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Sunday, November 30, 2008

[CA] 50 years ago: "Dot was deathly afraid of Dick. He had beaten her - been trouble to her ever since they were married"

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[Image source: Los Angeles Times, The Daily Mirror blog]

Adopted Son of the Pair Found Near Mother;
Estranged Man Ends Life as Police Close In
Los Angeles Times
November 30, 1958
[Excerpts from image] A former Sheriff's deputy, denied the love of his estranged wife, strangled her and then fatally shot himself in a tragic 18-hour climax to their turbulent four-year marriage yesterday. The body of beautiful Dorothy Mae Butler, 27, a registered nurse, was found clothed and sitting in the half-filled bathtub of her home at 10800 Canelo Road in South Whittier. In a bedroom, the couple's 18 month old adopted son, Scotty, sat screaming in terror and discomfort in his crib. Six hours later, Richard Jack Butler, 31, who deputies said triggered the chain of tragedy, ended his life as some of his former lawmen colleagues closed in for his capture. Cornered and bleeding from 14 self-inflicted slashes on his wrists and arms, Butler fired one bullet from a friends's 38-calliber service revolver into his temple at the home of his parents, 1000 S Main St., Santa Ana... One neighbor told investigators: "Dot was deathly afraid of Dick. He had beaten her... been trouble to her ever since they were married"...

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