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Monday, May 25, 2009

[LA] Ex-Sheriff's Lt. Allan Wayne Schaeffer, do you agree with these facts as stated by the District Attorney?

(Schaeffer is here because the battery case victim was his girlfriend at the time.)

Second Degree Battery, Case # 09-301

On or about May 8, 2006 in the Parish of St. John the Baptist, Allan Wayne Schaeffer intentionally inflicted serious bodily injury upon Tracey DeAnn Mutz when he physically beat and strangle Tracey DeAnn Mutz, without her consent, causing her to seek emergency medical treatment due to multiple bruises to her hands, feet, face and neck and due to her extreme physical pain.

Malfeasance in Office, Case # 09-302

On or about February 28, 2007, in the Parish of St. John the Baptist, Allan Wayne Schaeffer, who was employed as a sheriff's deputy with the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff's Department contacted Lisa St. Martin on the premise of assisting her with her current criminal charges. Upon meeting with Ms. St. Martin, Schaeffer drove to the St. John Sheriff's Office Jail and parked behind a big green bus where he attempted to obtain and coerce sex from Ms. St. Martin for assisting her with her pending criminal theft charges, by virtue of his position and authority at the St. John Parish Sheriff's Office. When Ms. St. Martin refused, she thereafter felt threatened by the defendant's repeated harassment and threats to take her to jail for failure to give into his sexual demands.

Q: Do you agree with these facts as stated by the District Attorney?
A: Yes (initialed AWS)

The Court is convinced that the defendant has been fully advised of his constitutional rights, that he understands the nature of the charge against him, that he understands the penalty to be imposed, that his plea is freely and voluntarily entered and that there is a factual basis for the plea and that the defendant is in fact guilty of the crime charged.

I now ask you to acknowledge that you have read The above and certify that the answers are true and correct by signing your name hereto in this 22 day of May, 2009.

Signature received: Allan Wayne Schaeffer

I now ask that your counsel to acknowledge that he was present during my questioning of you in open court prior to your plea being accepted and to acknowledge to me that he also informed you of your rights prior to this time as well as to the consequence to you on your plea of guilty, that he has gone over this form with you in detail and that he is satisfied with your plea of guilty is a voluntary act on your part.

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  1. AnonymousMay 25, 2009

    40th Judicial Court
    State of Louisiana

    State of Louisiana
    Versus NOS 09-301

    Parish of St. John the Baptist

    Allan Wayne Schaeffer
    [Address redacted]

    [DOB redacted]

    The defendant, being personally present in court with his, Retained Counsel, [redacted], was duly arraigned on the charge(s) of: Case# 09-301, Second Degree Battery, RS14:34.1 and Case# 09-302, Malfeasance in Office, RS14:134 and entered a plea of guilty



    1. That you be placed on supervised probation for five (5) years on each count to run consecutively with each other and pay a monthly probation supervision fee of $50.00 per month, plus an additional $5.00 per month for which is designated to the Louisiana State Police registry fund;

    2. That you pay a one time probation fee through probation and parole in the amount of $50.00 payable to the Louisiana Commission of Law Enforcement to be credited to the drug abuse education and treatment fund;

    3. That you pay a fine in the amount of $2,000 on the charge of second degree battery and a fine in the amount of $2500 on the malfeasance in office charge;

    4. That you pay court costs in the amount of $218.50 on each count;

    5. That you shall enter and successfully complete an anger management program at your cost;

    6. That you shall enter and successfully complete an alcohol and substance abuse treatment program and submit to all after-care recommendations set forth by the treatment facility.

    7. That you submit to random urine screens under direction of probation and parole;

    8. You must report to a probation officer within 48 hours;

    9. That you refrain from any criminal conduct, specifically the violation of any state, federal, local or municipal law.

    10. Subject to all conditions of probation pursuant to the code of criminal procedure ART. 985 as follows:

    -- That you make a full and truthful report at the end of each month;

    -- That you meet your specified family responsibilities;

    -- That you report to the probation officer as directed;

    -- That you permit the probation officer to visit you at your home or elsewhere;

    -- That you devote yourself to an approved employment or occupation;

    -- That you refrain from owning or possessing firearms or other dangerous weapons;

    -- That you refrain from frequenting unlawful or disreputable places or consorting with disreputable persons;

    -- That you remain within the jurisdiction of this court and get the permission of the probation officer before making any change in your address or your employment;

    -- You must devote yourself to an approved reading program at your cost if you are unable to read the English language

    -- You must submit yourself to available medical, psychiatric, mental health, or substance abuse examination or treatment or both when deemed appropriate and ordered to do so by the probation and parole officer.


    i. That you have no contact with the victims, Tracey Mutz and Lisa St. Martin or their family members, which includes: Spouses, parents, children and siblings for the duration of your probation. Said contact shall include, but is not limited to: Personal contact, telephone contact, computer contact, cyberstalking, text messages, emails, or contact through a third party; nor shall you or anyone at your direction post, blog, or make any writings on the internet or any site therein which directly or indirectly references Tracey Mutz or Lisa St. Martin.

    ii. That you must stay a minimum of 300 feet away from the victims and their family members, which includes: Spouses, parents, children and siblings, at all times for the duration of your probation.

  2. AnonymousJune 21, 2009

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  4. Ali ShieldsJune 10, 2010

    This is pitiful. This man should have been found guilty of Aggravated Rape. the grand jury believed he was. That sentence would be life in prison. He continues to go to bars, to drink and to harass the victims by making statements about their character online. There is no justice. I know all of the facts of this case intimately as an ex-assistant attorney general who worked on this case.

  5. AnonymousJune 13, 2010

    Every dog has it's day...

  6. AnonymousJune 13, 2010

    I hope one day this pitiful man gets the justice he so badly deserves. For each victim we know about , think about all the ones we don't know about. Karma can not come quickly and swiftly enough for this pathetic excuse of a man.

  7. He still has 9 years probation. Chances are he will cross the line again and pay the price. Also,the facts of other cases related to him are being investigated. All we can do is pray for justice, right?

  8. With the above stated, the man still violates the terms of his probation. This is a message sent to me online. Now, please understand, he pled guilty and is a twice convicted felon. He was instructed to leave his victims alone. He posted (below) and no one did anything.

    "by gojones2012, 2/24/10 23:49 ET
    Re: BEWARE............ by gojones2012, 2/24/10
    You should really be ashamed of your sorry POS A$$ ........ trash bitch"

    There is no justice. Even a criminal complaint for this got nowhere because I was forced to file a complaint (about an earlier harrassing comment) with local law enforcement- the same folks who covered up his crimes for over 10 years.


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