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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

[NY] Fired, reinstated Officer Lewis arrested 3rd time - after alleged death threats

...The court complaint says Lewis allegedly told his ex-wife he would "kill whoever she was with and kill her" and that he was "never going to let her go and he was never going to let her be with anyone else"...

To Officer Lewis's ex-wife - never doubt yourself. You know what you know.

Previous entries:
Schenectady policeman was acquitted earlier this year of harassing ex-wife

Albany Times Union
By Paul Nelson pnelson@timesunion.com
November 11, 2008
SCHENECTADY -- Four months after saying he would sue the city for allegedly conspiring with his former wife to get him fired, Officer John Lewis has been suspended without pay for allegedly stalking and threatening her and "whoever she was with." Lewis, 39, is charged with third-degree stalking and second-degree aggravated harassment for allegedly threatening [AL] in person and on the telephone, according to the city court document. The veteran lawman was arrested Monday by detectives from the department's Office of Professional Standards. He was arraigned in City Court and released without bail pending a pending a Nov. 24 appearance... [AL] is seeking an order of protection against her ex-husband. His arrest over the weekend is the latest controversy for Lewis. In 1998, an arbitrator reversed his firing from the police department for using a racially charged term at the station. Earlier this year, he was accused of pushing his wife but acquitted of a single count of harassment, a violation. Prosecutors claimed Lewis fought with his wife over custody of their 3-year-old son... In July, he filed a notice of claim, a preamble to a lawsuit, contending police brass worked with [AL] to try to get him off the force. The officer also claimed police have over the past few years created a hostile work environment and tried to publicly embarrass and mock him... [Full article here]


Stalking, threats, more are alleged
Schenectady Daily Gazette
By Steven Cook
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
SCHENECTADY — Schenectady Police Officer John W. Lewis was arrested Monday for the third time in seven months, this time accused of threatening to kill his ex-wife. Lewis, 39, of Oregon Avenue, was charged with third-degree stalking and second-degree aggravated harassment, both misdemeanors. He is accused of threatening [AL], his former wife, three times last week and a fourth time in August... In a telephone conversation with his ex-wife Saturday, Lewis allegedly told her he would be at her house every night and, if she were not there, he would go looking for her. “He further stated that if he found her with someone, he was going to kill whoever she was with and kill her,” the court paperwork reads... The divorce was final in September, county records show. After each arrest, he has been suspended without pay for 30 days, as he was Monday. Between the suspensions he returned to the payroll, but not to work. Lewis was arraigned Monday and released to return to court Nov. 24... Lewis was first charged in April, accused of the violation of harassment of his estranged wife... In the meantime, however, he was also charged with a more serious count of criminal contempt, accused of violating an order of protection issued in the harassment case. In that case, he is accused of phoning the woman several times, driving by her and going to her work. The contempt case remains pending. The latest allegations are more explicit, including direct threats. Papers reference four separate alleged incidents... Monday’s charges did not include a new contempt charge. The previous order of protection expired with the June acquittal. A new order, however, was issued Monday... Kevin Luibrand, Lewis’ attorney in the claim against the city, said Monday his client has since gone on disability for an undisclosed ailment... [Full article here]

...NYreader says: This is like a bad Movie of the Week. How many times does something like this have to happen before definitive action is taken? Will it be taken before his wife and family end up as another statistic? Law enforcement officers of all branches often have trouble turning off the "I'm the law, I'm always right" switch when they go home. I sincerely hope that all parties receive the help they so obviously need.

[terroristic threatening]

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  1. John Lewis, 44, served 16 years on Schenectady force

    By Paul Nelson | February 20, 2014

    IMAGE 1 OUT OF 2
    Police mugshot of Schenectady police Officer John Lewis.

    John Lewis lost his job as a city police officer and his freedom six months apart in 2010 following multiple arrests over several years on charges ranging from computer tampering to domestic violence.

    On Wednesday, the fired city patrolman, whose career was derailed by depression, stress and alcohol problems, lost his life.

    A 911 call from his girlfriend sent city police to Lewis' Oregon Avenue home where they found him unresponsive.

    Preliminary autopsy results late Thursday indicate Lewis died of natural causes. He was 44 years old.

    The death comes a month after his mother, Frances Ann Galardy Lewis, died at Ellis Hospital.

    In 2010, Lewis was sentenced to serve prison time, ending years of legal problems that led to being fired as a city patrolman. As part of a plea deal, Lewis was sentenced to two one-year terms after he admitted drunken driving and computer tampering.

    The punishment ran concurrently with a 16-month sentence in federal court for his conviction of having a fallen comrade's gun in 2009 when he was prohibited from doing so by a domestic-violence-related order of protection. A judge also ordered Lewis to undergo mental health counseling, refrain from consuming alcohol after his release and pay for all the costs associated with the treatment.

    Lewis had about 16 years on the force when he was fired in 2010 after then-Mayor Brian U. Stratton accepted an independent hearing officer's recommendation to terminate him.

    It was the second time the city had let him go.

    His battles with the department date back to 1998, when an arbitrator reversed his firing over his use of a racial slur at the police station.

    Schenectady Police Chief Brian Kilcullen said Thursday that the department was saddened to learn of Lewis' death.

    "Not withstanding Mr. Lewis' problems with the police department, for anyone to pass away at such a young age is tragic," Kilcullen said.

    Retired Police Chief Mark Chaires echoed those sentiments.

    "It's just an unfortunate set of circumstances," said Chaires, who ran the department when Lewis was terminated.

    Retired Schenectady Police Officer Jeffrey Curtis recounted serving as the field training officer when Lewis first came on the police force and then later working together with him on the department's tactical unit.

    Curtis, who in 2007 served four years in prison for stealing drugs from an evidence locker to feed his addiction, said he tried to help Lewis.

    "It's similar to me, where I had my demons and was able to get help, I don't believe he identified his," added Curtis. "He was a nice guy who was seeking direction and I'm not sure he ever got it." Curtis said he last saw Lewis at the wake for Lewis' mother a few weeks ago.

    "He was a good friend, a good man, and a good police officer," Curtis said.

    On Thursday, Lewis' attorney, Michael Horan, said he was shocked to learn about Lewis' death from a reporter.

    The attorney said he had a brief conversation with Lewis when they ran into each other about a month ago.

    "It's tragic that his personal life and career took such a terrible turn," Horan said. "He made some bad choices but was a good cop in many ways."

    pnelson@timesunion.com • 518-454-5347 • @apaulnelson

    More Information
    By Paul Nelson


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