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Sunday, November 9, 2008

[PA] Officer Leslie Brown quits (so the investigation stops)

...In his petition, Holloway also claims he had received text messages saying "HIDE"...

Police officer quits during inquiry into harassment
The Patriot-News
By Pete Shellem
Friday, November 07, 2008
[Excerpts] A Harrisburg police officer has resigned while under investigation for allegedly harassing a Mechanicsburg man with whom she had an affair. Leslie Brown... a city officer for 13 years, resigned during an internal investigation into actions she allegedly took against the man. According to a protection from abuse petition William T. Holloway filed in Cumberland County Court, he was warned by Harrisburg police's internal affairs division Oct. 23 that Brown was no longer with the police department and he should be on the alert for harassing activity. That night, the petition claims, he received numerous hang-up phone calls from restricted numbers. Early the next morning Brown parked across the street from Holloway's house and sat watching him, according to the complaint. City spokesman Matthew Coulter confirmed that Brown resigned, but would not comment further. She was assigned to the patrol unit and had been with the department since 1995... Brown had to relinquish all her firearms after Judge Kevin A. Hess signed a temporary protection from abuse order, pending a Nov. 25 hearing for a permanent order... In his petition, Holloway also claims he had received text messages saying "HIDE." The messages were sent from phones confiscated by the police department, according to a source familiar with the investigation. Holloway also said that the harassment has been ongoing since May when their relationship ended. He claims Brown flattened his tires; propped landscape timbers against his front door; broke into one of his homes; put "for sale" signs on his property; and harassed his wife, children and mother via cell phone calls and text messages. PETE SHELLEM: 255-8156 or pshellem@patriot-news.com [Full article here]


  1. Brown quit not because of the internal investigation, but due to other personal reasons unrelated to this case. What is not said, and was not said in court, was that she had her house burglarized 5 times by this controlling, manipulative Holloway. He has been in therapy for years, on and off his medication, but he is the kind of guy who comes across as Mr. All American. Brown was a police officer in a different county from where the petition was filed, and this, in and of itself, was a problem.
    None of this was brought up in the court hearing. Neither was the fact that although Holloway was blaming Brown for numerous things that "happened to his property", nothing pointed to Brown. There was no evidence that anything came from Brown or his other paramours. It is documented that Holloway has lied to the police in the past about his behaviour, about harassing phone calls from another girlfriends husband, and about whether he was in or out of town. Unfortunately, none of this was allowed in the hearing against Brown. She was esentially guilty before she could prove her innocence.

  2. Do you have anything to back any of that up? I'm not challenging you. I'm interested.

  3. As someone close to Mr. Holloway, the comments left by Anonymous above are untrue. Mr Holloway used cameras to capture Ms. Brown trespassing on his property and had the phone messages as evidence. Ms. Brown was also the subject of an internal investigation by her department prior to the allegations stemming from the affair. Court documents show that Mr. Holloway had all of the evidence needed to secure a permanent PFA against Ms. Brown. Finally, this was just in the paper: "Mechanicsburg police today said that they have charged a former Harrisburg police officer with violating a protection from abuse order that her ex-lover secured last month.

    Leslie A. Brown, 39, of Hampden Twp., was charged after officers said they observed her repeatedly drive by the man's Mechanicsburg home around 6 a.m. Saturday, police said.

    A Cumberland County judge issued the PFA against Brown after her ex-lover testified that she had been harassing him since their relationship ended last year. Brown resigned from the Harrisburg police last fall.

    Brown is free on $20,000 bail pending a hearing on the PFA charge, police said."

  4. As someone close to this case also, the last comments left are not comletely true either. While Mr. Holloway did have cameras that captured Brown on his property after the affair ended. What was not stated in court was that Holloway had contacted Brown about returning his property, which Brown did. She did return at later dates to leave items on his property, which was construed as "stalking".

    As far as the text messages, apparently messages were left on his phone, but came from an unknown cellular, not belonging to Brown. Holloway claims that he "knows the messages came from her", but has nothing to back this claim.

    The permanent PFA was based solely on Holloway's suspicions, not on any hard evidence pointing to Brown.

    What also was not told is that Brown attempted numerous times to secure a PFA against Holloway and was denied because, although it was Holloway that continued to harrass her and enter her house, it was considered circumstantial evidence. Which is the same reason charges were not placed against Holloway. However, it would appear that Holloway was able to secure a PFA base on his suspicions and circumstantial evidence. Truly a double standard exists when it comes to Police Officers.

  5. AnonymousMay 22, 2009

    From my personal experience, Brown has an attraction for older, married/seperated men and is known to do frequent drive-bys of their homes once they dump her. She has also been known to say threatening things if they dare to dump her. Sounds to me like this woman needs some serious professional mental health help.

  6. AnonymousJuly 16, 2009

    Do you have personal experience with Brown or has this just been your past personal experiences with other women? Were you seeing Brown also? Did she threaten you, too? Were you married/ seperated at the time?

  7. I think the PD is a joke. I reported years of abuse in 2007 after leaving my husband. I met with the chief and his superior officer. Presented them with a deposition where the officer admitted to "pushing" me. He also assaulted my then 16 year old daughter. I filed a police report. My daughter gave a videotaped deposition. I called the chief and he stated, "this is at least conduct unbecoming an officer." Guess what happened in both cases. Absolutely nothing. The Hbg Police department is a joke.

  8. Apparently with the Harrisburg Police Dept., if you're "in" with the good ol' boys, they will protect you until the bitter end. If you're on the outs, you better watch your back there. The above comments do not surprise me, nor should they surprise anyone else. The amount of domestic abuse that occurs with police officers and nothing is done about it is outrageous. Brown was obviously not in the good ol' boy network.


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