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Friday, November 28, 2008

[KY] Ex-cop Randall Creek indicted for murder of ex-girlfriend Debbie Rediess

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[KY] Debbie Ann McKinney Rediess - Simpson County Sheriff's Deputy Randall Creek murdered his ex-girlfriend Debbie Ann McKinney Rediess of Smith's Grove, Kentucky on October 5th in the driveway of her home. He's been picked up in Iowa & will be returned to Kentucky to face murder charges...

Reporter: Ryan Dearbone ryan.dearbone@wbko.com
Nov 19, 2008
A grand jury returns an indictment for Randall Creek. Wednesday, the Warren County Grand Jury indicted former Simpson County Sheriff's Deputy Randall Creek for "Murder"," Wanton Endangerment", and "Tampering With Physical Evidence". Creek will be arraigned sometime in the next week where a pre-trial conference will be set to try to come to resolution. If nothing is resolved, Creek would be headed to trial. "He has not plead yet. A plea will not be made until such a time where we can offer in the case, but I'm anticipating this case to be tried by a jury," notes Warren County Commonwealth Attorney, Chris Cohron. The charges stem from the October 5th shooting death of Debbie Rediess of Smith's Grove. Kentucky State Police say Creek killed Rediess at her home early that morning after a domestic dispute. Creek is currently lodged in the Warren County Regional Jail. [LINK]

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