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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

[AZ] Between cop jobs Bowman's wife had to turn him in for family crimes

...After arriving, officers determined Bowman "was involved in crimes against children that live at the residence"... "He is in there [jail] for something he was trying to keep off the street," she said. "If I hadn't found that picture -- would I have ever known? I could have been with him forever"...

November 4th, 2008 @ 11:02am
A former Mesa police officer is sitting in the Pinal County Jail after being accused of taking sexually explicit photographs of a young girl, authorities said. Maricopa police confiscated the phone and computer of former Officer Justin Bowman after his wife said she discovered the pictures on Bowman's cell phone. "He said he was doing his own personal little research, trying to see how accessible child porn is on the Internet," said Bowman's wife, who requested her name not be used. "He told me ... all he found was one site where you had to submit a picture to get (a) picture, that he had the picture for that and before submitting (it) he realized it was stupid." She said she asked the child why she allowed Bowman to take the picture. "(She said) it was just something they did for fun -- something she wanted to do," his wife said. "They didn't think he did anything wrong because he didn't make them do anything they didn't want to do." Maricopa police Sgt. Stephen Judd said he and other officers are "disheartened" by Bowman's alleged conduct. "We're going to make sure anybody, regardless of their profession, is going to be held accountable if they victimize children," Judd said. Bowman resigned from the Mesa Police Department in September, and he was taking a fitness test for another police department when his wife found the photographs, his wife said. Mesa police would not comment on why Bowman left the department. His wife, meanwhile, said she is wondering why a man who worked on one side of the law would go to the other side. "He is in there for something he was trying to keep off the street," she said. "If I hadn't found that picture -- would I have ever known? "I could have been with him forever." [LINK]

The Arizona Republic
by Nathan Gonzalez
Nov. 4, 2008
The wife of a former Mesa police officer called Maricopa police on her husband, who now faces multiple charges that he allegedly had sexual contact with a child. Police arrested Justin Bowman on Oct. 29, after his wife contacted authorities saying Bowman was threatening to swallow a "bunch" of pills, said Sgt. Steve Judd, a police spokesman. After arriving, officers determined Bowman "was involved in crimes against children that live at the residence," Judd said. Bowman served as a Mesa police officer until September. Mesa police would not immediately comment about Bowman's time with the department or why he left. While at the home, Bowman's wife told police he had sexual photos involving children on his cell phone. "She was the one that told us that there were additional crimes occurring at the residence," Judd said. Police later returned with a search warrant and took Bowman's cell phone, a computer and other items from the home. Bowman was booked into the Pinal County jail on suspicion of eight counts of sexual conduct with a minor, each class 2 felonies. State law defines the charge as a person who intentionally or knowingly engages in sexual contact with any person 18 years of age. For a class 2 felony, the victim must be at least 15 years old. [LINK]


  1. I am the aunt of the little girl who was a victim in this case. I think that it is very sad that my niece thinks that this is o.k. I am very upset and lost for words. I haven't seen my niece in a while and I wish I were with her now.

  2. This is so sad I am the aunt of the little girl who he took a picture of on his cell phone. I can't believe this has happened. The saddest part about it is that the child doesn't even think what happened was anything wrong. I feel so sad for her and I love and miss her very much.

  3. I am the aunt of the little girl who was the victim in this case and I feel so sad for her. What is even worse is that she thinks that this is o.k. I miss her so much, and pray for her every night. I haven't seen her in a while and I feel so helpless. I really wish I could see her soon. I love you princess.

  4. It must be hard to have no say. Do what you can do and past that pray.
    God is real.

    Much love,

  5. Don't worry about the three messages. You probably thought they weren't coming through, but the delay is beacause I approve messages to keep the cop haters and victim bashers off of the blog.
    I let all three come through because each of them has a little something different.

  6. She is my precious little niece too.. I saw her change from a girl to a woman from this experience.. Its now my honor to bring the little girl back out!. Much love to my family and all the support. ******* FYI ******* if any one knows a good child custody lawyer this little girl could use your help. there is a long history of abuse and neglect in her life and her father desperately needs to be part of her life again but needs to have representation.. with the economy the way its become he can only afford someone who would take payments or on a discounted fee.. Much love to all! Peace love and harmony

  7. I believe my whole family has been hurt by this man. When my sisters called me to let me know what he did and how my niece is taking it I cried and cried. This whole thing makes me sick. I am a mother of four and one on the way, all of whom are cousins of the victim. My heart goes out to my niece; I only pray that she gets the help she needs and that my brother will get the help he needs to gain custody of her.

    This whole thing is sick, I really don’t understand how any one can look at a child in such a profound way, and I often wonder why? Why did this have to happen to her? Why do her and her step siblings have to suffer? And there is no justice for what this man has done, for he has robed these children of there childhoods. My niece will never be the same she will never think, act, or even behave the same, he stolen her innocence her purity and her laughter.

    I only pray that some one will help my brother with the legal issues he faces so that they can mend what has happen if even possible. I send all love to all my family as we go though the pain and suffering this man has cursed us with. However I send my heart to my niece as she is the one who will suffer the most when she comes to terms and realizes she is the victim.

    I love you all
    your sister, daughter, mother and aunt

  8. I'm curious of who all you people are that are "related" to the victim. I see the words but make no connection to who you people are that call yourself family. I too am the little girls Aunt, and her Moms sister. It seems to me that everyone has lost sight of the real issue here... I too was fooled by this Man in thinking he was the best thing for my sister and niece. What is sad to me is having my neice call me 4 months ago telling me she wanted to take his name because he was more of a father to her than her real Dad- that's whats sad! What's sad to me is my sister has the embarassment of a failed marriarge when I know her inentions of providing a new life to not only herslef but to my niece with this man. A family has been broken here, and there are more emotions that come along with this situation that anyone really cares to understand. I just want to know where all these people calling themselves family were the last 9 years of her life. I guess sometimes it takes a tragedy to wake people up. She is one of the geatest gifts of my life- and this is just an obstacle. She just needs to be loved and supported through the good and bad!

  9. Well one thing is certain is that my neice is well loved.
    I dont think anyone should judge her Mother or Father things are the way they are and now we have to look to the future of making sure she is healthy and has a healthy life. Her father loves her regardless of how she feels about him.
    Dont pass judgement just based on what a 9 year old says, from what it says above
    "(She said) it was just something they did for fun -- something she wanted to do,".
    Now does that sound like a 9 year old who has a true grasp on life? So weather she beleives it or not her father is a good man and will protect her from anything that will bring harm in her life.

  10. FYI honey my brother has tried to see the baby but the mother wouldn’t allow it because “he’s a bad influence,” WHAT EVER look at what she is going though now and what my ex-sister in-law has put her through with all the other men she’s been with, and who even knows if this is the first man to harm her.

    As to the accusations as to where are we for her well if your “sister” (what ever cause since I have know the mother she has never had a sister, so where did you come from?) would allow me to take her I would besides I used to watch the victim when she was a baby. But what really bothers me is that you are worried about a family that was split up???? Hello, how sick and twisted are you? How about the child, and yes let me put the mother on BLAST for a second, how is it that the mother only called the police when the sick pervert treated to kill him self, but didn’t call knowing what happen to her daughter a day prior.

    Another thing if I lived in Arizona I believe the mother still wouldn’t allow me to see the child and you can tell her to read this because I am sure by my attitude she will know who I am, and she will tell you that I am a blood relative of the child!!!!!!!! And I am outraged that you would even post a blog trying to bad mouth my family for what has happen, this is by far the responsibility of a very sick man. And my only concern is that my niece gets the help she needs and I hope after all of this the mother will allow the fathers side of the family some time so that she may know her family.

    Further more who, cares about the embarrassment the mother has to go through for, how did you put it? “A failed marriage.” She should be worrying about the embarrassment that sick man she loves so much put her child through. And instead about trying allow her child call another man daddy allow her to see her real father in her life so they can form a real bond so she wont want to call another man daddy. And to clear the air once again my brother has tried to see his daughter and I know he loves her very much, and has supported his daughter. He is a good man and what ever happen between him and his ex-wife needs to be left in the past they both need to come together and parent this child and just give all there love to her.

    I really hope you can come to terms to what is really important here, and again if the mother will allow it I would love to have my niece come to California for a week in the summer. But don’t assume I don’t care or even wonder what she is like I have a son maybe 3 or 4 months older than her, but we all have our lives and as easy as it sounds its not so easy to pick up and go to another state to visit people, I mean if it was I would have already been to Arizona to meet the victims little sister and little brother that my brother takes care of all alone. So don’t try to put my family or me on blast for something you know nothing about.

  11. I certainly am not trying to put the father of my neices family on "blast" and as far as I know she has been my sister for the last 22 years of my life. I was raised in California but have been very involved in my neices life for the last 7 years of her life. As for your brother I've always liked him very much, and I'm sure you can ask him who I am and he will tell. Both him and my sister have both shared in irresponible behavior over the last few years. Part of that probably came with bearing a child very young- my sisrter was very in-love with your brother, and wasn't it him who strayed with a minor? but that is in the past- I do believe that he should be more involved in her life. I've always wanted that for my niece! I was saddened the last time I was in AZ I felt like my niece felt like she was as important as his other 2 children. Please don't twist my words I have no judgment to pass on people I've never even meant, but reading blogs from strangers calling the victim their niece was a little overwhelming, because for the last 6 years I've been the only Aunt involved in her life. My sister harbors no negative feeling towards anyone of you, and I'm sur she would glady accept support from family, whether it be your or mine- when it comes to "our" niece she is where the priority should be. Did you know that she made the academic league at school, or that she is obsessed with Hanna Montana? I have to say I met the man who did this, and he was a con-artist he had us all fooled. Which is sad- that's what I meant by my sister harboring embarassment- she is very upset with what has happened, and when it comes out of know where like this did it's very overwhelming. What is important is that everyone continues to pray and be suppotive to the victim. She needs all the love and support she can get, and not just because she was a victim, because that's what any child deserves. As for the man that harmed my niece, there is a reason I haven't flown to AZ- because I would be in jail!

  12. I am the mother and step mother of the victim(s). First thing I want to say is to my ex in-laws...Do any of you even know what really happened or are you basing your so called facts off of the media and your brother's twisted, one sided account of what took place? Of the 3 of you, only 1 has even attempted to call me to check on "Your Niece" at all since this happened (which happens to be the only one not talking crap on here as well). I never denied my daughter the right to see her father, he never tried! He's promised to be there, only to not show up, and devastate her more times than I can count! the last time being on her 9th birthday. Then he asked for her for Fathers Day and she said she didn't want to see him because she was sick of him doing this to her. Not one time from Fathers Day until October 29th, when Justin was arrested, did he even attempt to contact her! That's 4 month's that went by without even a phone call! Yeah, you're right, he is a great, loving father and deserves to have a great attorney fight to give him custody of his "neglected" daughter! My daughter would not be the strong, happy, intelligent, comical, well rounded, wonderful child that she is if she was not being well taken care of and in a good place. Half of her childhood is already over and NOW her father suddenly wants to play hero? Where was he before when she needed a dad? You think she doesn't know that? She sees the way he talks to me and treats me (the one and only thing in her entire life that has been constant), her mother, and it hurts her too. She doesn't want him in her life at all anymore. She constantly tells me she wants to move away, just the two of us and not have any man around. I can't say I blame her for feeling that way! Every man who's ever been in her life has hurt her (and that includes your wonderful brother)! No wonder she tried so hard to please Justin! She just "wanted to do everything" she could to fill that void and have someone to call daddy and make her feel wanted! If the 2 of you really cared so much why haven't you called? Why haven't you talked to her and asked her how she feels and what she wants? Ask her if she's happy and where she wants to stay. Then ask her why she feels that way! When exactly did you see her change from a girl to a woman muh-she? Was that during the 3 hour visitation you had to supvise for your brother to be allowed to see her? You saw that major change in her at Peter Piper Pizza? Wow! And as for you, "anonymous", how has your "whole family been hurt by this man"? So now you're the victim's? Now you want to rip apart my sister for saying something on my behalf, when she has been in her life and she knows more about this situation than your whole family combined? That includes your brother! How sad is that? I did turn him in immediately! And if you actually read the printed articles, you'll see that I am the one who turned over all the evidence to the cops and am still continuing to do everything I can to see that he pays for this. How is my sister being saddened by watching her niece and I suffer as our family breaks apart any more "sick and twisted" than you being more concerned about your brother getting custody of her (which she doesn't even want) than your are about her, herself? As if you've given a crap in the last 9 years! Maybe if you all were around more (which you know I always supported), then you'd know she has always been more mature than most her age and that she still acts like she did a month ago before this all even happened to begin with! She does know what happened was wrong. She actually has a fairly good understanding of it all now. Initially she didn't think it was wrong because what she knew as a father led her to believe it wasn't. That's not her fault, that's his, and I have done my best (as a mother), to discuss every detail of this horrible situation with her and answer her questions and correct her misconceptions because of him, as well as be there for mental support, guidance...etc. I am not a bad mother, in fact, I'm a great mom who loves my daughter more than ANYTHING in this entire world! One last thing you might want to think about....That goes both ways...she also loves ME more than ANYTHING in the world and to wish for her to be removed from my care would destroy her! It would take away the one true, consistant, familiar, comfort in her life and that's not fair to her at all. Try being a little less selfish and put yourselves in her shoes, then try telling me what's best for her!

  13. I am the cousin of the mother and the second cousin of the little girl. I have been a very active participant in the lives of both of them for the last 9 years. Our two daughters are very close. I know that the mother has not made very responsible decisions in her life, but come on, you cannot tell me that your life is perfect or that every man you have been with is a saint! I do not like the fact that you are all passing judgement on the mother and making it sound like the little girl needs to be with her drug abusing father! This is disturbing me greatly! I know that when I found out what happened to our little angel that the first thing I said was "is she ok?", not think she need to be with her dead beat dad. I am dissappointed in all of you that call yourselves parents or even relatives of this littl girl! She is a joy to be around, and you would know that had you actually care enough to even call and talk to her. I understand it is not easy to just pick up and go visit relatives, but come on at least call sometimes. When was the last time you called?

    And as for my cousin, She is an excellent mother that does the best she can to support her gorgeous child, yes she is gorgeous, did you know that? When was the last time you saw her? We all need to pray for this little baby's healthy physical and mental recouperation from this horrific incident that I would not even wish on my worst enemy! I hope you all realize that sitting here arguing over a blog site is not going to put this little girl back into a mental state that is healthy! The terrible monster of a man that did this to her had her manipulated into thinking that he was helping her know what to do and also made her think it was right! Did you call her mom and ask for details? The courts are now dealing with a major sex offender with a warped mentality and a manipulator. I, like you sound, want the best for this little girl and her mother! They are both victims of one of the most disgusting things that could ever happen to anyone! I pray for all of you that you do what is right in your heart, and know that this little girl belongs with her mother!

  14. You go Tami and Alicia. I looked through the birthday pictures for the last nine years of this angel, and only one of these relatives was ever in any of them. Why is that? Now you care? Too little, too late! Look at your brothers tattoos and his lifestyle and tell me he deserves her. 666. YUK! Think before you speak. It makes you look like an idiot.

  15. I am the Papa to this the light of my life! to my niece Tami, and my step daughter Alicia thank you both for the support that you both have been to my daughter and granddaughter in this very evil and trying time! as for the rest of you I think you need to learn some more of the facts before you open your mouths and let your stupidity run rampant none of you have been part of her life by your own choices not my daughters so before you pass judgment please look in a mirror and judge your own welfare loven lifes! I pray that above all else that my granddaughter knows that she is loved and deeply cared for by the only family that has been there for her by choice all of her life not just since something this disspicable act has brought all of this so called family out of the wood work. so if you have any decency at all show a little compasion to MY FAMILY and pray that this sick person gets what is coming to him here on earth and that God has no mercy on him at all!!!!!

  16. Shame on you Sheena.

  17. I would like to hear from the mama for advice on what to do about the way the comments are going.


  18. [AZ] "Resigned" Officer Bowman indicted for crimes in his own household

  19. Well I read about half of what you had to say and honestly I dont care to read any more.

    I did call you and it was your choice not to return my call for whatever reason, and I know Brandi also called you as welln and never got a call back.
    Just a note to defend myself in what I did read that was addressed directly to me is this.
    I posted my original comment about my niece prior to the 3 hour vist.
    check the dates.
    I've always kept my distance between the issue with my brother and you. I think you have a great daughter I am I am proud that she is the unique person that she is. Maybe you ex inlaws have neglected our roles but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be allowed the opportunity to show her that we REALLY DO WANT TO BE THERE FOR HER!

  20. To All of you that are concerned, I am the aunt and great-aunt to all victims. I think the point has been severely lost with what I have read. It appears all that is being said is to cast blame instead of supporting and helping all involved. I have been there for both my niece and great-niece for there entire lives. I know them as well as anyone can. I also know the father to my great-niece and have a lot of respect for him. He and I have had some pretty descent conversations regarding this and other situations in our lives. Last I talked to him, he told me he does not want full custody of his daughter but he would like joint custody. He also knows that she and the mother were victims to this deceiptful man. This was not something anyone could have seen or predicted. My great niece has been raised around me and my children her whole life. She has been to every family function,(and we have a lot of them) she has spent days at a time during the summer so she can be a member of swimteam and have her family there to cheer her on. Both her mother and father were there, as well as both sets of grandparents. I was also thanked by both sets involved for giving her this opportunity and giving them this opportunity to watch her succeed. It was a monumental occasion in her life. Now she is a strong swimmer and has gained self confidence to try new things. She was so proud to have both sides of her family there.
    I think what everyone needs to know is that she will get through this because we all love her and are there for her and will always be there for her. At no time should anyone express their negativity in front of her or blame anyone in front of her. The only person to blame in this whole thing is the jerk who did this to her. He is to blame. It was selfish, perverted, and sickening. Please keep sight of that. To my niece, great-niece, and to her father, I will always be there to love and support you all. You all know that. Please everyone put your differences aside and think before you act.

  21. Well to be perfectly honesty you have never even tried to contact me to see if I would like to see my niece. And I really have no interest in reading what anyone says about how involved I have been, because like I said it’s not like I live in Arizona! It’s not so easy just to get up and go to another state to visit people if that were the case like I said I would visit my sister, my brother, my father or even my mother in Virginia. I to have a life and kids to worry about also, and my heart goes out to you also as the mother of the victim I can not even begin to imagine your pain. I never came on this blog to bad mouth anyone, but instead I tried to offer my comfort. I am really hurt by who ever made the comment SHAME ON YOU SHEENA! What do you mean? My sister loves that little girl, Shame on her NO SHAME ON THE SICK MAN WHO DID THIS!!!!!!

    I really don’t have much to say, only that my sisters and I just were trying to offer our support, because I don’t have your # to offer my support over the phone. And I would like to see my niece and meat her and just because I haven’t been there for birthday parties or what ever doesn’t mean I don’t love her or for that matter everybody in my family. And instead of you guys accepting our true hearted feelings and support to my niece, your half sister twisted this whole blog, and really tried to speak on matters she knows nothing about. And for the sake of my own family and out of respect of my father who I am sure is torn up over this whole blog mess. I have nothing else to say on here only that I am sorry for what has happen to my niece and I am sad on how we are all behaving and I think everyone has lost the true meaning of this blog. And I can see how you and your family are upset because you believe we have never been there for your daughter but if I sat around waiting for my in-laws to call me I guess my kids wouldn’t know there family either, but if you would like to speak to me regarding my niece or if you will allow her to call me my dad has my phone number.


  22. If my brother has tattoos that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about his daughter, and really what do you know about his lifestyle? What you might have heard from someone else. I know he pays child support and takes good care of his other two children, to me he is a step ahead from most dead beat dads in America.

    And about the tattoo 666 do you even know what it says in the bible about the mark, because we all will be wearing it someday.

    All religions are to be placed under the control of the counterfeit ruler or false Christ, making a single world religion. He will have the power to enforce his mark “666” known as the “the mark of the beast” (Rev. 16:2, 19:20). This mark or stamp of the Antichrist will be placed on the foreheads or right hands of all living persons when the Antichrist rules.

  23. none of this has to do with a god dam thing.. shame on every single one of you.

  24. Wow, I never read so much drama in one blog post, but the comments certainly allowed that to come to light.

    Anyone with a brain knows that the child is best with her mother. The mother did no wrong to this child, she did what she was supposed to do, she is trying to support her daughter and is trying to get justice for the wrong done to her.

    I am a mother of four girls, I live in Florida and know none of you. My eldest was molested by a baby sitters boyfriend, I know the anguish the mother is dealing with in private for not seeing the signs or knowing what was going to happen before it did, and I know she feels like a failure to a certain extent for that, it will never go away. But the most important thing is that the child is happy, healthy and loved, and she is. My eldest's father has NEVER been in her life, she is 13 now, suddenly he showed up wanting to be "dad", it will never happen, nor will it ever happen for the biological father of this little girl, and the only person and I mean ONLY person to blame for that is himself. If he cared at all and truly wanted to be apart of that childs life, he would have gotten visitation or made it happen, there are ways, you dont have to have money to get the courts involved, you have to have a pen and know how to fill out forms. So just stop with excuses for your family that hasnt been present. Thats all you have to offer is excuses, and they are all pathetic.

  25. AnonymousJune 09, 2010

    Thank you for the last comment. All is well and he is getting what he deserves in God's eyes. We all have our struggles in life. I too was a victum of sexual abuse as a child. Unfortunaely nothing was ever done to my abuser even when I spoke out to the authorities. My niece is a fighter and so is her mother. I am very hopeful that the abusehas been stopped. Good Luck with your future and I love you.

  26. AnonymousJune 29, 2010

    Justice has been served. This pond scum, who thought he was too smart, too savvy and also figured "Geez, who wouldn't believe me...a cop?" was found guilty by a jury last month and sentenced on 6/28/10 to 14 LIFE terms, amounting to over 600 years! If he was depressed before the wife called the cops, how depressed do you think he is NOW? This weazel probably won't last in prison 6 months.

  27. I just looked it up. 682 years!

    He thought he was slick.


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