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Saturday, November 8, 2008

[NY] Deputy Fields' "ongoing domestic dispute" led to charges and his resignation

Former Deputy charged with stalking, harassing ex-girlfriend
NewsChannel 9 WSYR
Syracuse, New York - A former Sheriff’s Custody Deputy is in jail on charges that he stalked and harassed his ex-girlfriend. Harold Fields, 33, of Old Meadow Road in Clay, was charged on October 22 with aggravated harassment in the 2nd degree, stalking in the 3rd degree, and criminal trespass in the 1st related to an ongoing domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend. Fields is accused of sending harassing text messages, parking outside her home and entering her home throughout the month of October. Fields is currently being held at the Onondaga County Department of Corrections, in Jamesville and on $100,000 bail He is scheduled to return to town of Clay Court on November 18. Fields was hired in 2002 as a Custody Deputy and has resigned from the Sheriff’s Office. [LINK]


  1. I totally feel for all the women that have suffered. It needs to stop, but this man didn't beat anyone. Try reading the story before assuming the dispute was violent.

  2. Where do you see that I made an assumption of physical violence?

  3. Just putting this story on a site thats stands up for victims of domestic violence ... shows an assumption of domestic violence, otherwise, why would you post this here, its pointless.

    This article is irrelevant to the website...

  4. so stalking and harassment of partners and ex partners should be excluded? should i exclude marital rape and terroristic threats too?

    you just type out a little note of rules for me and my blog - what i can and can't post here - and i'll see what i can do for you.


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