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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

[CT] Officer Hebert's 3rd domestic-related arrest in 3 months

A Winsted police officer has been arrested three times in the past three months for separate incidents. For the third time, Torrington police officer, Rob Hebert, 33, has been accused of getting violent or out of control...

From previous entry:
[CT] Winsted Officer Herbert arrested again, different woman - A Winsted police officer free on a $250,000 bond for allegedly threatening his wife was arrested over the weekend after arguing with another woman...

Police Officer Arrested For Third Time
Officer On Unpaid Leave, Pending Disciplinary Hearings

February 19, 2008
[Excerpts] A Winsted police officer has been arrested three times in the past three months for separate incidents. For the third time, Torrington police officer, Rob Hebert, 33, has been accused of getting violent or out of control... Officials said the first incident took place in November, when Hebert was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon and breach of peace stemming from threats he made against his wife... Hebert was involved in two incidents during the month of January. One incident occurred at a Walgreens in Torrington, where Hebert is accused of creating a disturbance by trying to approach and talk with the soon to be ex-husband of his new girlfriend, 36-year-old Dawn Kiesel... Channel 3 Eyewitness New reporter Len Besthoff reported that some of the investigation has to do with incidents involving Hebert's actions in Torrington, while another portion of the investigation is related to Hebert's employment in Winsted. Kiesel talked with Eyewitnees News. She said all of Hebert's arrests have been blown way of out proportion... He was previously employed as an officer in Brookfield. Police said they have taken Hebert's service weapon and badge...
[Full article here]

Winsted officer arrested again
February 18, 2008
A Winsted police officer free on a $250,000 bond for allegedly threatening his wife was arrested over the weekend after arguing with another woman. Robert Hebert, 33, of Terryville, was arraigned in Waterbury Superior Court Monday on charges of second-degree reckless endangerment and breach of peace. He was arrested Friday afternoon after a verbal dispute with 36-year-old Dawn Kiesel, of 187 Lovers Lane. Torrington police said they were called by neighbors around 4:20 p.m. An argument escalated when Hebert tried to leave and Kiesel grabbed the steering wheel of his car, police said. Hebert continued driving for a short distance, dragging her alongside the vehicle. She wasn't seriously hurt and was not taken to a hospital, police said. Police found Hebert, of 23 Fairview Ave. in Terryville, in the basement of Kiesel's home. He was released on a $2,500 nonsurety bond, police Lt. Michael Emanuel said. Kiesel was charged with breach of peace and released. Her case is pending in Bantam Superior Court.
[Full article here]


  1. Winsted cop faces more trouble - Breach of peace added to domestic violence charges
    Republican-American (Waterbury, CT)
    By Brigitte Ruthman
    March 1, 2008

    WATERBURY - Winsted police officer Robert Hebert was arraigned on breach of peace charges in Waterbury Superior Court Thursday, where three criminal cases against him are pending.

    The 33-year-old Plymouth man was free on $252,500 bond on domestic violence charges when Torrington police arrested him earlier this month for an incident that occurred in January at the Walgreens Pharmacy on East Elm St. in Torrington.

    James Kiesel told police he was approached in the parking lot by Hebert, who was dating Kiesel's wife Dawn, according to the arrest warrant released Thursday. The Kiesels were divorcing and met regularly at Walgreens to transfer their children.

    Hebert was upset over a letter Kiesel sent to the Winsted Police Department complaining about Hebert's behavior, Kiesel said in a statement.

    "I told Hebert to go away because my children were on their way," Kiesel said. "He wouldn't leave my car."

    After a brief verbal tussle, Hebert walked away with Dawn Kiesel. As the two walked to their car, James Kiesel waved and said "good night girls," or "bye ladies," according to court documents. The remark prompted Hebert to spin around and hurl expletives at Kiesel, who said the outburst frightened his children, the warrant said. Kiesel sought safety in the Torrington Police Department parking lot across the street.

    In a statement, Hebert said he sought out Kiesel to encourage him to retract his complaint to the Winsted Police Department. Hebert said the complaint was "full of lies and inconsistencies."

    Hebert remains on unpaid administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

    He was hired in 2006 after serving as a Brookfield police officer .

    Hebert faces domestic violence charges in connection with a previous encounter with Dawn Kiesel. He also faces criminal charges, including carrying a dangerous weapon, second-degree reckless endangerment and breach of peace, stemming from threats police said he made against his wife...

    Hebert is due to appear on his combined cases March 7 in Waterbury.

    March 04, 2008

  2. Rob HebertMarch 03, 2010

    Dear Cloud writer, I sent you several emails in order to speak with you off this blog but you never responded. Should I cease my attempts at getting my side of this story out, As I near the end of my probation and prepare to re-enter the workforce, I would like to get some things out in the open, such as memory incorrect items that were written in the above blog entries. I should cease communication with you, please let me know and I will respect your wishes. Best wishes.
    R. Hebert

  3. Mr. Hebert, you wrote me last on January 2nd and I wrote you back on January 3rd. Looking at the emails in my inbox I ask myself do I want to deal with someone who would like to publicly represent themself as ignored when they were not? I don't think it's a good idea and will decline your offer for that reason.
    I do appreciate your tone and civility in your correspondence.

    My wish for you is no more legal trouble.

    Looking over the above comments I see items that really should come down. In your case - hopefully all behind you now - I think it's best to stop the chatter and stick to what's in the paper. The anonymous info is unneeded and unsubstantiated. It casts a bad light on both you and the victim. So I will remove those now.

  4. After deleting those messages I realize most likely they were all written by one person trying to blast both parties.

  5. Winsted policeman’s career appears over

    WINSTED — Robert J. Hebert’s career as a local police officer ap­pears to be all but over.
    Hebert, 33, pleaded guilty last week in Waterbury Superior Court to a pair of misdemeanor charges stem­ming from domestic disputes in Tor­rington. He was sentenced to a total of one year in prison, with the sen­tence suspended pending comple­tion of two years of probation during which he cannot carry a gun or other weapons. Hebert, who appeared in court Thursday and Friday, was also ordered to undergo psychological and substance abuse evaluations and enroll in a therapy program geared toward domestic violence offenders.
    “I don’t see how he can continue in his employment,” Interim Town Manager Bruce H. Gresczyk said Monday. “This is a significant event. I can’t leave things the way they are.” Messages left with Hebert’s crimi­nal defense attorney were not re­turned Monday. Police Chief Nicholas Guerriero said an internal investigation of

    Hebert has been completed and a report will be forwarded this week to the Civil Service Commission, which has hiring and firing authority. Hebert, who lives in Plymouth, is enti­tled to a hearing before termi­nation.
    Guerriero declined to com­ment on the findings, which were launched before Hebert’s first arrest in Novem­ber. Hebert, whose gross wages were $50,511, including overtime, in 2007, has been on unpaid leave since last fall.
    Torrington police said in No­vember that staff at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Tor­rington recovered three knives from Hebert after they heard him make threats against his wife, Lisa Killiany, an employ­ee of the Litchfield Superior Court Family Relations Divi­sion.
    Hebert has been ordered to have no contact with Killiany during his probation.
    Torrington police arrested Hebert again Jan. 25 following an altercation at the Lover’s Lane home of Dawn Kiesel. Neighbors called to report a domestic dispute, which esca­lated when Hebert tried to leave and Kiesel grabbed the steering wheel of his vehicle and was dragged a short dis­tance. Kiesel was not injured.
    Charges of second degree reckless endangerment and breach of peace are still pend­ing in that case, which has been referred to family rela­tions. Hebert was ordered not to “threaten, harass or assault” Dawn Kiesel, or her husband, James, during the term of his probation. Hebert is due to re­turn to court April 25 and re­mains free on $2,500 bond.
    Hebert was arrested a third time by Torrington police Feb. 16 on a warrant stemming from a confrontation between Hebert and Dawn and James Kiesel, which took place Jan. 24 across the street from city police headquarters.
    Hebert was hired by the town in early 2006.

    (Message edited by dickiedorite On 03/11/2008 06:26:09)

  6. (Date Posted:03/17/2008 06:32:03)

    and more inappropriatness;

    Winsted manager wants officer fired
    WINSTED — Town Man­ager Bruce H. Gresczyk said Sunday he is rec­ommending that an oft-arrested local police officer be fired.
    Patrolman Robert J. Hebert, hired by the town in 2006, was al­ready on unpaid leave when he was first arrested in Torrington in No­vember on charges stem­ming from alleged threats against his estranged wife, who is an employee of the Litchfield Superior Court Family Relations Division.
    Hebert, 33, pleaded guilty in Waterbury Superior Court earlier this month to a mis­demeanor charge in that case, along with another guilty plea in another case stemming from an arrest by Torrington police in Janu­ary.
    Hebert was given a one­year suspended sentence, and two years of probation, during which he is forbidden to possess weapons and is re­quired to enter a counseling pro­gram for domestic violence offenders. “We’re moving forward,” Gresczyk said. “There should be a hearing for him a week from tomor­row by the Civil Service Commis­sion. The recom­mendation from me to civil service is that he be termi­nated.”
    Hebert still faces misde­meanor charges stemming from another arrest in Tor­rington last month which fol­lowed an altercation between Hebert, a woman who he has been romantical­ly linked to, and her husband that took place across the street from city police head­quarters.


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