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Sunday, November 9, 2008

[MI] A year without Pam

"...We find comfort and strength in knowing you are in heaven with our lord among the angels where no more harm can come to you..."

Pam was murdered in her police officer husband's murder-suicide after she felt it was useless to reach out for help - since the police were his co-workers.  Pam's sister Jen - reached out to by Michigan OIDV Advocate; Activist Renee' Harrington - has since become an outspoken Activist herself. She is fueled by the loss of Pam, a fire that can't be quenched until things are better for other victims.

The words below are borrowed with MUCH LOVE from Pam's family:

Pamela Ann Aukerman7-2-74 -- 11-4-07
One year ago today [11/4/2008] you left us so suddenly and tragically. Our world forever changed now we live with an empty space in our hearts and souls. We will never be the people we were one year ago today. We live and go on by faith and god's promise someday we will all be together again for eternity. We find comfort and strength in knowing you are in heaven with our lord among the angels where no more harm can come to you. There will be no more pain or suffering and only happy tears for you. Though it does not stop our hearts from aching or our tears from flowing or the void we must now live with. It does not stop us from missing you so or from missing your beautiful smile, your laugh, your silly sense of humor, your strength and knowledge. You loved life and lived it to the fullest. It does not stop us from having that empty space at family gatherings, special events or the holidays we all must face without you. We miss calling you on the phone to chat or just have lunch. All the everyday things that are so precious in life that we take for granted our faith does not stop all of the above and more. It carries us through each day, each minute until we meet again. Until then you live on in our hearts and souls.

We love you,

Kyle, Kayla, Dad, Mom, Jen, David, Peggy, Baby David, Chase, Chelsie, Mariah, Jonathon, and Logan

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