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Monday, November 3, 2008

[OH] Stalking order filed against Lorain Police Officer Tabitha Angello

...[Lorain City Councilwoman Ann] Molnar said she and Natalie Zapolski have complained to Lorain police Chief Cel Rivera several times in the past two years about Angello’s behavior, but she hasn’t stopped... Mackintosh’s order does not prohibit Angello from carrying a firearm...

Lorain has a huge chief problem type lorain + police into the search box on this blog to see.

Morning Journal
By Jeff Green jgreen@MorningJournal.com
November 1, 2008
ELYRIA - A Lorain woman filed a stalking order against Lorain police officer Tabitha Angello yesterday for alleged phone harassment that has lasted two years. The victim said Angello had been warned by the Lorain Police Department at least twice to avoid contact, according to the order. The victim filed criminal charges on Sunday with Lorain police, after which the victim's spouse, who lives with Angello, placed a phone call in which Angello could be heard "screaming, cursing and yelling telling me to watch myself," the order said. The stalking order was granted yesterday by Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge and is scheduled for a hearing on Nov. 10. It orders Angello not to have any verbal or physical contact with the victim. Lorain Law Director Mark Provenza declined to release a police investigation into the matter. Angello and police Chief Cel Rivera could not be reached for comment. [LINK]


Chronicle-Telegram, OH
Brad Dicken
Oct 31, 2008
ELYRIA — A county magistrate on Friday granted a Lorain woman’s request for a civil stalking protection order against a Lorain police officer. According to Magistrate Kristen Mackintosh’s order, Officer Tabitha Angello, 31, must stay at least 500 feet away from Natalie Zapolski and cannot have any contact with her. In her request for the protection order, Zapolski said that Angello has been harassing her by phone for two years. Despite complaints to Lorain police, who reportedly told Angello not to have any contact with Zapolski, the harassing calls have continued, she wrote. Zapolski wrote that despite her latest complaint to Lorain police late last month, Angello has continued to harass her. She pointed to a phone call she received from her estranged husband, Kenneth Zapolski, on Tuesday as proof of the harassment. “She was screaming, cursing and yelling, telling me to watch myself,” Natalie Zapolski wrote. Kenneth Zapolski, who also is a Lorain police officer, lives with Angello, according to Natalie Zapolski, who filed for divorce from her husband in June. Mackintosh’s order does not prohibit Angello from carrying a firearm, and Lorain police Lt. Jim Rohner said Angello remains on active duty. Police are investigating a complaint filed by Natalie Zapolski, but Rohner declined to say who was being investigated. “There’s a telephone harassment complaint by Natalie Zapolski,” he said. “The investigation will hopefully determine if there was telephone harassment and who it was against.” Lorain City Councilwoman Ann Molnar, D-at large, accompanied Natalie Zapolski to Friday’s hearing on the protection order. Molnar said she and Natalie Zapolski have complained to Lorain police Chief Cel Rivera several times in the past two years about Angello’s behavior, but she hasn’t stopped. The calls last month simply proved too much for Natalie Zapolski, Molnar said. “She’s scared,” she said. Rivera did not return a call seeking comment, and Natalie Zalpolski declined to comment after Friday’s hearing. A full hearing in which Angello will be allowed to present her side of the story will take place later this month. Staff Writer Stephen Szucs contributed to this story. Contact Brad Dicken at 329-7147 or bdicken@chroniclet.com. [Link]

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