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Sunday, February 17, 2008

[AZ] Ofc. Hamlet killed Katherine AFTER prior dv and mental issues

Hamlet had a prior history of domestic violence... Hamlet's been in trouble with the law several times in recent years... Officers also found a note written by Hamlet that said, "I'm going to hell, you're going to heaven"... Hamlet reportedly told police that he didn't think his wife could live without him if he was no longer there...

Police: Detention officer planned rat-poison suicide after killing wife
Zach Fowle
The Arizona Republic
Feb. 15, 2008 12:45 PM
[Excerpts] A Maricopa County Sheriff's office employee accused of killing his wife said he planned to commit suicide by eating rat poison, according to a Phoenix Police report. Jeffrey Hamlet, 56, a detention officer, told police he decided to kill his wife first because she would not be able to take care of herself if he died... Police officers later found the body of Hamlet's wife wrapped in a tarp inside the home, according to the report. Officers also found a note written by Hamlet that said, "I'm going to hell, you're going to heaven." After being treated at a hospital, Hamlet said he beat his wife to death with a steel bar wrapped in padding and cotton socks. He told police that he had planned to commit suicide by eating rat poison and bleach. Hamlet had a prior history of domestic violence, according to a police report... Hamlet was a longtime employee who was dedicated to his job, the sheriff's office said in a prepared statement...

Detention officer accused of killing wife; says he’s sorry
Corey Rangel crangel@abc15.com
Deborah Stocks
[Article Excerpts] Jeffrey Hamlet, a Maricopa County Detention Officer, admitted to police he killed his wife... Police found Hamlet’s wife, Katherine, 52, in a bedroom, dead and wrapped in a blanket. After telling officers he had ingested rat poison and bleach, Hamlet was taken to a local hospital. While officers were checking the house, they came across a note 'stating something along the lines of what the son saw and continuing with I'm going to hell and you are going to heaven'... They also found a blue steel bar that Hamlet had wrapped in padding and cotton socks to strike his wife in the head... Hamlet told officers he 'continued to hit his wife until he knew she was dead'. Police say Hamlet 'admitted that he intentionally killed his wife first, because he stated that she would not be able to take care of herself if he died and she did not'.... he was booked on charges of first-degree murder... Hamlet's been in trouble with the law several times in recent years... After being written up for missing work in 2005, Hamlet told deputies he was depressed after one of his sons committed suicide in 2004. In February 2006, police were called to Hamlet's home for a domestic violence call. Katherine told officers her husband had been drinking and started an argument. During the fight, Hamlet broke three lamps after throwing them on the floor. A month later, one of Hamlet's son called police because he was concerned about his father's mental health. When officers arrived, Katherine Hamlet told officers that two days prior she locked herself in a room after she and her husband got into an argument. She said Hamlet then tired to pry the door open with a switch blade. In May 2007, Hamlet was arrested for an outstanding warrant after officers were again called out to his home for a domestic violence call. He was placed on paid adminstrative leave at the Sheriff's office. After their investigaton, the department suspended Hamlet for a week without pay. Most recently, Hamlet was arrested for a DUI on January 31...

Police: Jail guard used steel bar to beat wife to death
February 15, 2008
[Excerpts] ...Hamlet reportedly told police that he didn't think his wife could live without him if he was no longer there... Hamlet reportedly has a history of mental issues, and was in court back in March 2005. A neigbor said the couple had had a hard time since their son's death. The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office issued the following comment: "The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office comment on the incident is as follows: Jeffery Hamlet has been a long time employee of the Sheriff's Office and has been dedicated to his job as a detention officer. This is a very tragic and sad incident. The family will be in our thoughts during this difficult time"... After receiving treatment for his injuries, Jeffrey was transported to Madison Street Jail where he was booked for one count of first degree murder...


  1. My husband, Tom, knew Jeff when they were teenagers. Jeff, with Tom and two other young men, were nearly inseparable until Jeff met Katherine (whom we knew as "Sue).
    When Jeff and Sue fell in love they became devoted to each other. Without Jeff, the group lost it's cohesion and the other boys gradually went in other directions, losing touch with each other for years at a time. As much as they needed each other as young boys(and I'm sure the rest cherish the memories of their years together, as Tom does) it seems they had to part to grow-up. But there is a lesson to be learned here: once you grow-up, for yours and your frends' sakes, get back in touch. Even if it's only a Christmas card, a phone-call or an e-mail, make an effort to re-find each other.
    There was a reason you formed a group when you were kids-you "clicked". Each one brought something to the group that the others didn't have: humor, courage, brute strength, brains, confidence, leadership, loyalty,(whoever had a place to meet, the car or gas money was always welcome!)...but each contributed something non-material that kept you bonded and you didn't stop needing those things after you "grew-up". If you were blessed, you found your soul-mate, as Jeff and Sue were, but it's a hard world out there, as their lives reflect in the most tragic way. Everyone needs support at some time. Sometimes family is too close to help, whereas a friend from the past is far enough away to safely confide in. Our hearts are torn for both their families, for Jeff and especially for his son, Sean. We pray to God in Jesus' Name for them all.
    Tom and I were blessed by finding and accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior early in our marriage, soon after our daughter was born and a few years before our son was born. And it would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to us; I became disabled and our family had problems that, without Jesus, we would never have survived intact.
    I thank God that one of Tom's friends from that group took the time to write to him and tell us about Jeff. If Sean or any member of Jeff's or Sue's family wants to contact us, we are in the phonebook in Sue's high-school county. For obvious reasons I am retaining some privacy here. I will check back on this comment page from time to time if anyone wants to contact us that way.
    Tom and Kathy

  2. Hi Tom and Kathy:

    I am with the Maricopa County Public Defender's Office in Phoenix, Arizona and would like to talk with you regarding your comments. Please contact me:

    Morton Spizer
    602-506-7711 Extension 36056

    Thank you very much.


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