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Thursday, November 13, 2008

[GA] Trial delays for double-murder accused Deputy Yancey

Ex-deputy to get new judge in murder trial
Atlanta Journal Constitution,
David Simpson
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
The murder case of ex-DeKalb County sheriff's deputy Derrick Yancey is getting a new judge. Yancey, 49, is accused of killing his wife and a day laborer in his home June 9. He claimed he shot the laborer after the laborer killed his wife during an attempted armed robbery. The district attorney's office wanted all DeKalb County judges to step aside because Yancey had often worked in the courthouse. Superior Court Judge Anne Workman refused. The state Supreme Court upheld her ruling, but the appeal process delayed preparations for a trial. Workman filed an order last week saying she was concerned she would not be able to complete Yancey's trial before her retirement takes effect Dec. 31. The case now is before Superior Court Judge Linda Hunter. [LINK]

This short article's author didn't mention the names of Deputy DY's (alleged) victims. That has to be wrong. (It just has to be.) May these two stolen lives never be considered incidental in the prosecution or coverage of this case.
Marcial Cax Puluc
is the man who is believed to have been killed as a part of a contrived story Deputy Yancey told authorities, as a cover-up in his (premeditated?) murder of his own wife, Dekalb Sheriff's Officer
Linda Yancey.
Marcial is more than a dead prop. He was a young man with a family who loves him - who was here to help them by earning money to send home. Linda was much more than a wife. She's a mother, sister, friend, and missed co-worker. Her sweetness lingers heavy in the air over all of this.
Who's NOT in a jail right now?
Derrick Yancey.

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