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Saturday, May 30, 2009

[KY] Update on Sgt. Kenny Riley's girlfriend assault : A demotion, a week off from work, and - the charges were dropped?

...Authorities say [Daviess County Sheriff's Sgt.] Kenny Riley, 41, violated the department's policy...



...Sgt. Kenny Riley, 41, was charged with fourth-degree assault/domestic violence... [Rileys's girlfriend] said Riley grabbed her in their living room, ripping her shirt, and she ran upstairs and called 911. Officers noted she had "redness on her right side," and she said she was unsure how she got the mark... Riley told officers [his girlfriend] had been drinking and was attempting to drive to Denny's. He said as she was walking toward the door to leave, he grabbed her by the shirt, and it ripped.

I almost missed this, but thanks to the commenters on the last Riley post I started poking around...

Kentucky Deputy Demoted
May 15, 2008
A Daviess County Sheriff's Office employee accused of assaulting his girlfriend has been demoted to deputy from sergeant. Authorities say Kenny Riley, 41, violated the department's policy. Riley was suspended for a week without pay. Charges against him were dismissed. Riley works security at the courthouse. [Link]

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  1. ...Authorities say Kenny Riley, 41, violated the department's policy...

    REALLY, what "policy" did he violate?

  2. I wrote quite a bit on this but want to hear that answser before I share it.

  3. Well I think he cussed the cops that arrested him and threatened to sue them.I also heard a few of the cops involved were bragging saying that so what we fixed him anyway and laughing .

  4. I would really like to know if this is true are not, and if so are him and his girlfriend still together, and why wasn't her name mentioned, everybody says his name but not who she was. I no this man but not all that well and i was just curious before i get to knowing him some more.

  5. Don't date him.

  6. can you tell me about him? I have been dating him for a year in long distance relationship. I think he has someone there but can't be sure. Someone please tell me about this man.

  7. Don't date him.

  8. there has to be more said then "don't date him" Why? Tell me about him.

  9. I don't trust you. You post such a dumb request publicly where he can see it and need someone to tell you something when the conversation is happening underneath an article about his domestic violence. It seems that what you really want is to get others fighting. If you are really just not very smart, it would be good to get counseling to hyelp you figure out why you would stay interested in a man that assaults women.

  10. If you feel so strongly about what he has allegedly done you would think going public with his history with women would be just what you want to do. And there are two sides to every story. I will not be posting on here any longer. You just proved to me you are the one trying to begin arguments and quite possibly hurt someone who does not deserve it.

  11. :) Your mask is slipping.

  12. I know I said I would not post again, but could not resist. Your mask is too tight. Now I am done with all of this and quite frankly am sorry I ever showed any interest in all of this nonsense. And I am not lowering myself to your level. He is a good man. Everyone has a past. Learning from mistakes in life is what makes a better person.

  13. You said you don't even think he's single. What kind of woman pursues or carries on with a man she thinks is actually with someone else? If he's so great, why don't you know?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Two Kentucky Deputies Charged, One DUI, One Fourth-Degree Assault
    Daviess County deputy, Gordon Wayne Hagan, 50, was charged with driving under the influence and Sgt. Kenny Riley, 41, was charged with fourth-degree assault/domestic violence when [his girlfriend], who lives with Sgt. Riley, made an emergency 911 call.
    Ms. Sturgeon told officers that Sgt. Riley became angry, grabbed her, and ripped her shirt as she ran upstairs to call 911.
    The initial incident report states that Riley told officers Sturgeon had been drinking and was attempting to drive to Denny's. He said as she was walking toward the door to leave, he grabbed her by the shirt, and it ripped.
    According to police records Sgt. Riley then called Deputy Hagen to come and get him. According to the police citation, Deputy Hagen pulled into the drive of Sgt Riley wrecklessly, was staggering when he got out of his vehicle, and smelled of alcohol. He then failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a breathalyzer test. Both deputies were taken to the Daviess County Detention Center and released later Saturday.

  15. I okayed your comment and then decided to remove it for your own safety.


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