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Sunday, May 10, 2009

[NY] Police were waiting when Officer Horn showed up to violate the protection order again

...[Lancaster Police Officer Dale] Horn, 52, is accused of violating a series of stay-away orders that [State Supreme Court Justice Deborah] Haendiges issued on behalf of his estranged wife...

The Buffalo News
By Matt Gryta - mgryta@buffnews.com
Town of Lancaster Police Officer Dale R. Horn was ordered to remain jailed without bail Friday for allegedly violating an order of protection granted to his estranged wife. State Supreme Court Justice Deborah C. Haendiges issued the ruling following a bail hearing on Horn's April 22 arrest. He was ordered to remain in custody pending a June 8 jury hearing that he and his attorney, Richard J. Sherwood, requested in the criminal contempt case. Prosecutor Karen A. Korkuc said Horn, who also spent 31 days in jail following an initial contempt arrest last December, has been in custody since his arrest in the parking lot of the Elks Lodge on Legion Drive in Lancaster at about 4:30 p. m. April 22. Korkuc also played for the judge a recording of an allegedly menacing telephone call made by Horn more than a month ago to his estranged wife's workplace. Suspended from the police force since last August, Horn, a 28-year police veteran, faces a jail term of up to four years if convicted of four criminal complaints lodged against him since late last year, Korkuc said. Horn, 52, is accused of violating a series of stay-away orders that Haendiges issued on behalf of his estranged wife. On Friday, Capt. Timothy Murphy, head of the Lancaster Police detective bureau, testified about arresting Horn in the Elks Lodge parking lot. Murphy testified that police had been alerted that the estranged wife would be attending a function in the lodge that afternoon and set up a patrol to see if Horn would show up. Murphy testified that Horn pulled into the parking lot the first time at about 3:30 p. m. April 22 but drove off after spotting him in an unmarked police car. The detective also noted he has known Horn since they were in high school together years ago. Horn was arrested when he returned to the parking lot an hour later, Murphy said. [LINK]
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