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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A query: Who is working exclusively, whole-heartedly on addessing officer-involved domestic violence issues?

I can count them on one hand? It will take more single-focusedness than that to bring about real changes.

A question posed by one Pierce County Sheriff's Deputy's ex-wife always stays near me.
"There really is no hope for us is there?"
It depends.
Not at this pace.
Not with mostly lip-service.

This is a call for collective dedication.

See www.lanejudson.com as a starting point - with so much yet to do.
We can, together.
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1 comment:

  1. Some years ago Lane Judson - father of Crystal, victim of her police chief husband's murder suicide - submitted a proposal for federal legislation. By the time it "passed" there was no part of it that resembled what he had submitted.

    I have thousands of cop dv stories with pics to put a face on it and am entering the research phase of something big. Anyone that wants to contribute - let the thoughts fly.

    Anyone who wants to dedicate to making real changes now, let me know. If there is some piece or connection that you can help with, that would be so welcomed too.

    Here's the original that Lane proposed:

    The Crystal Clear Act

    What we got instead of what was aksed for, were funds to agencies and professionals made available if they fit a criteria...

    Here is what it was by the time the legislation "passed":

    Crystal Judson Domestic Violence Protocol Program, included in an amended Department of Justice VAWA Stop grant:

    There is no way that *I* know of (maybe someone else does) on how to find out who has accessed those funds, how they are being used, etc. Maybe it is making great changes...????

    Unfinished business.


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