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Sunday, November 30, 2008

[FL] Captain Elmore not arrested or charged for breaking girlfriend's nose

I've been waiting for a delayed arrest but it doesn't seem to be coming. Using police tactics drunk on his girlfriend seems to be no more than a Miami Beach personnel issue - not a criminal one.

Woman Treated For Fractured Nose, Minor Bruising, Injured Jaw
Nov. 18, 2008
A Miami Beach police captain is under investigation in connection with an incident in which he is accused of breaking his girlfriend's nose after an argument over politics, the Miami Herald reported Saturday. According to the report, the incident took place at the Deerfield Beach apartment of Capt. Robert Elmore Sunday night; his girlfriend was treated at Jackson Memorial Hospital Monday for a fractured nose, minor bruising and an injured jaw, according to the paper. The paper reported that in 2007, as a lieutenant, Elmore mandatorily enrolled in "diversity training" class after a colleague said he frequently used racial slurs. [LINK]

The Miami Herald
By David Ovalle dovalle@MiamiHerald.com
Saturday, 11.15.08
...Capt. Robert Elmore, 46, who heads the afternoon patrol shift, has not been charged. Come Monday, Elmore will be shifted to administrative duties until an investigation is completed by the Broward Sheriff's Office. Miami Beach Chief Carlos Noriega would not comment on the allegations but spoke Friday with Elmore. "From my initial meeting with him, I am confident things will work out favorably," Noriega said... According to a report released by BSO on Friday, Elmore and his girlfriend, Kimberley Lake, 42, were talking politics when he "became enraged"... She alleged she hit the back of her head when Elmore pushed her into a wooden column. Then as Lake woozily walked back to the dining room, Elmore grabbed her from the back of the neck, "slamming her face into the ground," according to the BSO report. "This action resulted in a fractured nose." Lake left the apartment. Elmore "was screaming from the balcony that he committed the above acts in order to defend himself," the report said. Unknown witnesses calmed Elmore down, telling him to not drive her home because he was drunk, the report said. Lake returned to the apartment, but Elmore "slammed the door in her face." She hid under a bush "because of her fear" before later agreeing to be driven home by Bill Riley, Elmore's roommate. Riley is the division chief over the Miami Beach's patrol, the department's third in command... The chief took Lake home to Miami Beach. The next day, she was treated at Jackson Memorial Hospital for a fractured nose, minor bruising and an injured jaw. Elmore, by telephone, agreed to pay her medical bills, the report said. The next day, Lake reported the alleged beating at BSO's Deerfield Beach office... Last year, as a lieutenant, Elmore was ordered to take a "diversity training" class after one of his detectives complained he frequently used ethnic slurs. [Full article here]


  1. Why didn't anything happen to him and she was forced to resign from her position at the police department?

  2. Cause thats my father fagget and he didn't do shit, she is a cazy ass girl that made a false police report and faulty accusations.

  3. Is that what your dad told you?

  4. i wonder how Internal affairs handled this one..


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