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Saturday, May 23, 2009

[MA] State Supreme Court reverses: ("C*nt"-mouthed) Officer Sean Moran WILL face charges for trying to kill his police officer girlfriend

...The defendant called her a "c*nt"... He grabbed her arms, threw her on the couch, and continued to yell at her. He then threw her on the floor where she landed on her back and hit her head... the defendant took her radio, threw it on the ground, and threatened to kill her and himself... wrestled the gun away from her. He faced [K.C.], pointed the gun at her head... grabbed her arms, shook her, and yelled, "I hate you"...


The Patriot Ledger
Posted May 22, 2009 @ 12:37 PM
Last update May 22, 2009 @ 01:38 PM
BOSTON -The state's highest court has reinstated an attempted murder charge against fired Duxbury police officer Sean Moran, who is accused of trying to kill his girlfriend, a Milton police officer, in Quincy. Superior Court Judge Janet Sanders dismissed the attempted murder indictment against Moran in April, but the Supreme Judicial Court reversed that decision on Friday. "We conclude that the evidence before the grand jury was sufficient to prosecute the defendant," the court said. Moran, 30, faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of the most serious charge, armed assault with intent to murder. He was arrested after allegedly slamming his girlfriend's head against a metal fence Nov. 9 after leaving a surprise 30th birthday party she threw for him in West Quincy, at the Common Market Restaurant. The woman also told Quincy investigators about another assault, on Oct. 18. In that incident, she alleged, Moran stripped her of her police-issued gun and put it to her head, threatening to both kill her and himself. A Norfolk County grand jury indicted Moran last May on charges of threatening to kill, malicious destruction of property, witness intimidation, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and three counts of assault and battery. Moran was fired last May for violating a rule against "acts of immoral, improper, unlawful, disorderly or intemperate conduct, whether on or off duty." [LINK]

Previous entries:

I have removed the victim's name from the following excerpts, and added an asterisk to replace the letter "u" in one word:

February 3, 2009. - May 22, 2009.
Armed Assault with Intent to Murder. Practice, Criminal, Dismissal, Indictment, Grand jury proceedings. Intent.
CIVIL ACTION commenced in the Supreme Judicial Court for the county of Suffolk on May 6, 2008.
[Excerpts] ...The defendant's thirtieth birthday was October 18, 2007. Several of the defendant's friends took him out for an evening celebration on October 17, 2007. [K.C.] did not attend the celebration, but was instead on duty as a patrol officer in Milton during the night shift. Around 1:30 A.M., the middle of her shift, [K.C.] took a break and returned home to let her dog out. She arrived in her police uniform, and was carrying her department-issued, loaded gun holstered in her uniform safety belt, as well as her police radio. When she entered the house, she met the defendant in their bedroom, and they argued. The defendant called her a "cunt," and she slapped him across the face. The defendant responded by pulling the alarm clock from the wall and throwing it at [K.C.], who then ran out of the bedroom and down the stairs with the defendant chasing after her. He grabbed her arms, threw her on the couch, and continued to yell at her. He then threw her on the floor where she landed on her back and hit her head. She managed to get up and move away from the defendant. The defendant went into the dining room where he turned over the glass-top dining room table, which shattered on hitting the floor. [K.C.] attempted to take a photograph of the property damage using her cellular telephone, but the defendant tore the telephone away before she was able to do so. The defendant then ran upstairs to grab his police-issued gun from the "lock box" in a spare room. He went downstairs with his gun, held it to his head, and threatened to kill himself. [K.C.] asked him to put down the gun; he unloaded his gun and threw it down hard enough to leave a dent in the floor. [K.C.] then ran to the breezeway, where the defendant followed her and continued to yell at her. She warned the defendant that she was going to call her lieutenant on her police radio. In response, the defendant took her radio, threw it on the ground, and threatened to kill her and himself, telling [K.C.] that the lieutenant would not be able to get into their house. Then the defendant moved behind [K.C.], grabbed for her gun holstered in her belt, and wrestled the gun away from her. He faced [K.C.], pointed the gun at her head, and ordered her "to get out of the house or else he would f'ing kill [her]." [K.C.] said, "Sean, stop. Drop the gun. Sean, please stop." The defendant dropped the gun, [K.C.] grabbed it, took her dog, got into her police cruiser, and left the house. She returned to work. Around 7:30 A.M., [K.C.] returned to the house after her shift and attempted to get some sleep. The defendant woke her up, grabbed her arms, shook her, and yelled, "I hate you." She ran outside the house; the defendant chased and caught up to her and then twice attempted to throw her into their covered pool. The defendant went inside and yelled for [K.C.] to join him there so the neighbors could not see them. [K.C.] telephoned her mother, requesting that she come over. [K.C.]'s mother arrived, and told the defendant to leave the house and stay with his parents for a few days. The defendant left... [Full document here]
[police officer involved domestic violence law enforcement attempted murder misogyny massachusetts]


  1. AnonymousMay 23, 2009

    Another little sociopath with a badge, just like his good buddy Drew "Pig" Peterson.

  2. Town fires officer facing abuse charges
    The Boston Globe, (MA)
    Milton J. Valencia
    Thursday, May 15, 2008

    Even with the criminal case against police officer Sean Moran still pending, Duxbury was able to fire him because his actions failed to meet the high standard set for law enforcement, according to his termination letter.

    Massachusetts courts have established that police officers are held to a higher standard than citizens, and Moran's alleged abuse of his girlfriend taints his work as a police officer, said Duxbury Town Manager Richard MacDonald. MacDonald announced Moran's dismissal Tuesday.

    "Officer Moran's conduct has had the undeniable effect of undercutting the reputation and morale of the department and jeopardizing the ability of fellow police officers to perform their required duties effectively," MacDonald said in his decision.

    The dismissal was based on court testimony and written affidavits alleging that Moran beat his girlfriend, a Milton police officer, during their two-year relationship. In October, he allegedly wrestled her to the ground, took her service revolver and pointed it at her head, ordering her to leave their Quincy home, according to court documents. Then, when the girlfriend said she would report the threat, he pointed the gun at himself and said he would kill them both if she told anyone, according to court records and MacDonald's report.

    Moran , 30, a police officer for two years, could appeal the decision to the state Civil Service Commission. His lawyer, Daniel W. O'Malley, could not be reached for comment.

    Moran still has a list of charges pending in Norfolk Superior Court, including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and intimidating a witness. He was initially ordered held in jail after his arrest in November under the state's dangerousness statute, which allows for the incarceration of a defendant for a set period of time. That period has expired, however, and Moran last week was released on $10,000 bail. He is due to return to court June 17.

    The town began holding administrative hearings in January, after Moran was indicted in Norfolk Superior Court. The officer was put on unpaid leave based on several administrative charges, including conduct unbecoming an officer, neglect of duty, criminal conduct, and absence from his duties. Because Moran has been incarcerated since his arrest in November, he has been unable to return to work.

    An independent hearing officer found Moran responsible for all four charges brought against him by the Police Department's internal affairs division. But MacDonald said he needed to adopt only the first two charges in deciding to fire Moran , stating in a written decision that "Officer Moran cannot continue to enforce standards of conduct that he himself has violated without casting a shadow over the ability of the department to enforce these standards upon others."

    The woman reported the alleged abuse Nov. 10, after Moran allegedly beat her the night before during a 30th birthday party she threw for him in Quincy. Her name is being withheld under the Globe's policy of not disclosing the identities of victims of domestic violence.

    She told police he smashed her head against a metal fence when she asked him to help put items in her truck. She drove him home and he allegedly continued to verbally abuse her and pounded the dashboard of the truck, causing more than $250 in damage.

    She then called police from her mother's home, and Moran was soon arrested at their Quincy home. A restraining order ordered him to stay away from her, their Quincy home, and firearms.

    A group supporting victims of domestic abuse called the firing of Moran appropriate.

    It sends a message "that the police department would not tolerate domestic violence in its force," said Toni Troop, of Jane Doe Inc., "and it's up to the rest of the system and society as a whole to hold him accountable for his violent and abusive behavior."

    Milton J. Valencia can be reached at valencia@globe.com.


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