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Sunday, November 16, 2008

[US] Kimberly Long killed by boyfriend's retired FBI father

...The police report states Long's 9-year-old son and the couple's 10-month-old son were at home when Preciado-Nuno confronted Long... it is unclear whether either child witnessed the beating...

Las Vegas Review-Journal
By Adrienne Packer apacker@review journal.com
Nov. 15, 2008
[Excerpts] A former federal agent arrested in the death of a woman who was beaten with a hammer Thursday was once an agent with the organized crime division in the Las Vegas FBI office, a source said Friday. Edward Preciado-Nuno, 61, was booked into the Clark County Detention Center early Thursday on suspicion of murder with a deadly weapon. Kimberly Long, the girlfriend of Preciado-Nuno's son, was killed during the attack in the garage of 8790 Ashley Park Ave., according to a Metropolitan Police Department report... According to the report, Preciado-Nuno's son, Jeffrey Preciado, called his father in San Diego after a Sunday morning fight with Long and asked for help in evicting her. Preciado said he and Long fought after she returned home after two days of partying and he had locked her out of the home near Durango Drive and state Route 160. Preciado told police he tried to stop her from dialing 911, and she punched him in the nose and eye. The two then scuffled, and she fell when he pushed her into a pile of toys, according to the police report. When officers arrived, the couple reported the fight was verbal, not physical. When Preciado-Nuno arrived in Las Vegas, he checked into the South Point and began documenting Long's past behavior, including shooting videotape of his son's home to show Long was a poor house cleaner and a bad mother. His son told officers that Preciado-Nuno planned to confront Long with his documentation and videotape her response in hopes she would say something incriminating, the report states. The father and son set up a video camera in the garage of the home, which Preciado owns, the police reports state. Police officer Bill Cassell said he did not know whether the incident was captured on tape. The police report states Long's 9-year-old son and the couple's 10-month-old son were at home when Preciado-Nuno confronted Long, but Cassell said it is unclear whether either child witnessed the beating. Preciado-Nuno called his son at 6:08 a.m. Thursday, shortly after Long returned from work, and said Long was attacking him with a hammer. "Jeffrey said he had never heard his father sound the way that he did and it scared him," the police report states. Preciado, who had left the house before Long returned but had been in contact with both his girlfriend and father during their confrontation, called police. When officers arrived at the home at 6:20 a.m., Preciado-Nuno was kneeling next to Long's body, which was lying on the garage floor in a pool of blood. Officers discovered two bloody claw hammers nearby and blood splattered against the wall and ceiling. The police report states Long suffered injuries on the head and face consistent with being struck with a claw hammer... [Full article here]


  1. Former FBI Agent Denied Bail
    KXNT, NV
    Nov 18, 2008
    The former FBI agent accused of killing a local woman with a hammer has been denied bail. During a hearing this morning, the attorney for 61-year-old Edward Preciado-Nuno argued the suspect should be released in consideration of his 30 years of honorable service in the FBI and his ties to the community. But the judge denied the request. Defense attorneys also claim Preciado-Nuno killed Kimberly Long, his son's girlfriend, in self defense. The woman was found dead last Thursday morning in the garage of a home near Blue Diamond and Durango. Police say she had been hit in the head with a hammer several times.


  2. whatever is left of his soul, god will condemn to hell. thank you review journal for your affair and wrong objective of who Kim is and what Kim is about. So dont discrace her or her name. The author of the article is not any better then the dirty mother killing cop. Our tax money for government training really paid off. True fact: Kim is an amazing mother and person, so full of life and love,an in a world so sick with pain, thats the only thing thats real or true. Between each smile there will now be a tear in our eyes.

  3. Keep down the damnation stuff. I only let that through because the article did not present anyone who cared about Kimberly or who countered the allegations / justifications for deliberately ganging up on her, setting her up, and what turned out to be killing her - with kids in the house.

    What happened was very low. You call in your FBI dad to do surveillance and goon work?

    No, much more than scary - since now it's all over for Kimberly.

    I need a photo of her and anything that affirms her as a human being - past being these men's cornered victim.

  4. Kim Long was a good and honest person loved by all that knew her. She never stopped caring for her children, and was an incredible mother. The entire idea of obtaining video evidence that would portray her as an unfit mother is outrageous. She was anything but. She took excellent care of her four children and their home. If there is any justice in this world, the state will sentence him to life in prison instead of death so that he may live out the rest of his days as play toy for the other inmates.

  5. It sounds crazy to plan this - but it's starting to feel premeditated.

    Grab that boyfriend and throw him in jail too for everything they can come up with related to their alleged expose' scheme.

  6. Kim was a good person with a good heart
    She loved her husband and her children
    Her house was cleaned monthly by a service She was not a drug user. She was a victim of domestic violence. She was murdered in a fight for her life that she lost, she weighed 100lbs or less. She was set up by her husband and father in law, which is premediated murder.
    i believe the dad is covering up the sons crime, or they committed this crime together
    Kim had alot to live for, what a tragic story. Rest in Peace Dear Kimberly, our prayers are for you and the children

  7. Comment from

    "This girl did not deserve it! She was a good person with a good heart. She loved her kids and her husband. Her house was regulary cleaned by a service, she was a victim of domestic violence, and bashing in her head 8 times in back of her head, breaking her arm with hammer blow is murder, setting her up for confrontation premediated murder, i just am wonder if dad is covering up for sons crime?"

  8. I have read alot about this story. I honestly think that no one can be called a murder before a trail is over. There is always two sides to a story. We've only heard one. I feel for kimberly's family especially for her children. I dont agree that people are calling this man a murder without knowing what really happened. I hope that there is enough evidence to prove the truth to this story.

  9. To begin with why would you want your loved one to be remembered on this site. If I were Kim's family I would put on a site that she was passionate about. It is a horrific image domestic violence creates, I myself a victim of. It has been quoted as an ongoing incident going on in this house. Funny, people never wanted to get involved intill its to late, neighbors, family, friends, coworkers etc... Last time I checked no matter what career you choice you are still human and cannot know how you would react in situations like this! Remember all people involved here are deeply loved and contributed great things for their families. I am utterly heart-sick that this has happened. Please pay attention to cries for help the first time! Don't tell me later that you knew there was trouble and did nothing There were several cries for help. God Bless both families

  10. This outrageous act will never be forgiven! Kimberly was a wonderful devoted mother and might I say Daughter! There are thousands of people heartbroken over this brutal attack. Self defense is not an option! Premeditated and conspired by both the boyfriend and his father to confront and incrininate. These are unlawful acts in themselves!Let alone the final outcome. We can only hope that the proffessional Homicide teams and the prosicution team will nail them both and bring justice and honor to Kimberly's good name.

  11. One of the anonymous posters said, "...I honestly think that no one can be called a murder before a trail is over. There is always two sides to a story..."

    I'll say it.
    It's murder.

  12. Published November 19, 2008.

    Kimberly Ann Long, 31, a casino dealer, of Las Vegas, passed away Thursday, Nov. 13, 2008. She was born Feb. 13, 1977, in New York, and was a 14-year resident of Nevada. Kimberly is survived by...

    Memorial Book Entries
    Sign Kimberly's Memorial Book.


    ...Dear Familiy Members and Friends, I want to thank all of those involved in taking care of Kim, following this horrific act. My heart and prayers will forever go out to those whose life Kim has touched. I know there were many. Please know we all share the pain of the loss of one beautiful mother and friend. May God hold near to Him all those involved, that we may find peace and strength during this very sad time. Thank you...

  13. My heart goes out to kimberly and her family.In my eyes, FORMER FBI AGENT should stay in jail. Maybe he will meet his new best friend in jail O.J.They have alot in common.

  14. doesn't premeditation require a motive?

  15. There is NO DOUBT that "FATHER and SON" were IN on the "KILLING". Mr. Preciado may have gotten his Daddy to "cover" up for him this time. You can run but You can't hide.
    If Karma doesn't get you, God will.
    Your concience will EAT you alive.
    You showed NO emotions, even as your sons mother, you could have at least shed one tear, instead, you walked in smiling. Have you no shame.

  16. Anyone who knows any of Kimberly Long's family members, please ask them to contact writer Julia Davis (JuliaDavisNews@gmail.com) who will be writing about the upcoming trial. Thank you!

  17. AnonymousJune 18, 2010

    all she was trying to do was care for her children.. and her boyfriends had a droinklikng prolbem.. and she had a notherr son with diabets.. that hard enogh to deal with.. and i hope that ass hole whole killed her spends the rest of his life in jail... now ther are 4 kids with no mom.

  18. We lived in neighborhood where she was killed...so unfortunate what happened to her...everytime I drive by, I think of her and her family...does anyone have any updates on the case or her children....god bless them and her family....

  19. most of you are idiots. any of you know how many counts of DV she had against her? Multiple! Even from her own mother and child! FYI- Jeff was not her husband. She may have loved her children but she always put herself first and that is no mother to me! She sent her kids away not once but twice! Do you seriously think anyone, esp an FBI agent would plan on killing someone with a hammer? Dont you think he could have done a better job of setting this up if it was some big master plan? Im just so upset with people talking about what they clearly dont know about. Why doesnt anyone get that what happened that day was a tragedy- for all parties involved.

  20. [US] Ex-FBI Agent Precidado-Nuno sentenced for killing son's ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Long

  21. ummm this was my best friends mom and she told me that she was great mom and she cries about her every day and that bastard needs to rot in hell

  22. AnonymousJune 23, 2012

    think about it. he could have got that hammer out of her hand so easy. a former marine and fbi agent. come on he could have done it with out even hurting her.


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