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Monday, November 3, 2008

Regarding DV: "Whatever employers can do to create awareness is beneficial"

Domestic Violence: Employers can step up with policies, education
Le Mars Daily Sentinel, IA
Thursday, October 30, 2008
By Amy Erickson
[Excerpts] Domestic violence happens every day, everywhere in every community. That's why everyone, including employers, need to take responsibility to help employees, said Cathy Van Maanen, Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence (CSADV) outreach coordinator for Plymouth County. Employers can step up to the plate by implementing policies, knowing how they are going to respond to domestic violence situations and making sure employes know what the policy is, Van Maanen said. "What help is available, how they are going to handle it if she has to miss work, those kinds of things," should be part of the policy, Van Maanen said. "They should also have someone that has had some training so they can respond to their employee with sensitivity and a true understanding of the circumstances she's in," Van Maanen said... Less productivity can mean losing money for businesses, not to mention health care costs, Van Maanen said. That's why having domestic violence policies in place or even educating employees about it and supporting them can make a difference, she said. "Put posters up in employee restrooms and break rooms with the name of the local agency and the services that are available," Van Maanen said. "Put our pamphlets in their employee welcome packets so they're aware that there are services available."... Whatever employers can do to create awareness is beneficial... [Full article here]

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