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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

[TX] The clock is ticking down on Police Chief Tyrone Morrow's "private matter"

Time is running out on the city taking action against Bryan Police Chief Tyrone Morrow's domestic violence against his wife. There's an internal investigation, an Attorney General's investigation, and a Grand Jury investigation:

"...According to the Civil Service code, a city has to take action, if any, against someone within six months of an incident, and we're about three weeks from that point..."

THAT was published on April 3rd. This is the 12th, 9 days later. Another week or so, and he walks by default?

Posted last November:

[TX] The black eyes & "unconfirmed" broken nose of Chief Morrow's wife Cindy are from sex. (Is ANYone believing that?) - "As far as I'm concerned, the incident with [City Manager] David [Watkins] and his wife is between them -- no charges were filed and it was a private situation," [Mayor Mark] Conlee said... "It's unfortunate that a private matter has been made public because of my position at the police department," Morrow said...

Chief Morrow's estranged wife Cindy said last month:
"...I am fearful that nothing will be done due to my husbands previous standing within our community. I have separated and filed for divorce... I bring this forward as an opportunity to share with you the extreme distress my family suffered for an extended period of time."


Reporter: Steve Fullhart fullhart@kbtx.com
May 3, 2009
[Excerpts] A lot of things can get done in 161 days, but apparently, two investigations and a grand jury's look into Bryan's police chief can't all be completed in that time. Bryan residents continue to wait for an internal investigations' completion, this after a grand jury no-billed Chief Ty Morrow for a domestic disturbance based on an attorney general's investigation. That internal probe got underway around or about March 12. Former Interim Bryan Chief Bobby Whitmire will begin as acting chief Monday to oversee any action taken in the wake of that investigation. According to the Civil Service code, a city has to take action, if any, against someone within six months of an incident, and we're about three weeks from that point. Morrow has indicated he wants to remain on as chief. In these 161 days since his administrative leave began, he's been paid nearly $51,000. [Original article here]

Reporter: Joe Brown brown@kbtx.com
May 4, 2009
[Excerpts] It was déjà vu Monday for Bryan's new interim police chief. Bobby Whitmire reported for work much like he did when he was interim chief two years ago. But there have been some big changes since then. The person hired after Whitmire's first fill-in assignment happens to be the person he's filling in for now. Chief Ty Morrow is the subject of an internal investigation over a domestic incident between he and his wife. Depending on the findings, Whitmire will have a role in what happens to Morrow. "My job is to review the investigation once it's completed by the outside investigator and see what needs to be done at the point in time"... [Full article here]
[police officer involved domestic violence law enforcement texas brass official fear afraid child abuse]


  1. AnonymousMay 14, 2009

    There are lots of biased people saying some ignorant things about Chief Morrow and his wife without knowing them. Chief Morrow’s integrity is intact as he has been professional and consistent though out this situation. This is indeed a personal and a private matter or at least it stated that way with a drunken indiscretion, but has been taken over by an underground effort in the Bryan Police Department to destroy Chief Morrow’s reputation and career. The Texas Attorney General Office diligently investigated this allegation and the Grand Jury “no billed” it. (For those who do not know, it means, there is no evidence to even place the a charge)
    Now, Chief Morrow’s marriage is in ruins and one must examine how he and his wife came to that juncture. The City Leadership and the Bryan Police Department is to be blame for their inability to investigate this matter in privacy and in a timely fashion. Has anyone considered the amount of pressure that has been placed on these two? At least one party in this situation is being exploited and led down the wrong path, personal pain often leads people to say things that they do not really mean. People also tend to become outlandish with their statements without the threat of perjury and the consequences thereof.The entire record of the entire situation is open to the world, or as it seems, and one can easily see the inconsistencies in the statements given to police department, Texas attorney general’s office and to the overly imaginative and biased media.

  2. Here in Tacoma our "stellar" police chief committed murder suicide on his wife who was trying to divorce him - one day after it came out in our newspaper that it was a "private matter." THOUSANDS of articles were printed after that, 4 investigations were launched, a parade of lawsuits followed - including one for $75M - laws were changed in our state and two little kids lost their parents.

    Tell me again how it's a private matter.

    Our chief was under stress too.
    So what?

    NO ONE helped his wife. EVERYONE rallied around trying to save his career.

    NOW they are BOTH dead.

    Tell me then, was helping him by trying to make it a private matter, and NOT helping her

    a favor to anyone?

    If the allegations of his domestic violence had been addressed as allegations of a crime, then perhaps there could have been an intervention. But as long as people put saving a career before the domestic violence matters that can escalate to death - no one is benefited.

  3. Bryan City Manager David Watkins emailed me, threatening - to get his cousin "a litigator" after me if I didn't "cease this drivel", and called me a "spineless miscreant."

    Nice goin' City Mgr. Watkins.

    You want to threaten me?

    Take a number.

  4. To the person who just tried to post a comment about the woman that Chief Morrow married -

    I will not post that unless you put your name on it, and show me before I put it through that the name you use is really yours, and state your relationship verifying that you would know those things rather than have heard them from Chief Morrow.

    If you are supporting Chief Morrow, as obviously you think you ARE, how can what you said support the Chief's assertion that it's a private matter. The CHIEF isn't saying those things out loud about her in public so why should you?

    Matter-o-fact, here's another requirement to post on my blog:

    Assuming that you are not the chief, you get a note from the chief that says he wants that said. If you can't do that - then you aren't supporting how he is trying to handle this.

    Here, I'll even do this for you:

    "The woman is a known _______ with an interest in ______________ . She is trying to ____________________________ one way or another, she is a _______, everyone knows how many times she _____________________. She's a _______, _______, _______ woman who should be ____________________________ somewhere. The people in charge of running the city should look at all the good, positive things the Chief has done for their town. If they are so blind or just plain stupid, as not to see through this woman's _______, well, maybe they deserve to live in a hell hole. She should go to _______ and try her luck, she might make it, she's doing an ok _____________________!!"

  5. I don't get it, they are still going to hire him, even after what he did!!! God, how many more of us will die by the hands of men like him and how many of us will be left with scars.

    God help us all.

    God bless you cloudwriter.

    Much respect,

    Rosa Torres-Sadler

  6. AnonymousJuly 14, 2012

    I can honestly say that Ty Morrow is a heartless bastard. And I know that for a fact. He did beat his wife. And then lied about it.


    Former Bryan Police Chief Tyrone Morrow Relieved of Duty in Freeport
    Jan 29, 2013
    Former City of Bryan Police Chief Tyrone Morrow has been relieved of his police chief duties in Freeport... he's been the subject of an outside investigation... allegations against Morrow were made by fellow members of the department... those accusations aren't being made public.


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