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Friday, November 28, 2008

[PA] Tredyffrin Board upholds firing of convicted Officer McCarthy

A 10-year veteran officer of the Tredyffrin Township Police Department, Michael McCarthy was fired nearly three months ago. At a Nov. 17 public meeting the board of supervisors upheld the police superintendent's and township manager's decision to do so...

He lost his job, but the courts really let his victim down.

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  • [PA] If Cop McCarthy's severely bruised wife had died, would they have even believed her then? - A Chester County police officer will serve a probationary sentence... "I served my country in the military. I served my community. I've always tried to do the best that I could"... The 5-foot 2-inch tall woman who weighs 100 pounds claimed McCarthy, who stands 6-feet 2-inches tall and weighs about 200 pounds, grabbed her by the neck and "body-slammed" her facedown into the tub and then pressed her sternum against a faucet, causing her to gasp for breath...
Michael McCarthy had been convicted of a misdemeanor charge of harassment
Suburban and Wayne Times, PA
By Chris Williams
Nov 28, 2008
A 10-year veteran officer of the Tredyffrin Township Police Department, Michael McCarthy was fired nearly three months ago. At a Nov. 17 public meeting the board of supervisors upheld the police superintendent's and township manager's decision to do so. According to reports, the Lower Pottsgrove man was convicted in May of a misdemeanor charge of harassment stemming from a June 2007 argument he and his wife had at home. He was acquitted of two simple-assault charges and sentenced to one year of probation for the harassment conviction. He was also ordered by the court to complete an anger-management counseling program and 24 hours of community service. McCarthy, who was on administrative leave without pay from the Tredyffrin Police Department since the incident, was terminated on Sept. 2. The township grievance procedure gives terminated employees the chance to appeal such decisions to the police superintendent, township manager and board of supervisors. A terminated employee can also seek an arbitration hearing, though it is uncertain whether McCarthy will do so. Throughout his trial McCarthy maintained his wife suffered an abrasion to her chest after she accidentally fell into a bathtub as the two argued about their relationship in the early-morning hours of June 26, 2007. McCarthy's version of what happened varied significantly from his wife's account. He "body-slammed" her into the tub and pressed her chest against a faucet, his wife testified. According to published reports, McCarthy, the woman testified, reminded her that he was a police officer and that he could kill her. Police say the woman suffered a 3-inch-wide abrasion that ran from the base of her neck to her stomach area. However, McCarthy's lawyer argued she could not have sustained the injuries at the hands of McCarthy. According to his lawyer, McCarthy had a pre-existing neck injury that he sustained while on police duty and was incapable of the motions described by the woman. McCarthy's wife got a temporary protection-from-abuse order against McCarthy after the incident, court records show. [LINK]


  1. It’s amazing how one sided things are in life sometimes. Ofc. McCarthy’s wife admitted to lying about the assault at his arbitration hearing over his termination. However, I didn’t see that posted anywhere. Also, Dr. Hood had testified that Ofc. McCarthy could not have picked his wife up by her neck, and then body slammed her into the tub without there being significant injuries. Jennifer McCarthy is an admitted liar and should have been charged with perjury. Mrs. McCarthy and the Tredyffrin police should be ashamed of their actions. I sat through the officers’ arbitration and know the truth. To bad the rest of you only know the lies.

  2. Often in domestic violence cases "admitting she's lying" amounts to recanting. Too often, even when there is evidence of an assault and/or witnesses, those who don't want to see an officer's career impacted (judge, prosecutor, chief) accept the recant without question.

    As here you are so delighted to call her a liar without explaining the injuries. People will believe what they want to believe and too often what's true doesn't matter.

  3. And instead of complaining about what you don't see here, consider sending a link to the updated information.

  4. B. MillerJuly 23, 2011

    Her injury was a scrape from falling when she attempted to grab her husband's privates. At that point she fell into the sunken tub. However, her lies have cost him everything. And now she has moved on to a new victim. Remember, he passed two polygraphs and she refused to eve take one

  5. AnonymousJuly 24, 2011

    Maybe. Anyone can say anything on the internet anonymously.


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