his wife Barbara, sentenced to EIGHT YEARS -

MILLVILLE, N.J. - May 1, 2009 - (WPVI) -- A former Millville, New Jersey police officer will spend eight years behind bars for killing his wife.

Robert Vanaman wept in court Friday morning as a Cumberland County judge handed down that sentence.

Vanaman pleaded guilty to manslaughter back in March, just as jury selection began in his first degree murder trial.

The former South Jersey officer admitted to shooting 37-year-old Barbara Vanaman during an argument inside their home in the 2200 block of South Wedgewood Court in Millville back in November 2006.

Vanaman said he was arguing with his wife when she picked up a knife, forcing him to shoot her to death. He admitted to making self-inflicted knife wounds to say he was attacked.

Vanaman was a 15-year veteran of the police force and had just been promoted to sergeant two months before the killing. He served the police as a technology officer and supervised the dispatch and records divisions...
[police officer involved domestic violence law enforcement fatality fatalities murder new jersey jail]


  1. This sets a great precedent for future killers. I mean, 8 years, you'll still be in the same decade..

  2. AnonymousMay 02, 2009


    Cumberland County Superior Court Judge Martin Herman weighed a total of 12 "aggravating" and "mitigating" factors in deciding on prison sentences.

    Herman rejected two aggravating factors and four mitigating factors. Three mitigating factors (B3 through B5) were rejected because the plea agreement had downgraded the original charges and so considering them would be "double counting."

    That left Herman balancing two aggravating factors and four mitigating factors.

    In this process, it is merit that matters rather than quantity. A judge will say a factor gets "substantial" or "moderate" or "minor" weight to indicate how important a factor is.

    One factor can outweigh a number of other factors, as happened in this case. Herman said aggravating factor B9 "clearly trumps" all others.

    The aggravating factors

    # A1: The nature and circumstance of the offense and the role of the actor. REJECTED

    # A3: The risk the defendant will commit another offense. REJECTED

    # A4: A lesser sentence will depreciate the serious of the offense because there was a breach of public trust or the defendant took advantage of a position of trust. This mostly pertains to the tampering charge. APPLICABLE/SUBSTANTIAL WEIGHT

    # A9: The need to deter defendant and others. APPLICABLE/SUBSTANTIAL WEIGHT

    The mitigating factors

    # B3: The defendant acted under a strong provocation. REJECTED

    # B4: There were substantial grounds tending to excuse or justify the defendant's conduct. REJECTED

    # B5: The victim induced or facilitated the crime. REJECTED

    # B7: No history of prior delinquency or criminal activity and defendant has led a law-abiding life. APPLICABLE/MODERATE

    # B8: The defendant's conduct was the result of circumstances unlikely to recur. APPLICABLE/MODERATE

    # B9: Defendant's character and attitude indicate that he is unlikely to commit another offense. APPLICABLE/MODERATE

    # B10: Defendant is particularly likely to respond to probation. REJECTED

    # B11: Imprisonment entails excessive hardship to the defendant and his dependents. APPLICABLE/MODERATE.


  3. http://www.thedailyjournal.com/article/20090502/NEWS01/905020306

    SooooTiredOfIt wrote:
    How easy the courts make it for us americans to kill somone and watch them die.This low life will get out of jail just about the time for the recession will end. I wonder where he will live and what he will do for work. He will not have paid for his crime at that point as far as the public sees it. His son should think about his Mother lying there dying as dear old daddys covers his tracks. Murder is wrong and the only comfort that can be found in this whole thing is Vanaman will pay for what he has done down the road. Everyone keeps talking about him being a cop and knowing better, as far as I see it he wouldn,t make a pimple on a cops behind. He is a MURDERER ! Plan and simple. Maybe someone on the "inside" will take care of what a Judge fail to. As far as his son goes......wake up , he shot your mother twice and watched her die, then tried to cover his tracks. You and your brother should stay far away from him. Look at the good example he has set. Makes you kind of proud don't it.

    SayItAintSo2 wrote:
    Herman also disagreed with Pagliughi's statement that the shooting of Barbara Vanaman was done in an "especially heinous, cruel or depraved manner."
    The Judge didn't think that shooting someone twice at close range and let her lay there to bleed to death is NOT cruel? Heinous?
    I don't how anyone can think that. Unbelievable.



    Posted by NJmomWife on 05/01/09 at 3:19PM
    Police Sgt should be getting more time than the average citizen who kills their spouse for the simple fact that, he is suppose to uphold the law and set an example. How hypocritical of him...now you know how the people you locked up felt...everyone has a sad story once they get caught. To top it off, you lied and tried to cover it up so you should be getting hit with double sentences! What a double standard.

    Posted by NJeverett on 05/01/09 at 3:39PM
    He, kills wife, lied about her having a knife then tamper evidence. Sgt. Robert Vanaman was ordered today to serve eight years for manslaughter and another year for evidence tampering. He will only have to sever 3year wtih parole and the special protection cops get in jail. WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THIS JUDGE!!!! He also sould serve time! for letting cops off with lite jail time. ONLY IN NEW JERSEY........

    Posted by motownmike on 05/01/09 at 3:48PM
    Sadly, that's nine years more than OJ served for murdering his wife...

    Posted by befootball on 05/01/09 at 3:54PM
    This is not a crime of passion. This was a scumbag cop who killed his wife. How the hell could this have been pled down like this. What a disgrace.

    Posted by njbob49 on 05/01/09 at 4:14PM
    What a bunch of crap. Should be 20 to 25 years at least in prison. I think some guy a couple of months ago got 10 years for having a couple of pounds of pot in his possession. I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around and hopefully he will get his someday. Just another example of the double standard in most courts for the high and mighty police officers. BS, they should get triple the sentence because they took an oath to protect and serve. WAHH, WAHH, WAHH you big tough guy. RIH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by cruxxlin on 05/01/09 at 7:48PM
    9 yrs for killing one's wife, and i've read on these same postings of kids from Newark getting 5-15 yrs for a second offense of having a small amount contraband on them or stealing from a grocery store. Nine yrs means out in 5-6 with good behavior. Makes you wonder about the justice system and white policemen.

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