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Saturday, November 15, 2008

[LA] Police Lt. Billiot wasn't supposed to have a gun, was fired, got new cop job, now fired again after new charges.

...[Delcambre Police Lt. Earnest] Billiot pleaded guilty to simple battery in June 1999, according to court records... It was the opinion of the consultant that Billiot would not be able to carry a firearm to exercise his duties, thus resulting in the [1st] termination...

Officer had previous conviction
Billiot terminated earlier this week
The Daily Advertiser, LA
Shay Randle grandle@theadvertiser.com
November 15, 2008
[Excerpts] A Delcambre police officer who was arrested on sex charges also has a 1999 simple battery conviction for which he was fired from the Jeanerette Police Department, according to court records. Ernest Billiot, 49, of Delcambre bonded out of jail Thursday night after a state police investigation led to his indictment and arrest on charges of sexual battery and malfeasance in office earlier this week... He was arrested without incident on Monday evening and booked in the Vermilion Parish Correctional Center. Delcambre Mayor Carol Broussard said Billiot was fired the same night. This is Billiot's second termination from a police agency... Billiot pleaded guilty to simple battery in June 1999, according to court records. He was placed on supervised probation for six months. Billiot told The Daily Advertiser on Friday afternoon that "he is totally innocent" but did not wish to speak in detail about his arrest on Monday or the allegations behind it. He said he has been a police officer for more than 30 years. [Full article here]

Delcambre Police officer fired from Jeanerette Police Department
The Daily Advertiser, LA
Shay Randle grandle@theadvertiser.com
November 14, 2008
[Excerpts] Records show that the Delcambre Police officer who was arrested Monday on sex charges has a 1999 simple battery conviction, for which he was fired from the Jeanerette Police Department... Billiot also has pending 2005 lawsuit against the city of Jeanerette and Mayor Arthur Verret that claims he was wrongfully terminated from the police department after 10 years of service. The petition alleges that Verret had a personal vendetta against Billiot for arresting his grandson, Ben Boudreaux, and retaliated by getting him fired. The petition states that Verret "initiated an evaluation of the Police department of Jeanerette and hired a consultant." The consultant issued a report and made recommendations to Verret about changes that should be made to the department. "One of the included recommendations was the terminating of Petitioner Ernest Billiot, due to the fact that Petitioner had a prior of conviction of Simple Battery," the petition states. It was the opinion of the consultant that Billiot would not be able to carry a firearm to exercise his duties, thus resulting in the termination of Billiot, according to the lawsuit. Billiot pleaded guilty to simple battery in June 1999. [Full article here]
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  1. It is not easy to get help when a POLICE OFFICER has done something to you or your family. The good old boy syndrome comes into play. Beleive me I tried! I called local PD in Jeanerette. Their responce was oops sorry conflict of interest. I called Iberia parish authoritys their response was oh I'm so sorry conflict of interest. I called state police, and unfortunately it was right after Katrina they were on lock down and stuck in New Orleans. We had to deal with what the man in question had done. WITH NO HELP IN SIGHT!!! Still today I called local authorities. The sad truth is because this occured 4 years ago My chances of proof in this matter are slim to none. The even sadder truth is if There is no conviction he could then turn around and sue me for defimation of character!! The complaints on this man are mounting. The more people I talk to have had wrongful acts committed on them by this SAME man. He was a person whom we trusted our lives and children to. He was allowed to roam our town as we slept, and a few of us myself included allowed him into the personal side of our lives under the assumption that he was safe. Because Jeanerette PD hired him...he must have been OK...Looking back now I wish I could go back and make different choices. My family would be sooo different today, and I wouldn't be hoping and praying that when I go into a local grocery store, or gas station..I wont have to run into him. Took look at his face. To see him walking around us like nothing happend. This goes out to the attourny ,the detectives, the DA , and whomever else is involed...Please do all you can to STOP Ernie Billiot from harming anyone else.

    1. If you or anyone you know has information about this crime or any crime committed by this police officer, please contact Investigator Andrew Bergeron with the Louisiana Department of Justice at 225-326-6100

  2. Hi anonymous, write to me please.

  3. I just want to say first im sorry for the problem your having with giving a cop what he deserves, but you see how cops cover cops don't you?I know this man "Ernest Roy Billiot" and I know him very well.Letjust say that Iknow what he did,can do,and what he will do.What may not know is that the 1999 charge of assault was not on just anyone.Itwas on his juvenile son.Im not sure his age but it had to be between 13 to 15 years old.i over heard the story when had first happened.from i get from my source is that mr billiot BEAT his young son servierly with broom handle or a bat or stick of some sort!i was told that his son had a black and blue grotesk looking body from the beating at the hands of mr billiot.i also so heard alot more things he has done i dont know if you guys would want to hear anymore.if so lwet me know

    1. The Attorney General's Office is prosecuting this case. If you have any information about this case or any other allegations of abuse involving Ernest Billiot please contact me via email at derbesm@ag.state.la.us or Investigator Andrew Bergeron at 225-326-6100.

  4. I do want to know more... and not just to have the "scoop" on him.
    You can email me. Instead of that email above, use


  5. ernie328@yahoo.com thats his email i think everyone has the right to tell him what they think of his "ABOVE THE LAW POLICE ANTTICS" so please feel free to speak your mind to him.i think we should all be sure he gets the message were yelling out to everyone else.

  6. Thank you for that.

  7. no problem and i thank you and anyone else that takes the chance to tell him how they feel about him.im happy i could help **~~**

  8. When cops get in trouble their rank is often downplayed. I see now that Billiot was a "Lt." and am updating the title of this post to reflect that.

    Engulfed by Ike
    September 14, 2008 6:14 AM CDT
    ...Delcambre Police Lt. Ernest Billiot said police officers and the eight to 10 guardsmen on standby were planning to infiltrate the low-lying neighborhoods in town to check on residents and see if they need to be moved to higher ground...

  9. The Attorney General's Office is prosecuting this case. If you have any information about this case or any other allegations of abuse involving Ernest Billiot please contact me via email at derbesm@ag.state.la.us or Investigator Andrew Bergeron at 225-326-6100.

  10. Officer files suit over firing
    Times Picayune, LA - Apr 22, 2006
    4/22/2006, 4:53 p.m. CT

    JEANERETTE, La. (AP) — A fired city police officer is claiming in a lawsuit that he lost his job because he arrested the mayor's relative. Ernest Billiot, a 10-year veteran with the department, is seeking unspecified damages for emotional distress and wrongful termination. The lawsuit was filed earlier this month in 16th Judicial District Court.

    According to the lawsuit, Billiot arrested a relative of Mayor Arthur Verret prior to Verret being sworn in as mayor in 1999. The lawsuit states that Verret "did not like the fact" that Billiot arrested his relative and "went on a personal vendetta" against him.

    It states that Verret initiated a study of the Jeanerette Police Department "in order to retaliate" against Billiot.

    The study, conducted by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette associate professor of criminal justice Burk Foster, was approved last year by the Jeanerette Board of Aldermen.

    One of the recommendations was to terminate Billiot because of his prior conviction on a domestic abuse charge. Federal law prohibits people convicted of domestic abuse from carrying a firearm.

    "If a police officer can't carry a firearm, he can't be a police officer," Verret said.

    Verret said Billiot's prior conviction was the sole reason he was fired. He denied the firing had anything to do with Billiot's arrest of his relative.

    "That's his red herring," Verret said. "He's not the only person who was discharged as a result of this evaluation."

    Verret said the defense of the lawsuit would be turned over to the city's insurance company.

  11. W. Lloyd Grafton
    Police Consultant & Expert Witness

    Case Participation
    Pecantte-Burton and Burton, New Iberia, LA.
    Shree Slaughter vs. Ernest Billiot, U.S. Dist. Court No: CV05-1812 L-O
    Report 2005
    Excessive Force


  12. He will finally .....finally get his. I am the mother of one of his victems and after tonight and talking to my son he is ready and willing to face this monster and let the world know what happend to him so long ago. We are needing closure and the only way that can ever come is to finally see him behind bars where he truly belongs. With all the other monsters. My child was in his care and I live in Jeanerette. We are no longer scared of him. If you were his victem and need help because there is strength in numbers....we are here. Cloud knows how to reach me..we will stand united to handle this once and for all.

  13. Standing ovation - and I PITY THE FOOL that messes with you or your son now. Praying for your strength and safety. And WHAT A SON you have. MUCH love.

  14. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    Keep digging AG, you havent even scratched the surface. How about the ex girlfriend he stalked then shot in the face with a bb gun?.... The child abuse including his own and others in his care, stun guns, duct tape, water torture..... So much info out there, keep digging...

    1. AnonymousJuly 11, 2012

      Can you tell me where else I can find information on him, thanks!

  15. You need to give them a call if you know something that they don't know. Be a champ. 225-326-6100.

  16. Former Officer Indicted for Assaulting a Child
    Posted: Jun 05, 2012 2:43 PM PST

    A former Delcambre Police officer is charged with aggravated battery. Ernest Billiot is accused of repeatedly shocking a four year old boy with a dangerous weapon back in 2005.

    A grand jury in Iberia Parish indicted Billiot. But it's not his first run in with the law.

    Back in 2008, he was arrested for allegedly laying his hands on a woman during a traffic stop. Billiot was fired from the Jeanerette Police Department back in 1999. He was convicted of simple battery then.


  17. [LA] The Louisiana State Attorney General's Office is interested in any information on ex-Delcambre Police Lt./ ex- Jeanerette Police Officer Earnest Billiot.

  18. CONGRATULATIONS............you guys Finally got what you wanted in getting Ernest Billiot convicted!!! This CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM............continues to amaze me!!!

  19. http://vermiliontoday.com/bookmark/20988182/article-Female%20driver%20who%20stood%20up%20to%20Delcambre%20police%20officer%20called%20-hero-%20for%20going%20through%20with%20case#.ULlvtBiIXcJ.facebook

  20. Thank You Cloud!!! Without you and this site none of this would have happend. Your site opened a door that other wise would never have been. My son has breathed a sigh of releif tonight. A 8 year sigh that was a long time coming. My prayers tonight goes out to his wife and daughter that I know he has torchured all of their lives. May they finally have piece too.

  21. Your son is such the man! What about the other issues /crimes? Is there more in store for him or were those things unable to be fully pursued?

    Former Delcambre officer found guilty
    Vermilion Today.
    November 30, 2012
    A 12-person jury found Ernest Billiot, a former Delcambre police officer, guilty on both charges of second-degree kidnapping and sexual battery. The jury returned the verdict Friday afternoon after deliberating for three hours. The charges stemmed from Billiot’s alleged traffic stop of a female driver four years ago.

  22. Female driver who stood up to Delcambre police officer called 'hero' for going through with case
    Vermilion Today.
    November 30, 2012

    The female driver who accused a Delcambre police officer of touching her inappropriately, kissing her and then asking her for a phone number all during a traffic stop is considered a hero by the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office.

    A 12-person jury took three hours to decide that Ernest Billiot, a former Delcambre police officer, is guilty of sexual assault and second degree kidnapping.

    Judge Edward Broussard will sentence Billiot in the next two months. He is facing anywhere from 10 to 40 years in prison.

    After the verdict was read Friday at 4 p.m., Billiot was escorted out of the 15th District Judicial Courtroom and straight to jail.

    The State Attorney General’s Office prosecuted the case.

    Emma Devillier, the assistant attorney general of the criminal division, was emotional after the verdict was read. The female driver, who brought charges against Billiot four years ago, was not in the courtroom Friday. Devillier texted her the verdict. The female’s response was "OMG (Oh, my god.)."

    "A victory like is this...it is a sad day for law enforcement," said Devillier. "In one way he used the trust that was given to him. But it is a victory for this lady who has been through so much. She is a true criminal justice hero. I am so grateful to her for standing up for herself and for victims everywhere."

    Devillier said this verdict sends a message to victims by speaking up. "Your voice can be heard," she said. "There are people who will listen to you."

    She thanked the jury for listening to the victim’s voice. "They saw the truth," Devillier said.

    The trial took four days. The female driver was the first witness the state called to the stands. She told the jurors how she was stopped by a Delcambre police officer after 1 a.m. The driver said she was heading west through Delcambre when she bypassed a Delcambre patrol car heading east.

    The police car turned around and the female driver passed the Delcambre Chevron and pulled over onto the shoulder along La. 14.

    Billiot told the female she almost hit his car head-on, and he wanted to know if she had been drinking that night. Eventually, he ordered the female to get into the back seat of his patrol car because he told her she has to go to the Delcambre police station to take a breathalyzer test. Delcambre police do not have a breathalyzer test. They use other law agency’s equipment if one is needed.

    She told the jury she did what she was told and got into his car and went to the station. While there, she went to the bathroom and when she got out, he was standing by the door. Billiot told the lady he thought she was hiding drugs and wanted to check her for drugs. He did a strip search while the two of them were alone.

    Eventually, he took her back to her car parked along La. 14 but never tested her for alcohol. While at her car, he asked her for a phone number for a possible date. She gave him a fake phone number, which he wrote on his hand. Before she could walk away and get back into her car, he kissed her on the lips, which stunned her.

    She went home and called 911 to complain about the officer, which began the investigation.

    Billiot said he never stopped the female and the state had no evidence saying he did. He never called the stop into the dispatcher nor was there any video showing a police stop. It was her word against his.

    Billiot plans to appeal the verdict.


  23. I am calling the LA DA detective Andrew B tomorrow to find out more. I'm only disappointed that I didn't get to look at his face as they took him away!!

  24. http://www.klfy.com/story/20260481/former-officer-convicted :)

  25. Former Officer Convicted
    Posted: Dec 04, 2012 4:11 PM CST

    Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell says a Vermilion Parish Jury has found a former Delcambre Police Officer guilty of sexual battery and second-degree kidnapping.

    Friday's conviction of 53-year-old Ernest Billiot stemmed from a 2008 incident in which Billiot abused his authority to detain and commit sexual acts upon an Erath woman.

    A pre-sentence investigation was ordered, and a sentencing date has not yet been set.

    Billiot faces a maximum sentence of 40 years for the second-degree kidnapping charge and a maximum 10 years in prison on the battery charge.

    Billiot was denied a post-trial bond.


  26. AnonymousMay 10, 2015

    Well while on the subject of the "Billiot" family....why don't you do a investigation on Preston Lee Billiot who was working for St.Mary Parish police department......who has assaults and also has sex charges against him and still carries a BADGE

  27. Well he is free from prison and back in Jeanerette like nothing happened with his poor wife at his side. He’s still obese and now has a cane but I had the pleasure of running into him face to face for the first time since all
    Of this happened over the Christmas holiday It resurfaced all those old feelings in one glance. I had prayed to never lay eyes on him again but luck would have it jeanerette is small. At first I didn’t think he recognized me but now I know he did. He didn’t turn to look at me a second time so all my fears of having to deal with him or confrontation are diminished. He looked like a shell of a man and frankly he deserved much worse. I still pray for his wife. She was a good person.


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