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Sunday, November 23, 2008

[MI] Officer Petty gets job back and his domestic violence has been expunged

The article's author says only that Petty and his ex "got into an argument."

People don't get dv charges for arguments.

But if you argue physically with a police baton - that is supposed to get you into trouble.

THAT is what Petty lost his job about.

But forget that - he's back, with retro pay, and the charge has been EXPUNGED.

Blot out, obliterate, completely remove, or strike out from the record.

Fired Heights police officer gets job back
Muskegon Chronicle
Thursday, November 20, 2008
MUSKEGON HEIGHTS -- A police officer fired in February after pleading guilty to first-offense domestic violence -- a crime committed while he was on duty in uniform -- has gotten his job back with the Muskegon Heights Police Department. Marvin Gene Petty will resume his road patrol duties in about two weeks, said Police Chief Clif Johnson. Petty also will receive back pay, but not for the entire time he was off work. A grievance over the firing had been filed through the Police Officers Association of Michigan, the union representing Muskegon Heights patrol officers. City Attorney Ted Williams said the ruling that gave Petty his job back came from a labor arbitrator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. The ruling was received in late October. The victim of the domestic violence incident was a woman with whom Petty had a dating relationship. He stopped at her home while on duty, and the two got into an argument. Sixtieth District Judge Maria Ladas Hoopes suspended a 93-day jail sentence for Petty on the misdemeanor offense, placed him on probation for six months and ordered counseling. He also had to pay fines and costs. Petty successfully completed his court-ordered probation, and under the terms of the plea, the conviction has been expunged. [Link]

BATON (law enforcement)
...Per the use of force policies of most American law enforcement agencies and departments, a baton may be used in a use of force situation when deploying a firearm would be inappropriate or unjustified, but greater force is needed than that which can be met by bare hands...

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