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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

[NY] Ex NY Police Officer Bowens ruled "UNFIT" to stand trial for killing his ex girlfriend Catherine D'Onofrio

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NY Daily News
BY Scott Shifrel sshifrel@nydailynews.com
Wednesday, May 13th 2009, 4:00 AM
[Excerpts] A disgraced ex-cop accused of killing his girlfriend and wounding another woman has been declared mentally unfit to stand trial, the Daily News has learned. Jerry Bowens, 43, will be transferred to a psychiatric institute instead of facing a possible life sentence for the March 8 murder of Catherine D'Onofrio and wounding of her friend Melissa Simmons, his lawyer said Tuesday. "They said he's depressed, well that's too bad," Jane D'Onofrio told The News. "He put a .357 magnum bullet in my daughter's head and now he's depressed? I'm depressed that I don't have my daughter." Bowens, had pleaded guilty and was set to testify against fellow officers in a drug scandal when he compiled a "hit list" that included D'Onofrio, Simmons, both 28, several and cops and his lawyer, prosecutors said. He later told cops he was "in a trance" at Simmons' Brooklyn apartment and meant to commit suicide, but "accidentally" killed D'Onofrio and wounded her best friend... Bowens was placed under psychiatric observation after his arrest. Justice Matthew D'Emic ruled last week that he was mentally unfit following the recommendation of a psychologist... Bowens is in isolation and cannot have visitors... [Full article here]

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