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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

[OH] Deputy Chris Kirk attacks, injures his wife, and was bailed out the next day

5/26/2009 Last Update: 10:10 am
A Clinton County Sheriff Deputy faces charges of domestic violence for allegedly attacking his wife. Chris Kirk was arrested on May 13th. Detectives say on May 11th, Kirk injured his wife during some type of altercation. She suffered bruises to her arms and back. Kirk was held in jail for one night, and then released on $2500 bond after a court appearance. Kirk is on administrative leave pending the outcome of a report from a disciplinary hearing officer. The couple has no children. [LINK]
[police officer involved domestic violence law enforcement ohio]


  1. stephanieJune 02, 2009

    I'm sure that union would have helped him a little now. Funny to see Chris with no game face in his MUG shot.

    His wife is belligerant at best and he is a rude and arrogant idiot. No big surprise here as their personal sqwabbles always seemed to make their way into a report.

  2. Read the news...all charges were dropped on Chris. Why do we treat people like they are guilty until proven INNOCENT!!??

  3. I looked for it and found nothing. Send me the link.

    I DOUBT the word "innocent" is used though.
    Innocent means it didn't happen.

    Usually what happens is the victim recants or refuses to cooperate and they have to drop the charges. Then the attacker is "cleared" or "acquitted."

    Here's the post after this one:

    [OH] Deputy Kirk, who assaulted his wife, is fired. It appears to be a commendable, swift decision, but sad too.

  4. Just because charges were dropped does not mean he is innocent. They were dismissed after he claimed the investigation was conducted improperly and not for lack of evidence of his guilt or her recanting. He is a narcissistic sociopath who has escaped puishmet for his crimes too often. He has no empathy for anyone. I am hpoing to see the charges reinstated, and this time see him get what he desreves. For all those he abused, I am sorry I didn't stop him myself.

  5. The charges were dropped because the judge threw them out. As it turns out, the top detective doesn't know how to conduct a DV investigation. His wife filed the charges on him to gain ground in thier divorce and the divorce judge see's through her. Hey Stephanie, call the Sheriff's Office now and ask for Deputy Chris Kirk....he got his job back!

  6. she was injured. it sounds more like she got jacked - like at least half the victims on this blog do.

  7. Deleting those last trashy posts is like opening the window and letting some air in to blow away the smell.

    He's guilty. He's innocent. Both are represented above.

    That's enough.

  8. AnonymousJune 22, 2010

    from reading what i found on this man.. he obviously knows the system and how to get around it.. he isn't innocent... He is a violent person.. had been cheating on his wife and im sure she was upset enough to press charges.. The sad thing is.. the one he had been cheating with for the last three years now lives with him along with her innocent daughter. She is going to get hurt, lets all pray that the little girl isn't around.

  9. All i have to say is Clinton County must be very desperated for deputies because they have let this piece of crap have his job back and from what i understand, he has even been promoted. He is as arrogant on the job as he was with his wife. Even if the charges were dismissed, the Sheriff's department should have fired him because he's an evil man. Wonder if it made him feel like more of a man to beat up on his wife. Just sayin.

  10. Amen ,he's corrupt and abusive just like a large portion of the countys Leo,.


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