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Saturday, May 16, 2009

[NC] Ex-Officer Rector gets probation & dv class for assaulting his wife Kelli

..."She came at me first. It was self-defense"... When asked to explain what happened in detail, Ridgeway said Rector stated, "She bruised easily"...

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[NC] A special exception for Officer Rector after he hits his wife in the face - ...Rector, 29, was arrested Saturday, April 4 and charged with assault on a female. Rector was charged with striking [his wife] in the eye, according to court records...

By James Shea
Published: Thursday, May 14, 2009
Last Modified: Wednesday, May 13, 2009
[Excerpts] A district court judge found former Hendersonville Police Officer Travis Rector guilty of assault on a female Wednesday stemming from an altercation with his wife, Kelli. Rector said he will appeal the conviction... Rector said he had an argument with Kelli because "(I) wasn't faithful to my wife." The argument became heated and Rector said he attempted to leave the room. Kelli threw a snack cake in his face, which made it difficult for him to breathe and caused him pain. Rector said he pushed Kelli away but never hit her... James Patterson, Kelli's brother, said Kelli pulled into his driveway and got out of the car. "She walked up, and I could tell she had been crying," Patterson said. He noticed that Kelli "had a black eye." She was shaking and not coherent... Henderson County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Ridgeway contacted Rector and met him at the apartment later in the evening. Rector jumped out of his truck and spoke with Ridgeway. "He said ... 'She came at me first. It was self-defense,'" Ridgeway said... When asked to explain what happened in detail, Ridgeway said Rector stated, "She bruised easily"... Rector was cooperative during the conversation and when he was placed under arrest, Ridgeway said. A magistrate allowed Rector to bond immediately after the arrest, waving the normal 48-hour period because of concerns of Rector's safety in the jail... Judge Patricia Young sentenced Rector to 12 months supervised probation and ordered him to complete a 26-week domestic violence course. With the appeal, Rector has the right to a jury trial and will not serve Young's sentence if he gets a new trial. Rector and Kelli are supposedly [?] back together. A court order had barred him from having contact with Kelli. The order was dropped at her consent. [Full article here]
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